Scottish Government Cover Up of Hollie Greig Part 1 – How it all came to light

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SalmondUK, March 13, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) – I have decide to reveal the Hollie Greig’s story in

fine detail so that you the public can read for yourself exactly how this sordid story came about

and how the Scottish Government suppressed this terrible crime. It covers not only Hollie but also

includes other children that fell victim to this ring of pedophiles.

This series will not hold back any information and will include names of the offenders and their

victims. It will also include articles that were bouncing around at the time. In writing this series it is

also an open invitation for anyone to write to the Palestine Telegraph who feel they have

information relating to this or any other case involving children in Scotland who may have

succumbed to the same group of the so called Scottish Justice System.

I thought it would be best to actually let you read the story overview that was put together by the

Investigator of this case – Robert Green who has since become a victim of the Scottish

Government without just cause.

Robert’s article was titled: The Shocking Story of Hollie Greig and is shown in its entirety as per

below. I will also include relevant documentation that is part and parcel of this obscene cover up

by the Scottish Government and its Legal System.

The ultimate blame must rest on the shoulders of the First Minister for Scotland – Alex Salmond

who is very much aware of this appalling story but still sits on his hands and does nothing. We at

the Palestine Telegraph will continue to support Hollie and her mum Anne with continues hardhitting

articles until Alex Salmond or Gordon Brown bow down to the pressure.

The “Hollie Army” continue to grow and we can say with great confidence that we will not need

the assistance of NATO to win this battle…we are strong and will not give up until Hollie and the

other children involved have their day in court.

Hollies Story by Robert Green to the BBC “The Shocking Story of Hollie Greig”


In June 2000, Mrs. Anne Mackie, as she then was at the time, following a violent outburst by her

husband Denis Charles Mackie, was told by her daughter Hollie, who has Down’s Syndrome, that

she had been raped and sexually abused by her father and brother Greg. The abuses by her

father had been going on for fourteen years. Since Hollie was just six.

Anne went with Hollie to Bucksburn Police Station, Aberdeen, to report the crimes, moving out of

the family home, of course.

Late that summer, in August, Hollie revealed that her attackers extended far beyond her father

and brother. Denis Charles Mackie had shared his young daughter with members of a pedophile

ring operating in Aberdeen, including a Sheriff Graeme Buchanan, a police officer, Terry Major

and Hollie’s own carer, Helen Macdonald.

After contacting the police again, Anne and Hollie were asked to attend at Bucksburn on 25th

August 2000, to make their allegations.

Whilst Anne was being interviewed, Officer Leanne Davidson, who in turn, left Hollie alone with a

social worker, Nicola Foot, questioned Hollie. Foot immediately called Hollie a liar and assaulted

her by injecting a needle into Hollie’s leg, which must have contained a drug to temporarily

disorientate Hollie.

Anne, of course, knew nothing of this until she was driving Hollie home, when she became aware

of Hollie’s unusual behavior, which she could not explain fully to her mother due to the effect of

the drug. Anne returned immediately to the police station, demanding that a doctor examine

Hollie without delay. Davidson played for time by saying that a doctor was being sought, but after

two hours claimed that no doctor could be found.

Even worse was to follow just a few days later.

On the 5th September, a medical team unexpectedly arrived at Anne’s home, on the instructions

of Dr. Alistair Palin, to literally drag Anne from her home. She naturally resisted, but her clothes

were pulled down and she too was forcibly injected by one of the team.

AngioliniShe was taken by force to a mental institution run by Palin, where he described her as

“schizophrenic.” The object was to return Hollie into the hands of her abuser father.

Anne managed to get out of the institution after a few days and had the foresight to demand a full

examination by a mental health expert. Dr Helen Smith, who pronounced that Anne was in

perfectly good mental health. A result, even Palin had to concede in writing there was nothing

whatsoever wrong with Anne.

The police investigation meanwhile, despite medical and other expert witness support fully

vindicating Hollie’s story, was eventually dropped on the orders of one of Sheriff Buchanan’s

associates, Elish Angionlini, the Aberdeen’s Procurator Fiscal, now Lord Provost.

Anne and Hollie have carried on their battle for justice ever since the, although no independent

Scottish solicitor could be found to even take up their case.

Nonetheless, after a few years, with the assistance of Nicola Smith, Hollie was awarded £13,500

by the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, despite the fact that officially, no crime had even

been committed.

None of the experts spoken to have ever heard of such a thing before, the only possible motive

being that the award was made in the hope of buying Anne and Hollie off.

This point was picked up by the News of the World in April this year when the story was finally

broken, albeit in a very abridged form. A version of this was also published by the Shropshire

Star, the local paper now for Anne and Hollie, as they had to flee Scotland due to the danger

posed to them.

The BBC’s investigative report, Mark Daly, then approached us. After requesting that we deal

exclusively with the BBC, he assured us, after numerous discussions and examination of

documentary evidence, that two programmes had been commissioned, one to be broadcast on

Scotland’s BBC TV and the other on BBC Radio Scotland, handled by his colleague, Kathy Long.

With Her and Panorama’s team MacDougall, they came to interview Anne and Hollie on 4th June

this year at their Shropshire home. They also informed us that their investigations had led to them

to other serious cases systematic sexual abuse of minors and adults with learning difficulties in


Buchanan2On 10th June, Mark Daly phoned to tell us that not only had the team been prevented

by a senior BBC figure from making any further investigations into pedophile rings, but also that

the team would be sacked if they continued to persist.

Despite all attempts, Daly and the others refused to divulge who it was who blocked them and

efforts to elicit this information from the Director-General and the head of the BBC Trust have

thus far failed to find a response.

