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19 July 2012


My wife, Lydia (of 20 years) and I were asked by an NGO, IHRAAM, to be jurors for a Tribunal in 1998 in Vancouver to hear Survivors’ testimonies regarding abuses committed by the Residential Boarding School system. We sent our findings to the NGO for the UN. This is when and where we met Kevin Annett.

To the extent to which we have been involved in assisting Survivor’s and their testimonies be heard by the International community, we had to cross paths with Annett over the years. We knew there was a lot wrong with him, his lack of ethics – and his behaviors, but what is going on now is beyond the pale. This guy is committing outright crimes against our People, (and now I know always has been), and we have to shut him down. Seriously.

Problem condensed:   -This is a case of obvious Criminal Conspiracy against our Peoples and our Nations, both in Canada and in the US.   -Annett has used, since before I met him, the classic standard methodologies of agent provocateur, Cointelpro, Socialist, Marxist, Jesuit, and other fronts for our Enemy, to Indigenous Peoples of The Northern Hemisphere.   -These include: whisper campaigning, classic intimidation, cyber-stalking, emotional blackmail, the consistent and chronic labeling of voices of objection and dissent to his person and his actions against us (such as but not limited to: ‘agent’, ‘paid informant’, ‘FBI agent or informant’, ‘RCMP informant’, ‘Cointelpro informant or agent’, ‘Black Ops’, ‘smear artist’, ‘mind-control slave’, ‘MK Ultra’, etc..), classic character assassination tactics including but not limited to: ‘delusional’, ‘deranged’, ‘mentally ill or incapacitated’, ‘agitated’, ‘mentally unstable’, ‘pathological liar’ etc etc etc. and other political psychiatry, and lastly outright hate crimes, especially as defined by law in Canada – to individuals within the First Nations Peoples and Nations down here, as well as conquer and divide tactics to whole Nations on both sides of the Border. (He seems especially interested in Pine Ridge, AIM, Oliver, Anna Mae, etc…and quotes me prolifically with- of course- words I have never spoken).

He has lied since the beginning of his career as our academic savior starting in or around 1994 – that he has permission from Nations that do and do not exist, and the names that go along with that classic that were never given, etc…such as STRONG EAGLE VOICE. He claims he has Ambassadorship from all kinds of bizarre places using our names.

He has started his own groups in our names such as The Friends and Relatives of The Disappeared (FRD), The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (, filed bogus law suits in bogus courts, or non-existent suits in credible courts including Federal Court of Canada under our names, yet with himself somehow as plaintiff. He uses imaginary press to interview himself, and imaginary elegant staff names to talk to each other, and to him on his websites – now a total of three. Also he claims the be the –drum roll- ‘FIGUREHEAD OF A GROWING INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT’ in our name blah blah blah etc. He has multiple Facebook sites for fan pages, MySpace pages, has ‘published three books’, one real one that has been reported by my wife and me and others to Amazon (the ‘manuscript sells for $113.00) as complete fraud and trashy airport read, a film that largely features yours dearly – him – ‘Unrepentant, Canada’s Genocide’, etc etc

He profits illegally and handsomely on his unreported paypal income and private donations, and uses his alcoholic, nasty, rude, bipolar father’s trashy trailer park in Florida to collect all funds through his personal account. (Of course IRS and tax evasion fraud here and in Canada). Of course these illegal solicitations are International – in our name- and he has traveled the world lecturing and book and film touring on our behalf, without our knowledge or permission.

His last stop has been our unfortunate Brothers and Sisters of the Mohawk Nation, where he claimed he had UNEARTHED A MASS GRAVE OF CHILDREN AND FOUND HUMAN BONES – DECLARED SO BY HIMSELF- ALL THE WHILE WAVING SAID BONES AROUND INFRONT OF VIDEOS WITH HIS BARE HANDS…they are believed to be pig bones he planted in the ’grave site’.

Currently, he has just named a well-known crackpot New Age and Disclosure Guru, Alfred Webre to be ‘JUDGE’ for our great Tribunal that was due to occur in London September 2011, but the ‘Tribunal’ never happens, and the paypal account never rests.

