Persevere in Prayer day and night

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Friday, 27th July 2012. 9.57am

Abba Father, I thank You for this second day of fasting and prayer for the Musa family. Thank You for bringing me thus far in Your plan for them, for surely those of us who stand with our brethren in prison will be blessed by Your own sweet hand of love.

Holy Spirit, my Teacher, guide my thoughts and my finger tips as a I write this update, and may what I share with Your beloved ones speak deep into every heart. Amen.

This morning, as I was stirring from my sleep, I thought of our second day of fasting and prayer for the Musas, and the Lord knows I was listening for Him. My spirit was saying: ‘Speak my Beloved…speak!’

He spoke. He said: ‘Though none go with you, still I will follow!’

I wondered why He said these words to me. I recognised them with no hesitation. They were the words of a song which I chose at my water baptism in March 1986. The words of the song came back to me and my spirit was singing the words: ‘Though none go with me, still I will follow…’

The Pastor who baptised me, Pastor Harold Stevens, had said: ‘Choose two songs which we can sing at your baptism.’ The songs came to my mind immediately. The first one was: I have decided to follow Jesus and the second was: I love you Lord. There was a guitar player on the beach, and we sang both songs when I had come out of the ocean that beautiful early evening TEARS. It was a most blessed time. None came with me. Not one person attended my water baptism with me, except my toddler daughter and son.

I had come to Jesus through a Mission who had visited our town on the 17th February 1985, and I gave my life to Jesus that Sunday evening at St Ives Guildhall. As each day went by following my commitment, I read about water baptism in the bible, and I knew I wanted to be baptised like Jesus disciples. I purchased a book on baptism and I answered each question very carefully in the back of the book. The question and answer section was there so you could clearly understand what the meaning of water baptism was.

I then phoned Pastor Harold Stevens, a Methodist minister and asked to meet with him. He took my little booklet and said he would read all my answers and get back to me. He did, and the good news was, he said he believed I understood the full meaning of water baptism, and yes he would baptise me.

He was baptising some of his church members, and he would include me. My Nan told me Pastor Harold Stevens was a distant relative of ours, and that was nice, hearing that. Pastor Harold Stevens knew I had been brought to Jesus through a visiting Mission and I had no Church to look after me, but this did not deter him from going ahead with my baptism.

No one came with me to my baptism service. Everyone had relatives and friends, and I had no one. The other Christians had flasks of drinks, relatives holding their towels ready to capture them in their arms as they came out of the ocean. I had no human to capture me in their arms. I had the smiling faces of my two toddler children, and I am not sure how much they would have understood what Mummy was doing that day. But Beloved, you know, I know now, there was Some One there to meet me that day, and I was not alone.

Paul told Timothy he had no one to go to the court with him when he was falsely accused. That night the Lord said: ‘Paul, you will not be at that court alone tomorrow, I will be with you, and I will put My words in your mouth when you speak to the Judge.’

Brethren, this is what I pray for Gloria and Chiwar Musa. My prayer is: Lord Jesus, stand beside Gloria and Chiwar and put Your words in their mouth when they speak to the Judge. Recently, a friend of Gloria and Chiwar sent me a copy of a letter Gloria has written to the Judges. She entitles it: To Just Judges. I think I only have two pages of the original letter.

Letter from Bishop Gloria Musa addressed to Just Judges

Letter from Bishop Gloria Musa addressed to Just Judges (second page)

Day one, Fast & Prayer for the Musa Family update 3

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Thursday, 26th July, 2.45pm

Loving Heavenly Father

Thank You for bringing us this far through this day of fasting and prayer for our brethren the Musas. I pray You will continue to guide us in all we think, say and do. Beloved ones, I am really looking forward to your updates when you’re ready. I know America will only now be stirring from her sleep J Wake up America and smile for this is a new day and the Lord is shining His light on His Beloved Bride.

Yesterday, I ordered Richard Wurmbrand’s book: Torchured for Christ. I read it back in the mid 80’s. The late Nikki Pearce had sent me a copy. I remember it had such an impact on me. I ordered it yesterday from Amazon and I was most surprised to see it arrive in the post today. I ordered a copy for Gloria Musa as well. I have a book of sermons by Martin Luther King for Chiwar Musa. I have a belated card for Gloria and a lovely writing book. Gloria is a writer.

I felt drawn to Gloria when I heard about her situation, and as I was looking at her photographs today, what struck me was, she reminds me of my lovely daughter Lise; that beautiful olive skin, black eyes and lovely long ringlet hair. I remember when Lise was working as a waitress in the local Chinese restaurant years ago. She was serving a table of customers who were from Zambia. She said one of them said to her: ‘Are you Zambian?’

My daughter said she was surprised when she was asked this question. She replied: ‘My dad is Zambian.’ The woman said she could tell by looking at the shape of my daughter’s face she was Zambian. I think my daughter thought this was quite incredible and I think I do too. I mean, I would never have thought of describing my daughter as Zambian.

