From Maurice’s site  www.kirkflyingvet.com  18 Dec. 2011:

“Another Warrant for Maurice’s Arrest
Tonight at 21.10 hours a WPC from Llantwit Major phoned to inform me  there is an arrest warrant out for me for, apparrently, breaching a restraining order I have never seen.

Is it because Judge Nicholas Cooke QC (Quaintly Corrupted) cannot stand corn?

Having had a “senior moment” of quiet reflection I ask myself these two questions:

1. Have I upset the infamous Gerald Elias QC, the Standards Commissioner for the Welsh Assembly?

2. Did I upset Edwina Hart, the former Health Minister or her successor in asking for my withheld falsified Dr
Tegwyn Mel Williams Medical Records ?
 Meirion said:
Would this be the same Gerald Elias QC that is covering up the NHS blunders and the kidnapping of Linda Lewis’ 12 year old daughter by Neath Port Talbot Social Services at gunpoint from a hospital bed in Florida that was brought back to the UK under a false passport never to be returned to her loving mother??

Lets take a look at the parallel vapour trails, two separate cases involving NHS blunders, political cover up, human experimentation, covering up evidence; its all there. Mmm time for a quiet moments reflection on this one.

There are other cases that mirror the above. Something does make sense here.

One thing is certain – no proud man, woman or bchild is safe in South Wales.



02 Legal Battles
Judge Nicholas Cooke QC’s Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice Again!

Summary of their past 12 Months Antics

[We continue the reporting on  an inherent culture, within the Welsh judiciary, based on deceit and avarice. Each HM servant is immune to criminal prosecution due to HM Prerogative]

During my latest Welsh imprisonment, Richard Colbourne raised this very issue highlighted in this confidential letter from the Chief Constable’s office to me only  http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/11-12-05-kirk-x3-chief-con while the  solicitor’s letter http://mauricejohnkirk.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/11-11-28-draft-order.pdf

Well, Judge Cooke, you never returned the promised ‘machine gun’ trial transcript costs, you lied when you pretended to believe Dr Tegwyn williams and you lied to HHJ Llewellyn Joness QC  on the truth behind my June 2010 application before you to order Williams to disclose the supporting medical evidence.

As for these letters I say ‘confidential’  but they are up on website now only because Charles confiscated the former and quickly circulated them amongst the enemy,every one of your Toms Dicks or Harrys  Welsh HM Court Service, who were obviously pulling his strings. Charles never ever let me see the solictor’s letter and only begrudgingly returning the confidential South Wales Police letter towards the end of the trial when we all witnessed the CPS case collapse due to the police having lied to them, yet again.

Deja Vu, Nicholas?    the dangerous driving trial when the jury had to hand you a note asking the police in the court to stop signalling to each police officer under critical conversation whilst my veterinary staff were outside sitting amongst the police< waiting to give evidence< being tipped off as to evidence already heard

At this week’s stimulating Radnor meeting, organised by Gareth Jones, Richard, as one of the speakers, raised it again, re the ridiculous IPCC fraud as Welsh police are immune to prosecution. See the stitched up Lynette White Swansea trial of possibly as many 13 bent coppers and ‘D’ type notice on the Welsh newspaper industry.. Gareth’s rendition of poem, put to song, about some flying vet was the ‘coup de grace’ to a highly acedemic approach as to what has gone wrong in Wales.

July 2010   MJK arrested re ‘common assault’ on Derrick Hassan, ex-police and now court official, having refused to accept Criminal Court of Appeal papers following His Honour Judge Cooke QC accepting the ‘authenticity’ and ‘truthfulness’ of Dr Tegwyn Williams’ sworn evidence and 2009 psychiatric reports originally prepared for MAPPA and fabricated ‘machine gun’ case to prejudice MJK’s numerous and outstanding claims for damages.

August 2010   HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, circuit judge, accepts medical reports from Barry GP, London doctor, Essex psychiatrist and Yorkshire consultant radiologist to adjourn trial re damages claim citing 20 years of South Wales Police bullying until after MJK hip operation delayed by Dr Tegwyn Williams.

MJK,  d.o.b. 12345, awaiting total hip replacement and on morphine sulphate twice daily, was eventually delayed for nine months because South Wales National Health Service and even Vale private hospital repeatedly refuse anaesthetic or to repeat a brain scan, all knowing Dr Tegwyn Williams’ falsified 2009 psychiatric MAPPA/FTAC/ Visor, Adrian Oliver, Dolmans, (private  solicitor for Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable of South Wales Police) conspiracy.

Sept 2010   Barry magistrates also accept adjournment of trial until after operation and medication.

28th Oct 2010   Cardiff Magistrates conspire.

2nd Nov 2010   MJK found ‘guilty’, in his absence, following District John Charles having ordered some Newport solicitor to act on MJK’s behalf despite written instructions from MJK to the contrary. Newport solicitor did not cross-examine prosecution witnesses, MJK told but court refuse to send full record of what actually went on in his absence. A warrant for MJK’s arrest is ordered.

