Bowen and Angiolini – Ten Years Together

We have received detailed and prompt information from the Northern Lighthouse Board, which is to its great credit.

Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen and Elish Angiolini DBE were together on the board for ten years, leaving it within 24 hours of each other in 2011.

A more blatant conflict of interest on Bowen`s part could scarcely be imagined, yet the sheriff declared nothing about his acquaintance with a key cited witness for the defence.

This is yet another example of the degree of the corruption that lies at the heart of the Scottish justice system. Due to the nature of the charge, a summary offence, any sheriff in Scotland would have been qualified to adjudicate on my case.

Why then was Bowen, of all people, chosen, and who selected him for the task?

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  1. More collusion and connivance via the “old pals act” between Bowen and Angiolini.

  3. Michael Heseltine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Michael Heseltine was born in Swansea in Wales and is a distant … graduating he built up a property business in partnership with his Oxford friend Ian Josephs.

    Ian Josephs Michael Heseltine

  5. Well well well Zoompad thank you for letting us know.

    Please do keep us informed of any other interesting research you may find out about Ian Parker Josephs, Carl Sims and/or Namaste Publishing UK

    Interesting too, while these (largely anonymous) writers of are gloating about how many hits their website is getting, Robert is facing a CUSTODIAL SENTENCE


  6. Well I was blocked from going onto Roberts site for between 6 to 9 months, and I kept moaning and moaning on Facebook about it, someone told me that the reason I had been blocked was because I am a pest. But I knew Robert wouldn’t be the one who was blocking me, because I am not a pest at all, I am a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse regime, and I think the reason I was blocked was because of what happened on Mothers for Justice, and the fact that John Hermming and Ian Josephs were on there, letting me get verbally abused by paedophiles from the Operation Ore investigation and members of the BFMS and FACT and other organisations that defend paedophiles. They called me a nutter and a religious bigot on there and the abuse went on for 2 years, and it was because I kept posting about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager being paedophiles (which they were) and the paedophiles and the corrupt secret family court lawyers were as mad as hell about it. Robert knows all of this because I told him, I told him what John Hemming did, and why I dont like him. I have copied (screen saved) the evidence several times and I have gone to the woods nearby and dug some holes and buried them so that if my house and computer get raided (as they did one day) they wont be able to destroy the evidence.


  7. I dont think Ian Parker Joseph is the same man as Ian Josephs. I dont know if they have anything to do with each other. I have looked at a photo of Ian Parker Joseph and he has a bit of a beard and a different looking face, he doesnt have a creepy crafty face like Ian Josephs. Ian Josephs looked really embarressed when I said hello to him at Stafford. I didnt know he was bad at that time, although he was there letting me be bullied, I didnt realise at the time who all the bullies were, that they were Orees. I hadnt read the book then, The Appalling Vista, that was before I read it. I thought the people I was talking to on that website were just ordinary families, and I thought they were just being a bit selfish, wanting to you a syndrome that a paedophile had invented. It was terrible going through all that abuse for 2 years and I wanted to give up but I couldnt. They attacked me for praying as well, and they had got onto the admin – they tricked the lady who set up the site, who was paying for the site, and they threw me off, for being a broken record and a religious bigot, but she got me bvack on. She had 5 computers hacked and made unworkable by them hacking, she didnt realise, she thought they were helping her, they offered to help her and she let them, one of them was Paul Randle Jolliffe. He is in big trouble now for a sort of telephone company fraud. He is pretending to be a Christian lay preacher but I know for a fact that he hates God because he called me a bigot for praying for the families who are going through the secret family courts. I think of all the horrible things he has done him pretending to be a Christian lay preacher is the most revolting. They didnt realise the lady who set up the site is also a Christian, and neither did I, and thats why she didnt let them throw me off for praying and exposing 2 American paedophiles!


  8. I think you twigged something was amiss a while back Zoompad … it is possible to contact Carl Sims through his Namaste Publishing email address if anyone wants to raise any concerns directly with him.

    That is smart thinking Zoompad, always back up your evidence.

  10. Unfortunately not the case Zoompad, Robert and Anne are almost completely estranged from each other. Carl Sims does not allow them to meet unless he is there and as I’ve said previously, Anne is not allowed her own email account. Carl sends out emails signing them ‘Anne’.