(Oh and he was caught on camera raping a First Nations prostitute – AND SMOKING CRACK WITH HER at a tiny co-op radio studio in Vancouver and was thrown out- WHEREBY HE SOUGHT INTERNATIONAL ASYLUM AS A POLITICAL REFUGEE with global posting and all due hysteria THAT IT WAS HIS DOUBLE PLANTED BY THE RCMP).

There is a legitimate Harper Police Force investigation ongoing for, we believe, HATE CRIMES, by Officer Brian Ritchie.

In solidarity with all my Brothers and Sisters of Canada and the US,   Royce White Calf

Links :   (please note first comment by COLIN on above post)   [11:45:20 AM] Greg Renouf:   (GEORGE GALLOWAY)????????   (with some help just DELETED !!)   My name is Lydia White Calf, and I am here to speak on behalf of my husband as well, Royce White Calf. Please note the following google link under my name for google books result :   There are so many non-truths and categorical lies in the body of this ‘book’, it is impossible to outline in any fashion to, or the International community their entirety. I and my husband are willing to swear to that effect in a court of law, or in any capacity.   Directly concerning us however, on page 59 -60 of this book, Kevin Annett falsely and fraudulently recreates an examination I did not execute to a witness I did not question. I have never spoken to a Helen Morgan, nor do I know who she is. I was a juror for the Tribunal that this book supposedly recounts, along with my husband in Vancouver, British Columbia 1998, as we are associates for IHRAAM. Further, my husband did not perform any questioning, or ever speak publicly, and he is given a chapter as well…page 40-41, questioning a man he has never heard of.   Further, my husband and I question the veracity of any dialogue concerning Rudy and Dianna James within this book. We were there, and they have both been part of our family since 1996 (Dianna is deceased, resulting in the exploitation and misuse of her voice and character far more egregious). As well, from historic memory, the interactions with Mr. Annett and Ed John recounted on page 130 are so dramatically altered they do not remotely resemble reality. The statements concerning James Craven and The American Indian Movement is another outright lie, and we will provide proof from The American Indian Leadership if necessary. As well, we are in the process of contacting the publisher of this fraudulent manuscript in the UK to alert her. I give my testimony, along with my husband, that if the transcripts of said Tribunal are retrieved, the aforementioned will be proven the truth.

Email from Belinda McKenzie, financier and leading activist in London who threw him out of the UK (enjoy the lies on the internet about his deportation):   —–Original Message—–  From: Belinda McKenzie <>  To: ‘White Calf Paradigms’ <>  Sent: Mon, Apr 25, 2011 12:04 pm  Subject: RE: One more thing I think you should know…   Lydia, I am struggling with all this information because I have no means of verifying any of it however. Kevin has been sending me personal testimonies confirming his good standing with the native Indian community. One such comes from Kevin claiming he is Ambassador of the Lakota. I now have likewise positive testimonies from members of the Mowhawk, Metis, Cherokee/Shawney nations too, with more to come from Squamish and Ojiba people.   Thank you for supplying contact details for Gerald Standing White Horse and Ken Bear Chief. I have just emailed Ken and depending what he comes back with am thinking to phone Gerald.   I don’t like any of this one bit either…   Belinda

OH yes, and he had himself thrown out of Italy for abusive treatment to Survivors who were there to testify:   Chi   Ken Bear Chief   No, I have not followed anything about Kevin Annett at all. I did a radio interview,and he was one of the guests, but I was asked to participate due to my work for Native Americans who suffered abuse at the Residential Schools in the U.S., he asked me to get back on board with him, but after I considered what I know he has done that is just plain ‘wrong’ and how he treated Clara Vargas in Italy…and those things I learned about from others that he has done and said, I decided it is better to stay out of his circle.

Sep 28/98: Public notice from Circle of Justice

I was contacted by the Cicle of Justice on September 24th and told that Mr. Kevin Annett had been dismissed from the COJ on September 23rd. This was followed by faxes sent to me asking that I put this out on the Internet as none has access to the Internet and because the Circle of

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