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“apparently nissen made an application at the RCJ today for the children to be in his care”  —


“On October 10th, Kevin Baylis and Jenvey Baylis were snatched right from their homes by a person who has sexually and physically abused them for almost one decade. The aggressor provided fake legal papers in order to have the UK embassy enforce his horrific act. The parents of the two boys explain what happened and what you can do to aid them in getting their children back.”

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I am Justice Master from Canberra Australia and setup this blog to help with justice for the Baylis Family
A Brief Introduction
Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
The following information pertains to one particular family who has been subjected to human trafficking. Currently in the world, a rough estimate of people being trafficked soars at a whopping 12.3 million and being the fastest and second largest illegal market trailing only to drug trafficking. This means that 1.8 of every 1000 people falls victim to this horrific crime and increasingly to 3 to every 1000 people in Asia and the Pacific. Human Trafficking generates an estimated $35-$36 billion dollars annually and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Human Trafficking in essence is nothing more than a modern term for slavery, where people are forced either into labor, or sexual exploitation against their will. Statistically speaking women are most vulnerable to being traffic making up 56% of all adults and children being trafficked worldwide. Almost 70% of these cases are directly relating to sexual trafficking, in which the victim is abducted and forced into sexual activities.

Even though most of the victims originate from impoverished Third-World Countries, the destinations of the trafficked victims are generally intended for the First-World. Even though the means of human trafficking have become incredibly sophisticated the truth remains; slavery is as real as it was hundreds of years ago, the industry has only gone covert.

In order for a victim to be trafficked into a country many things need to occur. The first incident is the actual abduction which requires man power and resources. From that moment the person may be shipped to their destination where “fake passports and birth certificates” can be obtained from corrupt government officials. Finally the victim may be sold or traded to a buyer of where they will be drugged, abused, exploited and ultimately murdered in cold blood. This is the sad and tragic tales of millions of people from all over the world.

The United Kingdom is one of the major destinations for all human trafficked victims coming from across the globe. Most of the victims being brought into the United Kingdom are women and children used for all sorts of illicit purposes.

To fully understand the issue it is necessary to listen to the “voices of the invisible”, the people who are made silent in captivity. We will be guiding the reader through the story of the Baylis family, who has been subjected to the horrors of human trafficking in 1997. The ultimate goal of the Baylis family is not only to create awareness on the issue, but most importantly to obtain freedom from their oppressors. To this day the people who were responsible for abruptly and violently kidnapping and trafficking the mother and the children, are still in search of the family who has been granted humanitarian asylum in Mexico.

In order to make you, the reader, become fully aware of the extent of this evil and illicit market, the Baylis have dared to step out and tell their story. The following information is 100% real and current and explained from the view point of the victims themselves.

We hope that this information will “create awareness” and hopefully “inspire action” from all societies and all individuals from around the globe. This is a very real and serious issue that must be made a global priority to pursuit and capture all criminals involved.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
We all know the story about boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after. This is the story that most people aims to achieve sometime throughout their lives. We all know that the “happily ever after” part of the story sometimes is a bit harder to achieve than it sounds, but nonetheless we still pursuit it with great zeal. The story of the Baylis may have started something similar, but is surely didn’t end that way.

Jeremy Baylis, an American, was sent to South-Africa in 1992 for work purposes, where he met a man named Carl du Plessis. During their time together the two men formed a close friendship. A year later Carl introduced his sister, Maryna, to Jeremy and instantly there was what we call “chemistry” between the two.  A year after they met Maryna and Jeremy started a relationship.

Carl and Jeremy carried out several other missions throughout this time. Maryna was in the South-African police department working vice. Regardless of their hectic work schedules Maryna and Jeremy still found time for each other and kept on building on their relationship.

