M Kirk’s calls from Cardiff prison, and below that the extremely dubious and irregularly obtained M.A.P.P.A. report concerning Maurice Kirk, with its serious ramifications for M Kirk.

M Kirk call Sun 15 April =


M Kirk call Sat 14 April x2 = http://www.onetruemedia.com/shared?p=10b54bfc35d8b323f36d9cf&skin_id=1703&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url

Images are below of the “report”  the “Dr. TEGWYN WILLIAMS” made regarding Maurice Kirk, which lacks any semblance of truth which I contend anybody who knows M Kirk will testify to. It seems to be designed to do maximum damage to MK, namely to get him locked away forever, so as to silence him once and for all regarding certain matters – those matters being how he has been treated by certain callous people who have unfortunately been given positions of “power” in our authorities, especially in South Wales. There are too many comments to remark upon, but taking one such comment with a particularly misleading and fictitious edge is: “The preliminary conclusions of these investigations  {by this “doctor”s own team and clinic, it must be pointed out…b.}    highlighted M K’s self reported increasing difficulties with focussing his attention, less able to plan and organise daily activities and some question of personality change with the previous features of his personality becoming more marked.”     This is nonsense.  I myself have known M Kirk for a while, and stayed in the same abode with him for a period of time on different occasions, been driven in vehicles by him, and generally spent enough time with him to state categorically and emphatically that this statement couldnt be further from the truth. To suggest he is not in full possession of his senses is ridiculous. Far from it – im sure anybody who has spent time with him since that report was made will testify also that MK’s mental health is quite ok and he is able to function the same as most people of sound mind. Ive spoken with him on the phone almost daily recently for weeks since his unjust and wrongul imprisonment on the most questionable and dubiuous of charges and those numerous calls are scattered throughout this site and on this page and Im sure anyone listening to them will agree that he really is in full possession of his faculties and fully understands all that is going on around him at any time. This report is made –  in many peoples opinions too I would contend and not just only mine –  that whats really going on here is to specifically  get Maurice Kirk locked away forever under the guise that he mentally ill and a danger to everyone . Considering all thats been hurled at M Kirk, especially recently, I would say hes handled everything in a most professional, dignified and thoughtful manner, considering the appalling outrageous irregularities hes made to suffer. Indeed, animals are hardly treated as badly as Maurice Kirk has been during the past couple of years – but does he cower and kow tow to the unspeakble peoples actions?


He suffers their chronic targetting and abuse with dignity and grace and takes it all in his stride, and I for one give him a high degree of respect and credit for keeping his professional atttude and calm despite these characters unspeakable acts, who use and misuse our laws for their own ends. What these characters dislike immensely is that MK is very knowledgable about British law, and more often than not beats these characters hands down at their own game – hands down – and many of them cant – and refuse to accept this in any shape or form. Bravo to him and his kind and long may they reign, and shame on those who revert to the unspeakable actions which are only too obvious so far – especially the disregard not only British and International law but also the disgraceful disregard of common human values too.

These characters who are mistreating a fellow human being so appallingly and outside of any social or moral code beats me – they are the ones who should be locked away from everyone as their actions show – not MK who is actually guilty of no crime at all, other than standing up to the wrongdoing by those very same people in authority who abuse his rights. Being punished for standing up for what is right, and kept like an animal in a cage with hardly any hope of being released is truly unspeakable and the sooner the world wakes up to what is going on in  South Wales and the crown and magistratws courts there the better everyone – and South Wales – will be. The irregularities that have happened to M Kirk, and those he is supporting, for example the Musa family, are far far too many to list here.

At the moment it seems to be one law for one and another  for another where the authorities and M Kirk are concerned, and the outrageous and often illegal actions happening to Mr. Kirk should also be investigated by unbiased and honest parties. Animals are treated better than how this man has been treated and it is a disgrace. For example, M Kirk has suffered violent physical attacks on his person at least twice whilst on remand in Cardiff and after one such instance he needed hospital treatment. Another example of a typical irregularity is that of the M.A,P.P.A. {Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement} report {5 pages leaked here: https://butlincat.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/the-4-leaked-m-a-p-p-a-pages-concerning-m-kirk/ } . A report was made and passed by a team which had important members of the report-making panel missing from the meeting . To make a M.A.P.P.A. report with such figures missing is ludicrous, yet this report {sections from it are leaked in this blog below} was made and adhered to – all of which indeed went ery much against M Kirk in many ways To hold a M.A.P.P.A. meeting as such, with such important panel members missing, and with such a serious outcome – that being M Kirk was registered as being within the top 5% of dangerous citizens, with all that brings, is surely a very serious breaching of the rules and guidelines that the authorities themselves made!

The “Interim Psychiatric Report on M. J. Kirk” , written by Dr. Tegwyn Williams::

File 1: File Name: 1038 jpg Description: 1/11  Download Link: <a href=”http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/64y0mo”>http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/64y0mo</a>

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File 3:  File Name: 3040.jpg  Description: 3/11  File Size: 789.4 KB  Download Link:                            <a href=”http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/zcmnf9″>http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/zcmnf9</a>

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File 5:  File Name: 5042.jpg  Description: 5/11  File Size: 1 MB  Download Link:                       <a href=”http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/5sfat7″>http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/5sfat7</a>

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