source: 27 03 12 – see Maurices other site “Kirk v S Wales police”…

“It happened in Bristol: Maurice, for once, felt listened to as a Litigant in Person

Nobody hardly ever knows when and where Maurice is taken to court, not even he himself.

But yesterday he was in a Bristol court and Justice Morgan listened to his ordeal. The result: his medical examination is being adjourned. If and when this brain scan will take place, that doctor in that clinic will have a hard time justifying his report and having held Maurice incarcerated in his clinic. But we begin to know that ‘expert witnesses‘ are writing what their paymasters expect from them, don’t we, at least for the purpose of child snatching

Until then, the legal profession is trying their hardest to make Maurice bankrupt, while prison staff make it impossible for him to conduct his legal proceedings: no way to send money to lodge Judicial Reviews, no photocopying. Carbon paper that has been sent, has never reached him. 

An earlier letter from Maurice – this time from November 2011, when on hunger strike in Cardiff prison on remand for trying to help a certain family who shall not be spoken of here.  {pic, amongst others, from online pics of “Cardiff prison” at

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