hit Maurice on the face. Security guard came over to see what was occurring and laid hands on
Maurice. Maurice brushed his hands off. Was charged and convicted of assault.
• The most recent MAPPA meeting was held on 20 August 2009. At this meeting, it was confirmed
that during a recent search of the premises at St. Donats, firearms were seized – which were all
legally held. Also seized were some antique weaponry and some veterinary firearms. Antique
firearms do not need certification and have been returned, veterinary items also. The machine gun
has been recovered. It is a prohibited weapon. Is capable of being fired. All firearm certificates have
been revoked – Mrs Kirk has only recently been informed of this.
• It was discussed that the Civil Aviation Authority has recently temporarily suspended Maurice’s
licence – in July 2009 – as a result of being charged with recent offences.
• It was confirmed that, to date, Maurice has been charged with two firearms offences:
Possession of a prohibited weapon and Sale of a prohibited weapon (N.B. at my last interview with
Maurice, he informed that he had been charged with a third offence???)
• The meeting discussed that if Maurice was unable to attend court at any time, his levels of stress
would be likely to increase. The risk of media attention on these occasions was also discussed –
police will be the lead agency in management of that risk.
• I am not absolutely clear on the sequence of events but I understand that on 24 June 2009,
Maurice was granted unconditional bail in the Magistrates Court (query offences). Mrs Kirk has
informed that, on the following day, Maurice was in the Crown Court when the CPS opposed bail and
has been remanded in custody ever since. The MAPPA meeting reviewed that on 6 July, he appeared
in court via video link wishing to apply for bail. Bail not granted at that time. Was advised to seek
legal advice. Legal papers to be served and case management hearing dates set for 17 August and 1
September in Cardiff Crown Court. On 16 July in Cardiff Crown, Maurice had made an application for
bail in writing. Mrs Kirk was there with barrister. Maurice Kirk refused legal representation and
refused to appear via video link, therefore, bail application did not proceed. Judge orders psychiatric
28 July 2009 – further bail hearing scheduled. Maurice given the opportunity to attend. Barricaded
self in cell; refused to leave. 7 August – hearing in the Crown Court. Interim report by Dr X
considered. Maurice represented himself. Confirmed he was on hunger strike. Judge allowed him to
provide a verbal account for some time. On the basis of that account and the psychiatric report, the
judge decided a Section 35. It was also reviewed at this meeting that the police are taking very
careful advice and guidance regarding the procedure of the criminal case in light of the fact that they
are also the subject of civil complaint.
• Police to provide me with details of Maurice’s previous violent offending history.
• Further MAPPA meeting scheduled for 1 October.
I met with Maurice to continue gathering life history information for the Peer Review case
conference. Maurice confirmed that he had studied for his vet qualification from autumn 1963 to
January 1969. Informed “/ kept failing exams, couldn’t cope with academic pressure”. What should
have taken four and a half years took five and a half to complete.
We revisited the three assaults that he talked about at our last meeting. With regard to the first
assault, Maurice informed that the “burglar” had been an associate of the previous tenants and
therefore had keys to the property. In another confusing account, Maurice appeared to inform that
he interrupted her in the process of picking up things of value and had thrown her out of the
property. Later, she had reported his “assault of her”. Maurice confirmed that she was never
charged with burglary.
Maurice informed that his conflict with South Wales Police escalated from January 2004 after he was
struck off by the RCVS. Maurice informed that the police had notified the RCVS of his previous
offending history. By doing this, he considers that both the police and the RCVS broke the rules and
regulations that were in existence at that time. Maurice informed that, at that point, the RCVS did
not require notification about anything that would bring the profession into disrepute, but that this
rule has changed and nowadays such information is required to be notified.
Maurice informing that it was this information about his criminal past that influenced the RCVS
decision. He also said that information had been passed on to the RCVS regarding his attitude with
the general public when he was called out by police officers to attend an incident where it was
thought that two dogs had gone over the cliff. Maurice explained the context of his response. Was
exhausted, had just spent a considerable amount of time single- handedly replacing a cow’s womb,
had just got home and soaking in the bath when the police called for his assistance. Described not
wanting to be bothered with members of the public – his only concern was for the dogs’ welfare.
Maurice informed that he considers himself to be the subject of a police vendetta in Taunton, then
