Dear Sir,

On 16th Nov. I found out, once in the dock, I was brought from prison for a bail application. Obviously, with no warning, I could not address the learned judge.

Fortunately I had a few papers, re: 20 years blocked civil damages claim with me so I handed them in and was returned them a few minutes later having asked they be photocopied as prison continues to refuse me photocopying at my expense or even buy carbon paper.

Please confirm photocopying was done as many documents relating to conspiracy by using clandestine MAPPA meetings in 2009 were the only ones needed for Court of Appeal and ECHR.

I have sent what I can, again to his honour judge Seys Llewellyn QC {CF101741 etc}  in the light of Dolmans now admitting causing my arrest and jail, unconvicted, for over 7 months. Dolman’s acted throughout 7 months giving both MAPPA and their client in my civil damages claims, ex chief constable and Dr. Tegwyn Williams {see leaked MAPPA minutes on}.

I have sent you, recorded delivery {first time allowed in over 2 months} another bail application so please copy and return yet again asap to brief my “K” team.

To date I have been called to 3 Cardiff crown court judges on the pretext they were bail applications when clearly HM partnership has another agenda.
First one recused himself, 2nd ordered CPS/police/magistrates and court disclosure – what a joke and the last one i never saw, did i do not what.

Has HHJ Nicholas Cooke QC thought about answering my Bristol magistrate referred matter in June re: private prosecution of Dr. Tegwyn Williams?

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