I am dark, but lovely, O you daughters of Jerusalem.     Song of Solomon 1:5

I have always described her as British, but if you think about it, she is British and she is Zambian – half and half! I have never wanted her to deny her father’s side of the family despite what happened. So, I am wondering how the Lord works in all of this things, how He uses different things to draw us into what He wants us to do. He draws our heart doesn’t He? Come, come My Beloved, come away with Me, come into the Cleft of the Rock with Me and let Me hear your voice. Let me see your face, for your face, for your face is beautiful and your voice is sweet. I want to add the word, so sweet.

When I looked at this photograph of Gloria, I thought how beautiful she looks and what a sweet spirit shines out of her. That’s why it hurt me to read all the wicked things that have been written about her; people saying she is an unfit mother and so much more. Our Lord knows doesn’t He, and so we just lift this godly mother up to Him now and pray for her. Lord, take her in Your arms now and comfort her. Heal her broken heart and tell her everything is going to be fine. You will restore all that the enemy has taken from her. You will restore her family and they will once again be happy.

Day one, Fast & Prayer for the Musa Family update

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Thursday, 26th July 2012, 12.30pm

Beloved Father in Heaven

I pray You will guide me as I write this second instalment on behalf our beloved Musa brethren. Holy Spirit our Blessed Teacher, enlighten our hearts, flow through me as I think and write. I love my brothers and sisters and I want to share as You would have me share.

When my friend first told me about the plight of the Musa family, I was burdened to pray and read as much as I could on-line. I confess after a period of time I felt weary and overburdened, and I thought there seemed to be many people involved, so I thought it would be OK if I took a backseat so to speak. I did not pray about my decision, I just did what I thought was right. What seems right isn’t always right, and I know that now. It’s no good me looking back thinking I shouldn’t have allowed tiredness and heaviness to get the better of me.

It was Pastor Matt, a friend of the Musas who said we must Fast and Pray for the Musas. My spirit sat upright when he said this, and it was as if the Commander had spoken, and I stood to attention. It was interesting because when Pastor Matt said this, I had been reading Jesus words about Fasting, and He was explaining to His disciples why they had to Fast and Pray. Again, I confess and repent of laziness regarding Fasting. I had this belief in my mind – I could not Fast! The Devil is a liar, and he will speak lies to us and make us think we can’t do things which we can. I think I knew I could Fast if there were others Fasting and Praying at the same time. Pastor Matt arranged for his whole Church in Ghana to join us in June for the first three day Fast and Prayers for the Musas. The Fast began on Thursday the 28th June and continued for three days.

On the second day of the June Fast, I was in my kitchen tidying up. The dear precious Lord made His presence felt and I was blessed to hear Him speak. He said: ‘My daughter, I am pleased with you.’

I greeted the Lord, and smiled as He said this. Every daughter likes to hear her Father say I am pleased with you. He then said: ‘Ask of me anything and it will be granted unto you.’

I did not pause for one second, without one thought my spirit said loud and clear: ‘Heal my son.’

The Lord did not hesitate either and straight away He replied: ‘He is healed!’


Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

Can you imagine how this has affected me? TEARS.  Those of you who know me well, know how many years my dear beloved son has been ill. All the prayers we have all prayed for him over the years. How many years have we prayed brethren? He is 29-years-of-age, and he first displayed health problems when he was 13-years-of-age. The surgeon stood in front of my son and said: ‘I believe you are suffering from lymphoma.’  From the moment the surgeon said those words my son has been plagued with sickness. On Friday the 29th June that was reversed, hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

What was my son’s reaction to this?  Well, she says smiling, just after the Lord declared my son was healed, my son walked into the room. I was smiling like a Cheshire cat. He said: ‘Why are you smiling?’

I looked at him, still smiling and said: ‘Because you are healed.’

My son looked at me with that look which all us born again Christians have seen in our family’s face before, and it was as if I could read his thoughts, and he was thinking: ‘Oh, this is a God thing!’

He hadn’t spoken yet, but he was thinking about what to say as if confused momentarily, and I was still looking at him and smiling. He then said: ‘I’m not healed!’ and it was so funny when he said it, I started smiling even more, and I said: ‘You are healed!’ And he said: ‘I’m not!’

It was so funny…and the way he was saying it was in such an unconvincing way, as if he was wondering if he was healed or not, but just not wanting to admit it.  It’s like people say, the proof is in the pudding, and there has been so much evidence to suggest my son really is healed.

For example, the next day, my son walked into the room and he said: ‘I feel so happy mum!’  I smiled again, and I just inwardly said: ‘Thank You Lord!’

Each day since Friday the 30th June my son has been like a bud that has been tightly closed for so long, and his little petals have started to open up. He’s not in full bloom yet, but that little bud is definitely opening up and it is beautiful to behold. So more on that miracle again, and that was all down to the Fast and Prayers for the Musas.

