Hello…we saw Gloria on Tues. 3rd Jan and the situation had not changed. She still had not received the money that was sent in before Christmas, she still was drinking only water whilst not on visits when she would eat the roll etc and drink – orange juice etc. – that we bought for her from the outlet in the visiting room there, herself still fasting permanently. Her knee was still painful and had still not been seen by anyone medical.

At the Highgate court yesterday, for the commital to crown court the case was indeed committed to the crown court – the case to begin on the 1 Febuary 2011. Bail was refused, as stated there + then, even though noone asked for it yesterday.

Chiwar called at 8.15 this morning, and I said i would see him this afternoon. Lets hope the clothes i will take, which he HAS already made an application for, will be allowed to be given to him.  So many times he has made an application for his clothes for them to be denied, and even when clothes are allowed to be given to him his African clothes are taken from the whole and disallowed. All his clothes were removed from him on his arrival at this hellhole, but since then hes been given new clothes so as he doesnt have to wear their prison garb.

Please note: this blog will cease to exist for a time very soon so as it cannot be said to interfere with any potential jury members sitting on the Musa case. I do not want the case to be affected by information being received by jurors / potential jurors which could damage anything to do with the case, as British law states they must not get knowledge and possibly be swayed by anything reported.  So when this factor comes into play this blog with its updates of the Musa + other cases will not be online until it is safe to proceed.  Many articles pertaining to Maurice Kirk have been removed so as not to impede his progress in anyway, but updates regarding him and his situation can be found at his site  http://www.kirkflyingvet.com . Maurice is at present once again on hunger strike in Cardiff prison after being taken there on the 23rd Dec.  for apparently breaking a “restraining order” he knew nothing about, being arrested at Wood Green court after giving his evidence in the Musa’s bail application on the 22nd Dec. which of course was not granted.

Thank you to all wellwishers etc. for all your messages of support received thru various channels and for your kind words. All has been reported to the Musas and they send their heartfelt thanks.  

Until v soon…

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