Maurice stated in a brief call today that:

a} he had been sectioned

the implications of this do not bear thinking about, as one could be placed anywhere – any institution – and it would take months for any appeal to be forthcoming.

b} the planned trial, due to take place on Tuesday 29 Nov. will not now go ahead.  To a large extent Maurice’s re-attaining freedom rests on this hearing.

c} a unique prison officer has been allocated to govern the wing he is on with the express purpose to monitor Maurice, such is the seriousness of the situation.

d} important papers are still being witheld by the magistrate by which Maurice needs to brief his new legal representatives about his case. These new solicitors etc. he has been ordered to use.

e} Still all medication is refused, along with many other rights basic to a remand prisoner, and he is still bedridden in a freezing punishment block cell on hunger strike, now in its 4th week.

More updates as and when they come. 

Nothing else has changed

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