above: Maurice whilst on hunger strike in Cardiff prison, early December.

Maurice Refused Asylum by Paris Court

“Cardiff Plot to have Maurice Shot

Protection from Welsh Authorities, to have Maurice finally eliminated, has been refused by a Paris high court as anticipated.

Apparent democratic principles, now exported all over the globe, were clearly missed during the adjourned ‘Guerre de Cent Ans’.  

Repeated false evidence, immune to prosecution, by South Wales police doctor, a psychiatrist called Tegwyn Mel Williams of Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, is again handed down. This, coupled with the other deliberately falsifed documents, including a 23rd Sept 2011 Remand Warrant, written and  by an equally slimy and deceitful individual, called District Judge John Charles, to have Maurice jailed for nearly three months without conviction is also part of a totally out of control agenda  accepted by the sheeple of their own Principality.

Are we now overdue for yet another visit to Prince Charles at High Grove, with yet another Humble Petition from one of his subjects the very particular subject  to police bullying even now here in Brittany?  Will it be,this time, with the aid of  ‘rent-a-crowd’ and an aerial propaganda ‘leaflets drop’ over Gloucestershire ?    

More details and court correspondence to be published shortly when Maurice can find his duplicate scanner cables, original currently unlawfully witheld by Tottenham Police station and  an officer called DC Sewart. He is investigating a ‘Conspiracy to abduct six Nigerian children’ from Haringey Social Services using a WW2 D-Day two seat Piper Cub.

The poor unfortunate children, deprived of their parents locked up in prison, for well over a year, are currently earning a string of the usual bent lawyers, on the promised ‘gravy train’, a large fortune of tax payer’s money instead of simply putting them in a more suitable aircraft, to Lagos, Nigeria. 

The UK’s current thoroughly corrupt judicial system is in ‘melt down’ as the decietful now out number the rest in positions of privilage and immunity to any prosecution.”



The Musa Interviews – filmed in the Musas home in Haringey on April 11 2011, before the removal of the baby on June 28th 2011:

 {copyright exists}.

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