Maurice is in Cardiff prison on remand for breaking a restraining order he knew nothing about. It is believed it was issued after his arrest. The irregularities are phenomenal in Kirks court cases. He is in court tomorrow and who knows what will go on…his 2 calls from today the Thursday 29 Feb. from Cardiff prison:

Here is the recent transcript 

{from Kirks site}  where Maurice Kirk is denied his rights to cross-examine witnesses who are offering evidence against him – he is refused by some flimsy excuse by this judge, completely contravening Article 6 of his Human Rights .  >>> Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights {E.C.H.R.}, specifically states: 


 Section B: The right to a fair trial –
part 1. Guarantees inherent in the notion of fair trial –
item 1. The adversarial nature of the procedure and the equality of arms.


Feldbrugge v. the Netherlands (29 May 1986, para.44) – violation of Article 6 (1); the applicant had not been given the opportunity to comment upon the report of a medical expert.


Bönisch v. Austria (6 May 1985, paras 33-35) – the parties must have the same possibility to call experts; when an ‘expert’ is dependant by the prosecution, he had to be considered as a witness for the prosecution rather than as an expert and the accused has to have the same opportunity to use such an expert otherwise the principle of equality of arms will be violated.” >>>

Below some explanatory papers sent by Kirk outlining some of his rights disallowed:


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