Imagine how excited I was about this second Fast and Prayer in July. It was as if I was willing it to come quickly so I could see what the next miracle might be. Today is the first day, so may be tomorrow the Lord will tell me again He is pleased with me, I don’t know, but we will see. My faith has definitely shot up the Richter scale. Oh, just to say, my son is looking for a job now. He is now well enough to work, hallelujah! Praise the Lord. You lead Lord, You open the door of opportunity for him, and You provide a job of Your choice for this dear young man. Amen. So now I am no longer a carer for my son who is sick, I too am available for paid employment. I have written to my Working Links consultant to ask him if he will provide the funding for me to do this short distance learning course. The certificate will enable me to earn £24 an hour working from home. I am not sure if this is something the Lord is guiding me into or whether it’s something I just thought of; we will see, amen? Thy will be done dear Lord.

Day one, Fast & Prayer for the Musa Family

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Thursday, 26th July, 10am

Bishop Gloria Musa and Apostle Chiwar Musa with five of their seven children

Dear Father in Heaven

I commit this time of Fasting & Prayer for the Musa Family to You, and I pray You will guide my thoughts, words and actions. May I do all in Your Name and for Your glorification. Amen.

I am just going to depend upon our Blessed Teacher to guide me in what I write now. He is the One who knows all things and without Him we could do nothing – amen? He knows the desires of our heart; He knows the reason why we have gathered together like this for our beloved brethren the Musa family.

I thought perhaps I should give you a little synopsis of how I got involved. A friend of mine told me what had happened to the Musas when Haringey Council took their five children into foster care on the 8th April 2010. This friend had suffered the same kind of torment in her own life, when he son and daughter were taken from her in 2004. So she identified with the Musa parents. I remember feeling horrified as my friend told me this; just the thought of five children being taken away like this. She told me a dear man called Maurice Kirk was trying his best to help the Musas, but there were lots of complications. My friend said this family were from Nigeria.

I remember receiving the email alerts from my friend, which she received from Maurice Kirk in Wales. My friend and I began to pray for the Musas. There were photographs of the parents and the five children. I was struck how the children resembled my own children when they were the same age as the Musa children. I have this one photograph of my son that was taken at school, and he has the biggest smile imaginable on his face, and he just looks so cute, like a little angel. The Musa children look that cute, and their smiles are just infectious.

The children are now aged eleven, ten, nine, seven and five. Queen Elizabeth was born on the 11th June 2010, two months after who siblings were taken, and a little boy Nasera was born on the 9th March 2012; he is just four months old.

I know by now you are all feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit as I am – TEARS. How can we not weep when we see what is happening to our beloved brethren?

Who will hear?

Those were the words that resounded in my spirit a few months ago, when I heard again the Musas needed help.

The Lord Is My Husband

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A Prayer from our Lord’s Beloved one. I read this beautiful prayer today from a sister:

Pray always

This sometimes is a life of struggle and many disappointments!  During my search in life, every time I put my Faith on any one here on earth, then I really set myself us for Disappointments and Delusion!  Now My Friends and One Whom know my Heart that I have to always put The Master that made My Heart.  First, Oh Yahweh, My Elohim I need you more intimately every new day that passes!

This is such a difficult time for me since the disillusionment and the divorce from My Mate and My Love!  My life has been short on this Earth; however, it has been such a long and lonely life!  OH My Yahweh, Please, Free Me From This Lonely Road That I Walk Here on Earth!  Please Yahweh do not allow my life to be victimized again?

If I have done any thing to bring this onto Myself, Please, Please, Forgive Me Messiah, My Love?

Again, I start walking In Faith, Believing that when Yeshua came to earth, Y’AH came with such great Love, that First He Thought of me!  He sacrificed his Life, so that I might have  Life and An Abundant Life!  When Yeshua Ha’Mashiah, prepared me for my Mission,  He also implemented the way out of any given situation?

Come, Come,  Yeshua and Show Me Where My Next Footstep should & Will Be,  My El Shaddai  ”G-D Almighty”,  Hebrew (עִבְרִית, Ivrit,). With out You My Father, I Have No Clear Intention or Direction! My only Purpose Yeshua Ha’Mashiah, Is To Praise You Continually!  See Me Your Little Speck of Dust or Dirt and Please My Yahweh, Show Me Where You Would Have Me To Go? My Days Will Be Spent Studying You, The Torah of Life & Practicing Who You Want Me To Be and I Know,  ‘How I Will Be So Amazed In Your Presence!’   Saleem (Peaceful)


butlincat says:

Lord  Jesus Christ – we ask for your help toward this family – for the mother, the father Chiwar, and the children – all so cruelly taken without reason over 2 years ago – never to see their mum and dad again. May the family receive your gracious and divine assistance, Lord,  and the perpetrators of this evil receive your retribution, along with the snakes who assist them  in their atrocities – in your name Lord, forever – Amen.



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