Maurice Kirk, the silenced supporter and campaigner for the Nigerian visitors the Musa family who have had 6 children snatched by a certain council on totally disproven allegations  is on hunger strike in Cardiff prison, though the prison now denies this.
The reasons he gives for being on hunger strike is here:
https://butlincat.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/letter-from-maurice-on-hunger-strike-in-cardiff-prison-25-oct/ and on this site there is much more on why Maurice is being denied his Human Rights by the South Wales judiciary, police, prison, courts and other authorities who are all colluding and conspiring to break the law and keep Maurice Kirk FIRMLY SILENCED!! :

Other details, and the full shocking story is available here – www.kirkflyingvet.com .
Since the details were received from Maurice of why he is on hunger strike, certain things have happened.
Some of these things being:
Cardiff prison denies Maurice Kirk is on hunger strike.
He has been denied certain letters sent to him, possibly from his legal representatives.
He has been denied seeing a doctor now for 2 weeks, which is totally unacceptable as he has a serious medical condition – bleeding stomach ulcers which need immediate treatment – an endoscopy too. He states in a phone call to me {below} they refused to take a blood test today, and refused to weigh him – this would prove his being on hunger strike, and he has already lost 9 kg in weight since entering Cardiff prison. Due to his medical condition he needs to be monitored constantly, which the prison are refusing to do. He was also bedridden for a while on entry and still is refused treatment in the hospital wing there, apart from being denied him seeing a doctor, apparently on orders from “someone high up”.
Maurice has been to crown court twice recently where they have refused to hear his bail applications.
Other rights have been withdrawn from him = viz. phone call allowance, stationary etc. Put simply – he is being silenced as he knows too much.

The phone calls received today were in files too big to send in the normal way, but the 2 phone calls I received from Maurice from Cardiff prison today are here:
1} Description: MAURICE 1 PHONE 26 OCT MP3 file:

You can use the following link to retrieve your file: MP3 file:

the 2nd file = WMV video file:

You can use the following link to retrieve your file:

This is a true sworn statement.
 by butlincat

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