In March of 1996 Maryna learnt that she was pregnant with Jeremy’s child. Both soon-to-be parents were incredibly happy at the news, and Maryna decided to go for her check ups. She was sent to Somerset Hospital in Cape Town due to evidence that suggested that the baby was under “a lot of stress”. This hospital was the only one in Cape Town that had a high risk unit and thus was the recommended hospital. Maryna continued to go to the hospital for regular check ups until October 11 1996 when an emergency C-section was considered to save the life of the child.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
Kevin was born on the 11th October at 23:50, weighing 9 pounds 4 ounces, measuring in at 64cm. It was a normal natural birth. Kevin was not breathing and was rushed away by pediatrics he was brought back 45 min later, his first Apgar score was at 43 min and was 3 and his next was at 50 min and was 9. Towards the end of Kevin’s 2nd week on earth he was very ill, Maryna took Kevin via public transport to Milnerton Medi city to see the pediatrician Dr. Grinling, where they discovered an abnormal heartbeat and saw signs of a viral infection. Dr. Grinling referred her straight away to Red Cross children hospital. Kevin underwent a lumber punch on his back; he also under went a series of blood test and heart scans. Kevin was diagnosed with Staphylococcus Meningococcal septicemia, of which he was admitted to yet another hospital. If this wasn’t enough, the doctors also detected that Kevin’s blood flow through the heart was in reverse, yet it was not problematic or any treatment was necessary, he would just have to avoid too much salt in his diet and other fatty products.

During all this time Jeremy was completely involved even though he was required at times to go on missions for work purposes. All financial support was given from Jeremy to Maryna and his new baby boy.

Kevin crawled early, walked early and was over all a normal baby. Yet due to his medical conditions he needed to be screened for health risks throughout this time. It wasn’t until 1997 when Kevin needed to go for further neurological studies when their whole world would turn upside down.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
In 1997, when Kevin needed to be transferred to another hospital to continue his neurological studies, both Maryna and Kevin were abducted by a man named Dennis Nissen into the United Kingdom.It all happened when Maryna picked up Kevin from daycare and was on her way to the hospital. Unsuspectingly a car crashed into theirs rendering both unconscious.

Two days later Maryna and Kevin woke up in the UK feeling very drowsy and disoriented. This suggests that the aggressor drugged the victims and moved them with to the UK under falsified passports. They were forced to live with this man as “part of the family” or at least the twisted views on family life of Mr. Nissen.

It was only after four to five weeks that Jeremy found out about what happened to his family through Maryna’s brother Carl. Obviously this sent Jeremy into a state of worry as he spent all his efforts in finding out what happened to his family.

From building a relationship, to making a family to eventually falling subject to the horrors of being trafficked, the Baylis family would never be the same again.

For those of you who asked for more information about Mr Nissen and his involvement. Both Maryna and Jeremy work on classified assignments, in their line off duty and there is enough proof that Nissen were an object of interest in the case they were working on.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
Maryna and Kevin, forced to live with a stranger were severely abused. They were not allowed to talk to neighbors; they were to remain quiet after the beatings and the sexual assaults. For Maryna it seemed that there was very little hope glimmering over the horizon.

Some of the neighbors became worried over all the commotion happening in the house that they called the police. Yet every time the police arrived they were sent off by the aggressor. It appears that Mr. Nissen has connections within the local government of the UK as most police efforts were rendered useless. For Maryna and Kevin things only seemed to be getting worse.

Eventually Maryna managed to contact her brother in South-Africa and Jeremy. The situation was a difficult one. Maryna and Kevin all of a sudden had SA Passports, and were “legally” bound to their aggressor. It didn’t matter what they said, or what they did, in the end they were completely subjected to the abuse of Mr. Nissen without any legal path to follow. Jeremy did what he could; he began to support his family financially while working on a way to get them out.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
The week days were the worst, as Mr. Nissen would violently rape and abuse both Kevin and Maryna. They both longed for the weekends as the abuser would leave to go on sailing trips and keep both the victims under lock and key.

On one occasion Kevin and Maryna were forced to go camping with the aggressor. During this trip Mr. Nissin completely lost it and left Kevin (who was only a little child at the moment) in a bloody state. The police were informed but Mr. Nissen didn’t allow the police to talk to either Maryna or Kevin.

They continued to be moved all over the place as to not raise suspicion. They were kept to minimal communication and it was until their neighbor’s son asked Maryna and Kevin to take care of his 80 year old mother when he was at work that things began to shift. After a lot of abuse and warning Maryna and Kevin were allowed to take care of the old lady. It was here when things began to take on a different form. Jeremy now could send money directly to the neighbor and Maryna obtained a slight window of freedom to communicate with her loved ones. As time continued Mr. Nissin began traveling more which started opening a window for them to escape.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
In the beginning stages of 1999 when the world was preparing for the change of the millennia, the Baylis began preparing for something very different. Since Mr. Nissen was away a lot more, it gave Jeremy a time to visit Maryna and Kevin. During this time it was when Jeremy and Maryna conceived their second child, Jenvey.

