Firstly, Musa pointed out to me that he was told by someone that this site contains many “irrelavencies”. I replied well that is very different to the feedback Im receiving,  and anyway the comment was completely understandable as it did not come from any supporter of the Musa case, or any visitor who has an interest in outrageous crimes committed by government personnel who remove children from good homes with their parents, in this case – the Musa case – using entirely untrue allegations. This site is meant for the genuine supporter who wants to know what isnt reported, or someone who has a genuine interest in such matters. I asked Chiwar to ask the person, from me, never to come here again.

It seems now on arriving for a visit at both prisons the Musas are resident in it is becoming increasingly difficult to actually have the visit. I was turned away on Tuesday, and the same thing was attempted again on Thursday, and again today Friday 30 Dec. Remember the prison already asked Chiwar to sign a form which would stop all visits for him. He of course refused to sign their form, but it is still becoming increasingly hard to see them even when one has a bona fide visit already booked.

Chiwar looked well but again expressed serious concerns about his case and its presentation in the courts. He is, as I said before, concerned that no formal application has been made to set the entire case aside, as Ian Josephs suggested. He has expressed many concerns about certain things, but I feel I am wasting my time expressing those concerns here, as it goes unheard. I personally am concerned that his solicitor has only visited Chiwar once in the entire time hes been in Pentonville, and his barrister never, and regarding visits to Gloria in Holloway he thinks she  has only visited once or twice. This is whats behind Musa saying the other day that he wants to represent themselves, and also in getting a QC {as Gloria’s latest letter explains – available on request} who will study the entire case thoroughly and who will be knowledgable. Chiwar told me, for example, Haringey have changed their legal bundle for the FOURTH time – once during the period they were in the courts with Brasse sitting, during Febuary earlier this year, during the Oct. 31 6 day hearing at the RCJ in front of Wall, and again for this upcoming Wednesday, Chiwar is informed and tells us. The point he tries to make is their BIG FILE, of October 2010, of which the latest version has been condensed to 85 pages from the original 105 pages – tells an accurate story of the case WHICH THE MODIFIED HARINGEY BUNDLES WILL NOT. Until the Musas legal representatives read and digest thoroughly what the Musas files explain they will not get a complete understanding of their case, and this of course is worrying both Musas and they ask how can anyone represent them if they do not know the case from day one. As I said he is asking for a QC to be taken on board as he knows a QC will take the time and digest everything, including a CD with 18,000 files pertaining to the case – the entire works.   Anyway theres no point in me carrying on trying to explain anything here, as noone is listening to what the Musas are trying to say.      


Maurice on 2 December, on hunger strike whilst held in Cardiff prison.

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