Guernsey, then South Wales. He informed that he has experienced no harassment from police in
France currently. Maurice informed that, even what he has reported crime and has been the victim,
police have refused to investigate. Maurice also informed that he has been locked up on many
occasions for having no driving licence – which is later admitted to be a “computer error”.
We returned to the issue of previous imprisonment during Genevieve’s lifetime. At our last meeting,
Maurice had informed that this was his first period of imprisonment that Genevieve had
experienced. Reminded him of his eight day detention in Texas. Maurice informed that he thought
the impact of everything now was greater on Genevieve because she has “more awareness now”.
Maurice informed “I don’t think Texas touched her”.
We considered the issue of vexatious litigant. Maurice informed that the process had started just as
he was struck off by the RCVS. Maurice informed that the Attorney General instructed a team of
lawyers to cause all his court records in Wales and South West England to be taken to London.
Maurice informed that this amounted to 300 court cases, of which 200+ related to his pursuit of bad
debts re the vet practice. In 2006 an ECRO was issued which lasted for two years. I understand that
this is a time restricted civil restraint order, which means that Maurice cannot pursue any legal
action without going through the High Court first. Maurice informed that in June 2009 a second
ECRO was issued. Maurice informed that the RCVS had asked for this. In his view, this adds further
weight to proof of conspiracy.
Maurice discussed that his wish is to leave Wales. With regard to his ongoing court cases, he would
wish to find lawyers that he can trust to represent him and “leave it to them”. Maurice informed
that, if he told the courts that he no longer wished to pursue the various cases, he would be liable to
in excess of £25,000 costs/fines, etc.
Maurice informed that he recognised that he was stressed and that it may be to a degree that he is
currently suffering from a stress disorder. He was not sure about this but has been doing quite a lot
of thinking and has taken advice from several “psychiatrist friends”, who are advising him on the
telephone, etc.
Maurice referred on several occasions to “HM conspiratorial partnerships”. He also informed that he
had been advised by his psychiatrist friends not to use the word “conspiracy” in his discussions with
the Caswell team. He however expounded on his views that the judicial system is controlled by the
government, that he has proof of conspiracy and that he considers himself and others to be victims
of this.
During the course of our time together, the Ward Manager came to inform Maurice of Dr Y and
Dr X’ absence from the clinic currently and, therefore, their inability to read the recent
documents he has sent to them. Maurice asked when they would be able to read the documents
and the Ward Manager replied 01.09.09. Maurice informed “that’s too late” and seemed extremely
agitated and distressed. He informed that it was imperative that they read the documents before his
court appearance on 1 September. Ward Manager informed that she was waiting for clarification
from the court regarding his court appearance on the 1st. There was some discussion about this but
clearly Maurice received this as further proof of our involvement in conspiracy to prevent him from
attending court, applying for bail, etc, etc.
Maurice cut short our interview, saying that “I have been warned not to let my guard down in here”.
“I can’t speak to you any more”. After about five minutes, he approached the nursing office and
requested to speak to me. He brought a file with him and informed that, although he had not meant
to show me certain documents, he was now forced to do so as he needed someone to read these
documents as a matter of urgency so that we could understand that his concern about conspiracy is
real and not imagined. I could not detract Maurice from his assertions. He turned up a witness
statement taken in 1995 which made mention of a certain police officer’s name. Maurice became
visibly quite agitated trying to find the relevant comments in the statement. He was unable to find
the comments that he thought were contained in the statement. Although Maurice initially indicated
that he could continue with our discussions, after about five minutes he excused himself very
appropriately, saying that when we had met last time he had been “with me”, had wanted to answer
my questions and participate in our discussions. However, currently, he explained that he was
distracted and preoccupied and, for these reasons, was bringing our interview to an end. POLICE
I have been given a copy of Maurice’s Guernsey Police records, which do not show on his PNC
because they are particular to his records in Guernsey. There are a few gaps in the print out which
apparently refer to about 26 missing road traffic offences and there is no modus operandi available
with regard to any of the records convictions on that print out.
I have also been given sight of the South Wales Police Force Intelligence Bureau confidential
information headed Specialist Crime Operations and Intelligence Division.