Jenvey was born in the year 2000 in Kingsmill Hospital in Nottingham. By this time both Jeremy and Carl (Maryna’s brother) had made plans of their escape.

They eventually achieved their goal by getting Maryna and the boys out of England in November. It was almost like a big weight had been lifted off of Maryna who with their “new found freedom” had difficulty adjusting. The boys on the other hand could experience for the first time what it is to be part of a loving family. For the next three months there was an apparent moment of sanity in this chaotic mess. It wasn’t till 2001 when the world flipped upside down for the Baylis once more.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
2001 started off nicely for the Baylis family who were finally reunited once more. They celebrated the holidays together and found some sort of peace in their situation. Then, even before the holiday left-overs were completely devoured, Mr. Nissen showed up once more, except this time he wasn’t alone.

It became completely apparent that Mr. Nissen had ties with the UK government, as he showed up with the UK embassy and forced Maryna and both her children back to England against their will. According to Mr. Nissen he had a legal right over the family and that if they were not to comply, they would forcefully take the children under the accounts of kidnapping.

Imagine being bound by law to the abuser that violently disrupted your life. Legally the Baylis could do nothing and Maryna and the boys were flown back to England. During this time they were moved to separate locations in Nottingham as to make communication and escape more difficult.

As the abuse and the violent rape continued, Maryna took the situation back into her own hands, or so she thought. She managed to escape from her house, and with the money that Jeremy had given her was able to get her own place. It wasn’t long until the police came knocking on her door and she was forced to let Mr. Nissen back into her London home. Obviously the enraged abuser took out all his violence and frustration out on the Baylis. In addition there was an incident where Nissen’s rage left Jenvey with 96 stitches. The small child was hurled against a fireplace in a fit of violence by the aggressor. Luckily he wasn’t permanently injured, but the boy was definitely left in a state of pain and shock, as life was incredibly uncertain for the victims.

Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Reply The Knife incident
Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
It was right here in the London home where one of the most horrific events took place. It appeared that Mr. Nissen’s unstable condition made him become more violent. Several times he pulled a knife on the children in order to force the mother and her kids to stay in line. The initial incidents weren’t as severe as what happened on Christmas Eve of 2002.

During what most people would celebrate as a time for family and friends, Mr. Nissen went one step further. Kevin who was about six years old threatened to leave the house he was being held at. The result was a knife to his neck from the aggressor saying that if he doesn’t go into the house, he will slit his throat. Kevin complied with tear shed eyes and went back into the house where he would later be abused.

Maryna filed a police report but the police refused to remove Mr. Nissen from the house. Once more we get to see how much power and influence this man truly had in the local government. The only way that Maryna and the boys could somehow escape from all the madness was to go work part time and get the boys into daycare and school.

It was then when Maryna decided to do something that she would regret for the rest of her life.

  Maryna asked Jeremy to move on with his life as she lost hope of salvation. Jeremy continued to stay in touch.

The Baylis family was living in desperate times, and their situation didn’t seem to be improving whatsoever.

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by Justice
Maryna became fearful that one of these days Mr. Nissen might kill one of them. Regardless of the police reports, and regardless of all the evidence against Nissen, the UK social services deemed that the kids were fine and were in no danger of Nissen. They even went a step further and named Kevin’s uncle as the abuser even though Kevin named on record Nissen as the source of all the abuse.

Eventually by 2009 after all the legal battles and court rulings, after having escaped several times and having been forced back to Nissen, the UK courts found that Maryna was not tied to Nissen in any way or manner and was granted to leave the country. Jeremy was ecstatic about this and moved to the UK to help them leave.

Nissen in retaliation went on a rampage of abuse but as time worked against him, he eventually disappeared from their lives in June of 2009, or so they thought. After all Maryna’s belongings that she obtained throughout her time in England were put in a storage unit, the Baylis left to go to Mexico.

Nissen did the only thing he could think off when he realized that Maryna and the boys were out of his reach. He broke into the storage unit, stole all their belongings, including copies of the children’s South african birthcertificates. He altered all the evidence into his favour, went to the courts and told them he only have photocopies of the childrens birth certificates, but he needs his children back in the UK. This opened a door for him in trying to hunt them down and force them back. He were hoping that his lies would be believed and that Maryna and Jeremy would not have the original certificates to fight back.

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