Gloria looked a lot better today on the 45 min visit and was in better spirits. Some of the things discussed were:
  There is a bail app. hearing on the 21 at Wood Green court with sureties etc to be present {update 21 12 – we went to the court, only to find it was a secret, closed hearing – and to top it off the entire thing was adjourned for 24 hours because the police had not got their act together and read papers pertinent to the case – this lax and casual attitude is typical of the depts. throughout this case and reeks of incompetancy – the case will be heard on the 22nd, again in a secret closed court at Wood Green crown court}.
Gloria has written an 8 page statement opposing the ICO – this was meant to be  given to the court on the 16th Friday – when the supposed ICO renewal hearing took place – the prison told Gloria to be ready to be taken to the court but of course neither the Musas were taken to the court so either the ICOs were renewed in their absence or they werent renewed then. Perhaps the former happened, which makes the ICOs invalid as the Musas werent there when issued. Their official objections had been sent anyway as instructed to Wall etc well within time so even if the ICOs were renewed they still are not valid as they were not issued properly.

The rules to be followed are:

Rule 28 of the Family Proceedings Courts (Children Act 1989) Rules 1991 SI

1991/1395 which provides;

“A justice’s clerk or single justice shall not make an

order under section 11(3) or section 38(1) unless –

(a) A written request for such an order has been made to

which the other parties and children’s guardian consent

and which they or their representatives have signed;

(b) A previous such order has been made in the same

proceedings; and

(c) The terms of the order sought are the same as those of the last such

order made.”

The parents have consistently stated in writing that they do not agree to the orders being renewed.

 In either case therefore, the ICOs not being valid means theres no legal framework to keep the children from the parents and they should be returned from them. The Musa parents are in prison on false pretences anyway as they have never beaten any children, let alone their own and the lies told about this is complete nonsense as anybody knowing them will testify under oath.
Nothing else had changed – medical treatment, Gloria fasting permanently, etc.

PS. where is Favour Musa?  Why has she not seen her parents for nearly 18 months, all court orders being ignored by this Haringey council? Why will the police not investigate the charges of sexual molestation shes suffered? Why has a chief constable ignored all communications of mine, along with scores of MPs, + various government departments, about serious sexual crimes on a 9 year old girl, and her subsequent disappearance?  Why the coverup?  Why the silence?Where is she and why wont anyone talk about it?

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