Information from that document is as follows:
Background – Maurice born on 12.03.45 in Taunton. Father, Dennis 1912-2007 – hard working
country vet. Mother, Violet, daughter of a well-known industrial chemist and inventor in the
confectionery business. Their immediate family – five boys and one girl – M, C, Maurice, R and twins T
and C. D’ s brother, Maurice, an officer in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, died in Northern France
a few days before Maurice’s birth, hence their third son being named in honour of him.
Maurice’s interests as a boy – hunting, shooting, fishing. Later as a young man mountaineering,
rugby, old vintage cars, seeing the world. 1963 – began a veterinary career studying at Bristol
University. During that time also became a climbing instructor in North Wales, hitchhiked 8,000
miles around North America and paddled the English Channel in a home made canoe, after
swimming the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War. He hitched, jumped trains or hid in the
back of trucks to get across Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand. Also commissioned into Royal
Air Force Reserve. Seems his father inspired his passion in both veterinary medicine and flying
anything. He obtained qualifications, experience, commercial licence and has several injuries ? from
his flying exploits. Married 1970 to Janet, three children. 1998 – second marriage. , There are six
offences that show between 1978 and 1980 – see attached.
1984 – first summoned to a disciplinary hearing at the RCVS. Reason for the hearing was in
connection with the conviction dated January 1978 – ABH. The issue was that the conviction was of a
nature to bring the veterinary profession into disrepute. The committee commented that it had
heard nothing in Maurice’s approach to the hearing “to suggest an unwillingness to abide by the
rules of your profession”. They implied that they had issued a warning and went on to comment that
continued conflict with authority ”must inevitably affect not only yourself but also your profession
by bringing it into disrepute
1988 – it appears that there was a similar hearing. The chairman of the same committee “your
contact has brought your chosen profession into the gravest disrepute” and “your prospects of being
able to remain a member of this profession depend upon your own behaviour hereafter”. Then
there are another four convictions that are shown between 1995 and 2000.
29.05.02 – he appeared before the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Disciplinary Committee,
who commented that they find him unfit to practice as a veterinary surgeon on the basis of any one
or more of the convictions listed. The committee directed his name to be removed from the register.
They went on to comment “it seems quite obvious to this committee that Mr Kirk has no intention
and is possibly not capable of altering his behaviour”.
Maurice appealed but in January 2004 the decision was upheld. Lord Hoffman of the Lords of the
Judicial Committee stated “this is a very unusual case. Mr Kirk has an inherited love of veterinary
surgery and there is no question about his dedication and competence. Mr Kirk’s problem is with
He combines independence of spirit and a passion for justice with a flaming temper and complete
insensitivity to the feelings of others. He sees conspiracies under every bush and believes on
principle that all members of the police and legal profession are dishonest and corrupt. He can be
abrasive with animal owners and abusive – sometimes violent – towards any of the substantial
number of people who he regards as enemies of justice. The result of this explosive mixture of
admirable and less admirable qualities has been a long series of incidents which have brought Mr
Kirk into conflict with the law. They have also produced a succession of complaints to the Royal
Veterinary College. Over the years Mr Kirk, without legal assistance, has defended himself against
literally dozens of prosecutions on at least two previous disciplinary proceedings. On many such
occasions he has been successful and, when he has not, he has indomitably paid fines and
undergone imprisonment, only to return to the fray. But now the college has had enough and the
disciplinary committee has decided that his behaviour has been such as to make him unfit to
02.05.08 – Maurice arrested by the United States Secret Service after landing his light aircraft in a
field five miles away from the Prairie Chapel Ranch, the residence of President George Bush,
demanding an audience with him. Was immediately conveyed to a psychiatric hospital for
evaluation. Once it was established that he posed no immediate threat to the President, he was
deported as an undesirable due to his previous convictions. Maurice believes that South Wales
Police is responsible for or blames the force for having him struck off.
November 2008 – Judge Chambers orders further disclosures to be served upon Kirk by the 05.01.09.
15.02.09 – Chief Constable serves an affidavit, together with other documents, on the course
outlining her case.
27.02.09 – Maurice attends the gatehouse of South Wales Police and attempts to gain entry in order
to arrest the Chief Constable for fraud and perjury. Escorted off the premises.


