Dear all,
I enclose a recording from Maurice J. Kirk today’s phone call from Cardiff prison, who tells of very serious irregularities which happened at his court hearing.

Please note what he says, that a medical report was made about him by a doctor, a Dr. Tegwyn Williams, who runs psychiatric hospitals in Wales. This would be fine if this doctor had the recognised qualifications to make such a report, but Dr. Williams has no such authority to do so, as Murice Kirk states. To add to that the report he did make regarding Mr. Kirk was blatantly untrue – the report stating that Mr. Kirk had tumours on his brain, which he DOES NOT HAVE IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. This false evidence has been used more than once to Mr. Kirks detriment in the past, and it is totally unacceptable that a report made by a doctor with no qualifications to entitle him to make such a report, which contains totally false information about Mr. Kirks medical condition, is used against him in a court of law,which is has been in the past, and more than likely will be in this present case concerning Maurice Kirk. 
There are other irregularities Mr. Kirk speaks of in this recording, and im sure you can discern them for yourselves.
Maurice Kirk has been on hunger strike in Cardiff prison for at least 4 weeks and is being subject to the most horrific victimisation and miscarriages of law one can imagine during his stay there. Please see his reasons for being on hunger strike below. He has been beaten by the prison staff so badly he had to be taken to Cardiff Central hospital where he was diagnosed with “suspected broken ankle{s}”. He is denied medication for various ailments, and medical treatment for bleeding stomach ulcers, to name just one ailment.
Mr. Kirk is in the punishment block of the prison even though he has done nothing to warrant that, and is in a cell with no lighting or heating. Please see for various recorded phone calls and articles, including 5 pages of leaked MAPPA minutes which tells of the conspiracy involving Dr. X and other parties against Mr. Kirk, and his own site , and please google his name for many articles.

Thank you.

J. Graham

CPS Wales
20th Floor, Capital Tower
Greyfriars Road
Cardiff CF10 3PL

and to others.

From Maurice Kirk  25 Oct. 2011:
FAO HMP Cardiff Governor / Cardiff Courts

1. I am on hunger strike because I am being refused a proper application for bail and to have my medical records clarified or corrected.
2. Also, both South Wales Police and HM Prison have conspired to confiscate my legal papers, computer, cash and proper access to both telephone and secretarial facilities to defend myself.
3.More importantly, the current reason for ‘HM Partnership Wales’ conspiracy to pervert the
course is just to block my access to both the civic and criminal courts in the UK, in my civil action for damages due to 20 years of South Wales Police bullying.

4. 17 Oct 2011 county Court letter indicates my appeal for further disclosure of 10 MAPPA meetings,in both police stations and their forensic Laboratory, Caswell Clinic, was dismissed as I failed to attend on 28th Sept. 2011.

5. Likewise with BS614159, appeals FD10C00242, FD10C00195 and current JRs,including CO/4298/2011 again because prison refuses my request to contact the court.
6. HHJ N. Cooke QC refuses, with Cardiff Magistrates, to consider my private persecution information laid against Dr X for falsifying my medical evidence at the request of the Police.
7.‘HM Partnership’ Wales refused to provide me of notify my legal representative alternativein my place, for High Court and administrative court 28th Sept & 4th Oct hearings, knowing Iwas seriously incapacitated during the first two weeks in my current remand in custody to face a Section 2 Harassment Act 1997 complained by Dr T Williams.
8. In September 11 I was transferred from London Police custody for ‘tape recording in court’,
attempting to breakout of Tottenham Police Station, demanding my own lawyers hand over my own legal papers and best of this nonsense, conspiracy by aeroplane to abduct 6 young Nigerian children snatched by Haringey Council.

9. Cardiff Prison refuse me my legal papers, basic stationery to be able to interview my own defence witnesses or get proper medical attention.
10. By Sept 11 letters, the Independent Police Complaints Commission IPCC have given the South Wales Police dispensation from an enquiry of their ‘shoot to kill’ policy and painting the ‘machine gun’ a different colour to fool the Jury.
11. HM Prison refuses to release my faxes from my lawyer.
Maurice Kirk – in 2009

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