Bishop Gloria Musa with the baby Queen Elizabeth,  removed on June 28 by Haringey council and not seen since. 

Regarding Ciwar and Gloria’s unacceptable situation in Pentonville and Holloway prisons {respectively}, where numerous basic rights have been denied them by the prison authorities – eg. emails to them are not being received by them, mail in and out is disallowed – and much more – the letter to supporters sent 14 Dec. 2011:

“Dear all,
Official complaints were sent on saturday by recorded delivery to Crispin Blunt, minister for prisons / probation, both governors at Pentonville and Holloway, and at least 2 other prominent authorities regarding what we know about the situations of Chiwar and Gloria Musa, by myself and Belinda McKenzie.
We, Belinda and i, will be seeing Chiwar today in approx 13 hours at Pentonville, all being well, and Gloria tomorrow, and Chiwar again on Friday. Hopefully things like them not receiving emails etc are bring addressed by the authorities, as well as, of course, Gloria Musas injuries.

in light, “

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