Maurice Kirk is still on hunger strike in Cardiff prison, being remanded there on dubious charges having been arrested at the Musa bail hearing on the 18 Dec. at Wood Green crown court.

Video {from 2010}:!

Maurice narrowly escapes HM conspiracy to have him shot, following Highgrove visit for His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, to intervene re serious break down of law and order in the Principality.

Escaping life sentance, about trading in machine guns, he now faces another HM bit of nonsence, an arrest warrant. He needs medical help and asylum to stay in France.

Online petition, requesting signatures for support on his website…..Thank the morphine sulphate for Maurice’s muddled account of his nightmare, including his addressing Her Majesty, by the wrong gender, not The Duke of Normandy.


From “The Independant” newspaper, 27 Jan. 2012:

Found: ‘Lost’ evidence that let police walk free


Collapse of £30m corruption trial under fresh scrutiny


Friday 27 January 2012


Yusef Abdullahi and Stephen Miller in 1992 after being freed

Investigators have discovered four intact files of supposedly “shredded” documents that caused the collapse of Britain’s biggest police corruption trial and allowed eight officers accused of framing innocent men to walk free.

A victim of one of the most notorious miscarriages of justice reacted furiously last night to the latest revelations and demanded a public inquiry into a case that has raised serious doubts about the ability of the criminal justice system to investigate itself.

The officers were accused of fabricating evidence following the murder of Lynette White, a prostitute, in 1988, resulting in the wrongful convictions of the so-called “Cardiff Three”. The officers’ trial collapsed in disarray last month when prosecutors revealed that files had been destroyed.

But the police watchdog said last night that the files had been discovered in their original boxes and were still in the hands of South Wales Police, which had investigated the case against officers from the same force.

Stephen Miller, 45, who spent four years in prison before being freed on appeal, told The Independent last night: “There has to be a public inquiry. This is ridiculous. When is it going to stop? Those officers are never going to be seen back in court. Some of my co-accused have now passed away – where is the justice for them?”

The officers were acquitted in December of perverting the course of justice. A judge at Swansea Crown Court ruled that they could not get a fair trial because evidence was believed lost.

The court heard that the senior investigating officer, Chris Coutts, instructed junior officers to get rid of files that prosecutors had earlier said were relevant to the case. The prosecution told the court that the destruction of the files would “inevitably be fatal to this case”, which followed a decade-long inquiry and trial that cost an estimated £30m.

A second case of four other officers, who were due to stand trial this year, was also dropped. All the officers have consistently denied all charges.

Amid an outcry over the failed prosecution, the force referred the case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which said the documents were found this week. The files were believed to be at the force’s headquarters. The force last night declined to comment.

Mr Miller’s solicitor, Matthew Gold, said: “It seems to be another very important error by South Wales Police adding to the catalogue of errors and mistakes made during the prosecution.

“If that [the destruction of files] was wrong then the officers have walked free when they should have continued to face trial.”

Yesterday the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, ordered an inquiry into prosecutors’ role in the collapsed trial. The inquiry will run alongside the investigation by the IPCC into the part that police played.

The solicitors for the three surviving men said they have no faith in the inquiry by the police watchdog. They wrote to the Government last month to demand a judge-led public inquiry. Kate Maynard, who represents two of the men, said: “This case is just getting murkier and murkier.”

South Wales Police launched the original inquiry after Ms White was found stabbed more than 50 times in her flat near Cardiff docks. Police were hunting for a white man based on initial witness accounts – but five black men were later arrested.

Mr Miller was targeted by police and subjected to days of hostile questioning until he made a “confession” to the killing after more than 300 denials.

Mr Miller, Yusef Abdullahi (who died last year), and Tony Paris were convicted in 1990 of the murder of Ms White, 20, in part based on witnesses bullied by police into giving false accounts against them. Two other men, cousins John and Ronnie Actie, were cleared. Ronnie Actie died in 2007.

The men were acquitted at the Court of Appeal in 1992. Following a second investigation, Jeffrey Gafoor admitted her murder and is serving life.

Case history: Officers in the spotlight

14 February 1988 Lynette White, 20, is murdered.

November 1990 Yusef Abdullahi, Stephen Miller and Anthony Paris found guilty of murder and jailed. John and Ronald Actie are acquitted.

December 1992 Appeal quashes the three men’s convictions.

July 2003 Jeffrey Gafoor pleads guilty to murder and is jailed for life.

April 2005-November 2006 Several police officers arrested on charges including conspiracy to pervert course of justice and misconduct.

July 2011 Eight ex-officers stand trial for perverting course of justice.

December 2011 Case against eight former police officers collapses.