Police force describes inspector who was part of South Wales paedophile ring as ‘abhorrent’

  • Robin Turner, WalesOnline
  • Oct 28 2011Read More
  • ———————————————————————-
  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    This message is being sent to every MP and many other public figures in an effort to tell you about the dreadful conspiracy involving the CPS Wales, the South Wales police, certain dubious members of the judiciary and others concerning MAURICE JOHN KIRK, who has been on hunger strike in Cardiff prison for some weeks because of certain matters. His own reasons for being on hunger strike are detailed below in his own list.
    Maurice Kirk has been denied many of his human rights whilst in prison and in the courts. Bail applications have been refused to be given to the courts, to name just one right hes been refused. Fake medical reports have been fabricated which ensured Mr. Kirk was imprisoned, not for the first time, with a view to have him permanently sectioned to a secure mental hospital forever, despite the medical report being totally false based on complete lies – I would ask you to specifically check the report made by a certain doctor regarding Mr. Kirk having a brian tumour – he most definatly does not and this false report made by a certain doctor was believed in court before which had Mr. Kirk nearly sent to a mental hospital forever AND IS BEING USED AGAIN in the same manner in Mr. Kirks upcoming court case.

    What I say is no fabrication as this report was, neither do I hoax or joke.

    Certain parties wish Mr. Kirk silenced forever because of what he can divulge, hence the false report to get him locked away forever. However, Mr. Kirk has a strong network of supporters who only wish is that justice is done, and is seen to be done, and it is with that principal I write to you today to tell you of these gross breaches of the law by certain people trying to imprison Mr. Kirk forever because of what he knows about certain things.
    The attatched MAPPA pages show many irregularities, as do his phone and written messages I have recorded and put on my site , along with his letters and other details which show the corruption and other travesties of the law he speaks of by what should be reputable, responsible authority figures. They most definatly are not. They are biased to cover up their own crimes, and crimes of their so-called “friends” in high places.
    I have tried to alert the authorities as to what is going on regarding these outright perversions of justice in our courts regarding Mr. Kirk but all I have received back is a message of sarcasm from an organisation who should know better – the “South Wales Police”
    Sent:31 October 2011 11:59:17

  • I have not replied to the e-mail, I presume you will make a corporate response.
  • Regards

    Sue Fox 50231
    Clerical Officer/Swddog Clerigol South Wales Police Eastern BCU/Heddlu De Cymru URhS Y DwyrainProperty OfficeRumney Police Station713 Newport Road Cardiff

Should these people not be dealing with the conspracy against this man Maurice J. Kirk and the laws that have been broken rather that sending meaningless sarcastic messages which clearly show they intend to do nothing regarding the many laws that have been broken and overlooked regarding Mr. Kirks outright victimisation and illegal incarceration? The message I had sent to the party above told of the prison denying even Mr. Kirk was on hunger strike at all, that they had refused to weigh him, give him medical treatment for bleeding stomach ulcers, refused him admission to a hospital according to “orders of someone high up” – even denying him a blanket for his freezing cell, and other sundry denials. Surely these people are paid very highly to act more responsibly and not to waste valuable police time writing to me to show their outright contempt of the laws they are meant to uphold.
I would ask you to please look at my detailing of Mr. Kirks plight at the site  and at Mr. Kirks own site  and  where he details the unacceptable crimes against him by authority figures who are paid very highly by us, the taxpayer, to uphold the laws and not to break them.

This is a true sworn statement.

Thank you.

this message sent to every MP and EuroMP

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