    Carl Sims is a very difficult person to get along with, he is extremely paranoid, argumentative and somewhat lacking in social skills. I believe Robert has tried his utmost best but Carl Sims has caused this campaign to breakdown. I sadly do not know the future for the Hollie Greig campaign

  12. I’m going to say a prayer online, that way if anyone else wants to they can join in. I’m not being a religious bigot by praying, I’m just being a Christian.

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    You’ve seen everything that has been going on, and we anly see a part. You know who is good and who is bad. Please will you look after Hollie and Anne and Robert, and not let Hollie get any more persecution from the Court of Protection people, and let her not be hurt by bad people any more, and please will you not let Robert go to prison, but make it so that he can clearly see what has been going on? Lord, child abuse is evil, and court corruption is evil, and when David was a shepherd boy he used to play his harp and sing, making up songs, and still carried on doing that all through his life, at least while he was an outcast, when King Saul was trying to kill him, and he made Psalm 37, which is a really great song, still very relevant today, also Psalm 35 and 36, and those psalms will have to do as my prayers for Anne Hollie and Robert, as I cannot put what I want to say to you any more eloquently than your servant David. I also want to pray for the ones who have either plotted against Hollie Anne and Robert, and those who haven’t exactly plotted against them, but winked their eyes at criminal behaviour and let them get persecuted, and I hope those ones will also read those song lyrics, and their hearts be smitten with those words, in particular Psalm 37 v 14 and Psalm 36. Thank you for hearing my prayer dear Lord Jesus.

    Love Barbara xx


    Ian Josephs is the erstwhile friend of Michael Heseltine,

    Ian Parker-Joseph is our friendly web-hosting supplier.



  15. Well that obviously can’t be true now can it? 😉 Not when they have the same first name surely? I mean the fact that they live in different countries is just a rouse surely??

    By the Way Belinda… How is Delores Kane? Have you heard from ‘M’ lately? – Oh wait a minute that’s probaly me? Am I ‘M’? Are you Delores?

    Oh dear! – It really is just a load of old cobblers really innit?

    What I really want to know is WHERE THE HECK IS MY ASTON MARTIN? – And my jetpack! AND my exploding pen!!

  18. ‘Carol Sims’ is a play on the name Carl Sims, Carl Sims has a very real and influential hold over the Hollie Greig campaign, but prefers people not to know this, or anything about him.

    Carl Sims has published his online magazine ‘Namaste magazine UK’ for a number of years yet there exists no picture of him on the internet and nothing in the way of any biography.

    I have no idea about the character ‘Carol Sims’


  20. Apology accepted Matt, and, as I said on Facebook, I am sorry I misjudged you, thinking you were Matt Tapp.

    I would like Belinda McKenzie to come on here and explain what the heck she has been up to. If she’s been going to Parliamentary meetings with people like John Hemming, Jonathan Sacks and Lord Falconer, why has she kept as quiet as a little mouse about it?


  23. If they’re who I suspect they are they have good cause to be ‘coy’… I’ll ‘undot’ some of the dots a little…

    I hear Belinda keeps company with large Polish Builders… Certain of her tenants seem to feel they have had their peace breached as a result of this association…

    Here’s some more fun

    WHO LIVES in a house like this????


    Name & Registered Office:
    N6 5QU
    Company No. 04655658

    Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off
    Date of Incorporation: 04/02/2003

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    7310 – R & D on nat sciences & engineering
    Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2009 (TOTAL EXEMPTION FULL)
    Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2010 OVERDUE
    Last Return Made Up To: 04/02/2009
    Next Return Due: 04/03/2010 OVERDUE
    Last Members List: 04/02/2009


    Floggers of dubious UFO videos to the bewidlered – NOTE the OVERDUE accounts. (another financial black hole?) – Ray Santilli (he of the Alien autopsy scam attempt) could take some lessons from her!!!

    – Mind you; I don’t think Ant and Dec will want to play the Mackies in the film somehow…


  25. Pyrite asked…

    “Could it be that this thing is bigger than simply HDJ?”

    HDJ is just one ‘title’ in a certain individual’s commercial empire… – In my opinion of course. 😉 Conspiracy theory is BIG business!!!