13th Nov 10   Missing Forensic Medical Records MJK letter to District Judge Charles LINK
Dec 2010   MJK’s solicitor applies for re hearing back to a district judge who heard case as medical records were withheld by court staff.  John Charles intervenes and refuses application.

Jan 2011   Judicial Review Application filed with Administrative court but MJK is refused the right to have it heard outside Wales.

14th June 2011   MJK arrested at Portsmouth for not attending 2nd Nov 2010 hearing. Given bail by a Cardiff court for 21st Sept hearing again accepting medical delay due to Dr Tegwyn Williams’ evidence on oath.

18th June 2011 MJK letter to CPS re Bail variation and release of medical records LINK

The CPS never did oppose bail until Nov 2011 part heard trial before district Judge Charles.

21st July 2011 High Court Appeal listed for 28th Sept 2011, Letter to the High Court of Appeal, the heart of MAPPA conspiracy

21st Sept 2011   MJK in London police station custody, re Musa case, adjourned to 28th Nov 2011 for trial. Both CPS and South Wales Police knew this, all along, the latter attempting, yet again, to have MJK sectioned using Dr Tegwyn Williams’ falsified and unqualified psychiatric reports.

[20th Sept 2011 South Wales Police sectioning ‘argument’ was thrown out by Haringey Magistrates court re ‘conspiracy to abduct six Nigerian children’! These were, incidentally, lay proper magistrates.]

23rd Sept 2011       District Judge Charles was told why MJK could not attend both courts, one hundred and fifty miles apart, convicts MJK for the 2nd November 2010 non attendance but refuses to allow MJK sight of his own ‘Remand Warrant’ required for the imprisonment.[It took eight weeks for MJK to establish why he was in prison]

On MJK’s imprisonment he clearly identified a Cardiff based conspiracy, contrary to the nonsense content 6th December 2011 Home Office letter  and HM Prison Hospital letters of denial to MJK’ sister.  LINK

 This included MJK failing to obtain reason for his imprisonment, access to incoming cash, stamps or even his own cash to pay court orders and court fees. He is severely limited to access to telephone, his own cash for it, library for law books and right to buy or have sent in the most basic stationary equipment. His needed access to his computer and legal papers for the twenty odd ongoing cases was refused, each time, by prison, District Judge Charles and other Cardiff courts et al.

Between 2nd November2010 conviction to time of his December 2011 release both Cardiff Magistrates and CPS ignored countless of MJK letters for basic disclosure and explanation as to just what on earth was going on.

Again, as from 21st Sept 2011 to 10th November 2011 Harassment trial, the CPS even refused acknowledgment of all MJK letters as did the Cardiff Magistrates, the latter answering just one stating a Derrick Hassan was to be excluded a witness summons to attend but leaving MJK to assume the other summonses, eg on Caswell Clinic staff and police [under Section 3 (a) and (c) of the 1997 Harassment Act] were all served and not challenged. 

 Sept 2011   Another district judge, not the original for 2nd November conviction, further remands MJK for a week not sentencing him.

28th Sept 2011   MJK refused access to High Court or communication with his solicitor, re 20 year damages claim, with County Court intimating that there is no law for the court or for prison to so produce an Appellant like MJK!

4th Oct 2011   MJK again refused, this time for access to Administration Court or communication with his solicitor. JR case, re 2nd Nov 2010 conviction, is suspiciously adjourned to the very day after the planned 10th Nov John Charles hearing for ‘harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams’ despite no sentence for ‘common assault’ for almost a year.

Sept /Oct 20011   MJK unable to obtain proper medical attention due to continuous abdominal pain, one cause already partly diagnosed, thankfully, by the police doctor just before entry to HM Cardiff prison leading to correct medication but not always supplied.

Oct 2011   Crown Court Bail Application, before His Honour Judge Llewellyn Jones QC, is another classic Cardiff abuse of process, he promptly recusing himself, to lose MJK a chance of freedom, for at least another month, in order to establish as to just what happened to ongoing cases in his forced absence. This judge had appeared to believe the Caswell/MAPPA documents, as true, sending MJK back to prison on at least two previous occasions, for two more months of imprisonment during both 2009 and 2010.

Oct 2011   2nd Crown Court Bail Application is another premeditated manoeuvre, HHJ Morgan also attempting to recuse himself to avoid a bail application. His perfunctory ‘disclosure’ Order, for both Cardiff Magistrates and CPS to, at least, comply to my reasonable PACE Act 1984 applications for secondary and section 8 disclosure evidence has never been complied. Nor will be for the nine appeals, civil and criminal, this latest Cardiff Cabal conduct has again caused, listed for next year.

3rd Nov 2011   3rd Crown Court Bail Application was equally predetermined by not notifying MJK the purpose of the hearing until he was actually in the dock, the necessary papers, needed, left back in his cell.

10th Nov 2011   John Charles started the ‘harassment’ trial thereby ‘leapfrogging’ the conclusion of the part heard 2nd Nov 2010 common assault allegation.