26 January 2012 Police watchdog reveals ‘destroyed’ files are found.


The Musa Case of 6 children removed on fake allegations:

On the 8 April 2010 8 policemen let themselves in by key to the Musa family home in Haringey North London and removed the Musa’s 5 children without any notice or prearrangement. The children were removed on what leter were found to be untrue allegations made by certain people at Haringey council. All allegations have been disproven, the allegations ranging from the children not being the Musas offspring and were being trafficked, to the children being beaten, etc.
Regarding the child trafficking allegation that the children were not the Musas offspring and they were in fact part of a child trafficking network DNA tests proved  that the children were indeed the Musas, and the children were in no way being trafficked in any shape or form. After this allegation was disproved other equally false allegations were made to keep the children from returning to their once happy home. One such allegation that was made was that Gloria Musa was an active sex worker – a prostitute – who plied her trade in front of her church congregation and also in front of her children. She is, in fact. an ordained bishop in the Evangelical Church of Africa and is not and has never been what this allegation alleges. This ridiculous allegation was made with no evidence of any kind to substantiate it yet the court believed this nonsense, along with other unsubstantiated allegations such as the children were beaten by the parents, even though medical examinations made when the council took the children showed no sign of anything to back their allegation.Even though the allegations were proven groundless never was it mentioned that the children were to be returned to their parents as they should have been, of course. Q uite the opposite in fact took place in that a 6th child was removed from the Musa parents, the hitherto unborn baby at the time of the April 8 2010 child removals Queen Elizabeth, who was removed on highly questionable evidence.
During the time the children were removed the eldest, now 11 year old Favour Musa, complained of being “inappropriatly touched” – sexually molested in other words – by the teenage habitee of the foster home she was placed in. Also she had contracted scabies whilst at this home. Ever since this child complained of her harrassment,over 18 months ago, she has not been seen by any family member or the Nigerian High Commission – it is not known whether she is alive or dead, is even in this country and the council refuse to relate anything about the child when the parents enquire after her. She has simply vanished.There is a £1000 reward been offered by an anonymous donor for her giving her testimony on video. They have also changed her name to “Lizzie”. This article on “Parent Alienation Syndrome” shows how changing a childs name,location and lifestyle can turn her away from her loving parents and all she knew before: – .
Although commonly used in divorce cases it can of course be used to alienate parents after the child is moved into a foster home. 
Recently on the 28th June 2011 the Musas took their baby to St. Thomas’s hospital, London as they thought she seemed to have a fever – a temperature. This was enough for Haringey council to arrange for the police to remove the baby, claiming it had been administered hard drugs, even though tests taken by medical staff at the hospital at the time proved negative for all drugs in not only the baby but also in both parents. Nevertheless an Emergency Protection Order {EPO} was placed on the baby immediatly and she has been removed from the Musa family, even though the reasons for the baby’s removal are totally fictional. At a court hearng on the 7th July the judge, who happened to be the original judge who ordered the removal of the other 5 children, believing the Haringey councils allegations, confirmed he would be issuing an Interim Care Order {ICO} on the newly taken baby, thus effectively removing her from the parents care, when a 2 week period was up. This he duly did, and the baby Elizabeth has not now been seen since 28th June, the date of her removal. For no contact visits to be allowed is totally illegal, against British law, and against the “Childrens Act” and the parents and baby’s Human Rights. The court case for this removal is still current. {update 13 Dec. 2011: After a 6 day factfinding hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice with Sir Nicholas Wall presiding it was deemed, by the “balance of probabilities” that the baby was given drugs which very nearly led to its death. This was assumed after much evidence was given by hospital staff and others. There should be an honest investigation into this evidence and I say this as a Mckenzie friend {for the defendants} who was there at the time for 4 days of this hearing}.
 The allegation by the council, in the early stages of this case, that Gloria Musa was given opium by her stepfather whilst in the UK as a teenager is completely untrue. Gloria Musa has no stepfather, has never taken opium at any time, and was not in the UK as a teenager. This is just one totally false allegation fabricated by the council and used in the removal of the Musa children.
Many other irregularities and anomalies exist in this outrageous case, from outright witness intimidation at least 5 people I am familiar with to police conducting raids with no warrant or legal documentation and without neccassary witnesses required by British law. The court orders concerning contact visits with the children have not been adhered to by the agency responsible for them on scores of occasions, and nothing is ever done about this, causing much unneccassary grief, worry and even financial hardship to this family who seemed to have been targetted by Haringey council and those connected to it. All contact visits with the children have now stopped which is against the court orders for the family, against basic Human Rights and British law, and against the so-called “Childrens Act” touted by the government. Supporters have written hundreds of emails and many letters sent by postal recorded delivery to MPs and other so-called “authority figures” {such as police and a Chief Constable} all of which have been totally ignored, even when trying to inform them of a 9 year old girl {at the time} being sexually molested.
The Musa parents were remanded in prison on the 31 November and remain there awaiting trial, which begins on 1 Febuary. The cover-up is extreme in this case, with the usual unacceptable court injunctions on the reporting of this shocking case in place. What has gone on is disgraceful
These are the basic facts of this outrageous case but many more crimes and irregularities exist.

This is a true sworn statement and any further details can be given on request.

The ICO hearings, + 12 Jan hearing phone call to the RCJ:

The Musa Interviews, April 2010,  before the baby was removed:

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