    However – does it reduce the probability of Hollie having been raped? No! – And as I say whether it happened once or a thousand times; that’s no less a crime. And no less a failure on the part of the Scottish justice system.


  28. How is Carl Sims linked to Belinda McKenzie ?


  29. COGNOSCENCE – I looked it up in the online dictionary, as I have never heard the word before, and Noah Websters 1828 dictionary said it meant the act or state of knowing.

    I also looked up the company. This is what I found.

    Directors and Secretaries

    Current Directors
    Ms Belinda Margaret McKenzie
    Mr Grant Maurice Stapleton
    Mr Andrew Dominic Johnson

    Current Secretaries

    Ms Belinda Margaret McKenzie

    I haven’t a clue what any of this means though. I can’t find any information of what this company actually does!


  30. Well, one of the things it DID was import and distribute material pertaining to the ‘Starchild’ project on a commercial basis…

    Just google: +Starchild +COGNOSCENCE

    The information I pasted in is from Companies house; that’s the government department that holds the register and administers Limited Companies in the UK.

    Limited Companies (for the benefit of those that don’t know) are legally ‘third parties’ in their own right. And effectively isolate the owners from a lot of thepersonal risk that operating as a sole trader carries…

    – Simply google companies house Webcheck – Once you are there type the company name in – You’ll get to the entry above.

    What that tells you is the Company hasn’t been complying with the law and is probably going to be ‘struck off’.

    – So not only do we have evidence of commercial interest in the conspiracy theory/paranormal trade; set against the background of Iran Aid, evidence of habitual mal-administration.

    To address Kerry’s question…

    Car Sims is a very elusive character; by all accounts very difficult to get along with. So this is NOT a defence of him and I remain concerned for Anne and Hollie with regard to his ‘stewarding’ of them… BUT…

    Suppose though for a moment he’s genuine… He himself IS in the ‘conspiracy business’ – He’s bound to know OF McKenzie and her background…

    He could be either a commercial rival or commercial associate. One thing I would say though is that he’s far better at obfuscating his background than McKenzie…

    This actually brings me back full circle to the reasons why I cant/won’t get involved with anything that’s monetised with regard to the Hollie Greig case…

    One of MY key criticisms and concerns is that Hollie’s case has attracted all sorts of scavangers with clear commercial agenda. Throwing stones from within the glass house would be a bad idea!

    – And NO! We don’t do UFO videos either!

  33. zoompad – kindly qualify your statement about the Ian Josephs being “bad” as you put it. I put it to you that you havent a clue what youre talking about and you know little of which you speak. Also, one should not make an opinion on someone because of how their voice sounds. This conclusion, to me, is a bit silly. Prof. Steven Hawking speaks via a machine, enabling him to. I dread to think of your opinion of that.


  34. I contacted Ian, who ive known for some time, who replies:
    “My name is IAN JOSEPHS,nothing to do with a parker-joseph. Yes in 1955 Michael Heseltine and I started out in Clanricarde Gardens Notting hill,long before it was fashionable, living in one bed sitter each and no money ! I am sorry Zoompad does not like my face and I have never been embarassed meeting her or anyone else ;why should I be ?, I can only say it is better to attack your enemies (the ss etc) than your allies (people who help parents to fight the ss).
    We aim to abolish “punishment without crime,forced adoption,and the gagging of parents and children.

    His final words about not being verified is meaning he couldnt comment as such as it wouldnt accept his comment, hence my adding it…b.


  35. I find it interesting the peoplke like Hemming, who i cant see has done much for child abuse in this country, gets the company of Belinda Mckenzie {as stated in these comments earlier} AND ALSO Sabine Mcneill, who became involved in the Musa case late summer last year. Certain people, including myself, in the Musa camp have grave doubts as to Mcneills genuineness, for certain reasons, and i am intrigued to see Mckenzies name linked also to government spooks, parliament meetings, and Mcneill.
    I have emails from Hemming saying from him how he wouldnt be helping in the Musa case because Gloria Musa was not honest, and he couldnt rely on what she said. No mentin that now 6 children were taken illegally.
    The reason im stating this in these comments is because Belinda Mckenzie features “prominently” some might say in the Hollie Greig case, and she has attempted to feature in the Musa case recently, to my amazement.

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