*John Charles refused MJK the right to plead guilty in any of the five or so outstanding allegations.

*John Charles even offered the prosecution witness his original statement to refresh his memory.

* John Charles refused my receiving my lawyers’ instructions and relevant evidence brought to the court by my K Team, from the solicitor’s office on the first day of the trial.

 Even the duty court lawyer was refused, by the custody staff, for me to have the evidence documents to defend myself

11th Nov 2011

  JR hearing from 4th Oct, re 2nd Nov 10 common assault, predictably adjourned yet again to 19th December 11 and then, moved back to 8th December and dismissed by Mr Justice R Lloyd Jones.

15th Nov 2011

  *John Charles refused MJK the right to cross examine either the only complainant of ‘harassment’, Dr Tegwyn Williams or police in the case.

John Charles implemented the same tactic he had ordered in the 2nd Nov 2010 hearing, for ‘common assault’, in order to withhold the evidence supporting MJK. He ordered another ‘out of town’ un-briefed solicitor to conduct MJK’s defence cross examination but whereas the previous solicitor had refused, causing no cross examination to take place this time some purported solicitor, contrary to MJK instructions, ‘went through the motions’ but witnessed carefully by ten of the ‘K team’ from the public gallery. Dr Tegwyn Williams had again committed perjury for the Chief Constable.

K-Team’s list of District Judge refusals.

17th Nov 2011   On the last day John Charles refused MJK the right to call any witnesses at all.

This included a particular ‘character witness’ already mentioned thereby further restricting defence evidence in chief, contrary to the basic principles of human rights.

John Charles sentenced MJK, in his absence, for:

•1. ‘failure to surrender to bail’ on 2nd Nov 2010, contrary to his August 2010 decision – No Penalty
•2. ‘failure to surrender to bail’ on 14th June 2010 despite a string of other judges, including those in the Criminal Court of Appeal accepting August 2010 medical records and later ones from MJK’s GP and French orthopaedic surgeon – No Penalty
•3. ‘failure to surrender to bail’ on 21st September 2011- No Penalty
•4. ‘Common assault’ 2nd Nov 2010 hearing despite neither MJK nor he having heard the facts in the case.
John Charles convicted and sentenced MJK for:

•5. ‘harassment’ of Dr Tegwyn Williams with a prison sentence of eighteen weeks conveniently already now served
After the Cardiff hearing MJK had a ‘gate arrest’ below the court and appeared, next day, in Highbury Magistrates, London, where he was told he had been fined £75, in his absence, for some Public Order offence, re Musa rogue lawyers, on 19th Sept 2011.

He had, again, been found guilty, No Penalty, for ‘failure to surrender to bail’ on the 15th November London hearing when all knew MJK was in Cardiff Magistrates court.

MJK made it clear he would never pay the fine as it would only compound the felony.

14th December 2011   MJK was told all his criminal appeals, for the above Cardiff convictions, had been accepted by HHJ Nicholas Cooke Q.C., The Recorder of Cardiff and missed High Court and County Court hearings, in the County Courts may be re-heard due the ‘anomaly in the law re imprisoned ‘litigants in person’.

 MJK is not holding his breath.

 (LINK documents to follow shortly)


 Bigwhistleblower said:
It’s the little things that matter, the little nuances, the things that are not stated but evaded from …. which ultimately explain and undo the actions and deceits of wrongdoers. [The Deceit of the wrongdoer]

Deceit = the act or practice of deceiving …..

At the performance at Cardiff Magistrates Court on 29th November 2011 directed by The Judge Mr Charles it was noticed that certain matters were not mentioned, but in fact absolutely steered away from.

Certain subject matters appeared to be ‘no-go areas’ in an across the board ‘off the record’ type of understanding between Mr Charles, Mr Evans and Mr Appointed Solicitor.

There was no ‘mention’ whatsoever throughout the performances of the leading players and the controlled / coached witnesses of the fact that Mr Kirk had been acquitted at his earlier Machine Gun Trial.

Had of course the appointed solicitor pre:senting a ‘sort of case’ for Mr Kirk asked the right question; the harassment trial! (performance) would have collapsed.

What question ought to have been asked of the Dr and all the other witnesses? Simple.

Were you aware that Mr Kirk was acquitted in an earlier Crown Court Criminal jury trial and that the evidence presented in it, including by Dr Tegwyn was totally discredited upon his acquittal?

They couldn’t mention the acquittal – “Don’t mention the ACQUITTAL!”


Did the Dr in evidence; on 29th November open up a little bit more? Indeed he did – he stated that he “produced a report for his EMPLOYERS”. Thus he opened up in effect that he ain’t going down alone for that “discredited Paid for” one sided totally discredited report …

Vicarious liability …. or should that be LIE ability?

It’s them little things that really do add up. And when there is no recording of a proceeding – only those who took “contemperaneous notes” and were seen to be taking notes of the actual time-locked event hold the record.

December 18, 2011 7:25 PM



= AND –
– AND –

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