However, Grampian police, under persistent pressure, agreed to conduct another investigation

into Hollie’s case, led by Tanya Leiper. No urgency whatsoever was attached to this, however

and it was only when a shot was fired at the window of Anne and Hollie’s home this August that

any firm action was taken, after I had written to both the Grampian Police and Alex Salmond, who

had previously been informed about the case, that I would hold the individuals concerned

personally responsible if any hard should befall Anne and/or Hollie.

Tanya Leiper and Lisa Evans came down to Shrewsbury on 8th September to interview both

Anne and Hollie. I was able to listen to the interview conducted with Hollie by Lisa Evans from the

next- door room of the house.

It lasted around three and a half hours in which Hollie explained and relived her multiple rape

ordeals in precise and intimate detail. It was horrifying, but Hollie was magnificently heroic and

remained strong and throughout, answering the questions with tremendous composure, squaring

exactly with everything I had understood as a result of my own observations. Let it not be

forgotten that she had already endured such an interview on August 25th 2000.

I have previously written to Sheriff Buchanan with a list of his fellow rape gang visitors to the

house, along with Hollie’s name and a picture of her. He, denied, in writing, any knowledge of any

of them. Below is the list:

Aberdeen Pedophile Rape Ring


Denis Charles Mackie

Greg Mackie

Graeme Mackie

Gillian Mackie

Jack Buchanan

Evelyn Buchanan

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan

David Smith

Wyn Dragan

Terry Major (Police Officer, Grampian)

Sylvia Major

Helen MacDonald (Carer for Hollie Grieg)

Ian MacDonald

Carol Low

Known Victims

Hollie Greig

Richard Dragan

Katherine Major

Jennifer Major

Two children of Ian and Helen Macdonald

Two children of Graeme and Gillian Mackie

I know all these names as a result of my extensive investigations and I believe this to be true

Robert Green

I have recently listened to the most harrowing interview I have ever experienced, where Hollie

Greig spent three and a half hours reliving her multiple rape and sexual ordeals at the hands of

Sheriff Buchanan and his gang, mainly conducted in the home of his sister Evelyn.

Surely there are highly placed individuals within the BBC with sufficient integrity and courage to

help to expose these appalling crimes and protect some of our country’s most vulnerable young


I expect an answer from you personally, not someone delegated to do so.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Green


Cc Sir Michael Lyons

Kenny_122I found the following statement on the city visitor web page concerning Bucksburn

Police: “If you find yourself in trouble or wish to report something suspicious you’ll need to call the

police in Bucksburn. Police here deal with an array of incidents from domestic violence to stolen

goods and vehicles and it’s always nice to know that there are helpful and sympathetic people to

call upon during your time of need.

I wonder what went wrong during Hollies years of need!!!

The Hollie story has so far been aired on US Radio Stations, UK and European Radio Stations.

Articles have been printed in the US, Middle East and soon in New Delhi. Public demonstrations

are starting to get underway in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Many web pages now contain

every aspect of Hollie’s story and every article written by myself has been forwarded to the

following: Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Kenneth Clarke, William Hague, Nick Clegg, Danny

Alexander and Ester Rantzen.

Others notified by Robert Green are Alex Salmond – Scottish First Minister, All SNP Scottish

Cabinet members, All 43 Aberdeen City Councillors, Colin McKerracher, Chief Constable,

Grampian Police, Peter Watson, Levy & McCrae, solicitors, Dr Alistair Palin, Royal Cornhill

Hospital, Fiona Palin, Social Work Manager, Ann Begg, MP, George Galloway, MP, Angus

Robertson, MP, Ann McKetchin, MP, Jim Murphy, MP and again Nick Clegg, MP, David

Cameron, MP, Gordon Brown, PM.

It must be emphasized that all of the above are “Civil Servants” who are put into office to “Serve

the People” and “Listen to the People” and to date not one response…their arrogance will be their

failing…. now you know where not to vote at the next General Election!

Part 2 will start to work through the minefield of the Scottish (extremely evasive) legal system. It

will show a total lack of duty of care by the Grampian Police and Mental Health etc with

appropriate letters relating to Anne and Hollie’s case (or should I say no case!). When one adds

the historical lists of pedophiles to the existing FBI list we can see that this reaches all levels of

those who are supposed to care for us in Health and Mental Welfare, Schools and Education,

Police, Care Homes and Politically… No party is exempt. There is no limit as to how high this

goes in all of the above areas…including of course the upper crust of Freemasons.

We the public must remember to keep up all the media activities and the protests until these so

called “Gentlemen of Conscience” (who represent we the people) succumb to the pressure!

The public will be the jury in Hollie’s Case, which I will now place before you and you can reach

your own conclusions.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 13/3/2010

Scottish government cover-up of Hollie Greig, part 2: notification of crime & reaction

Monday, 15 March 2010 11:12 Added by PT Editor maysaa jarour

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Buchanan222UK, March 15, 2010 (Pal Telegraph; commentary by Peter Eyre) -In Part 1 of this

series we covered the general overview of the Hollie Greig story as told by Robert Green. We will

now continue by explaining the initial notification to the Grampian Police and to other authorities

and events that followed after this initial response.

It was back in 2000 that Hollie’s mum had been beaten by her husband and she decided to leave

him and went to a hostel with Hollie. It was whilst they were alone together in the hostel that

Hollie told her mum that they had to go and get the dogs. Anne said not to worry we will get the

dogs but Hollie insisted that they go otherwise he will kill her two pet dogs. Anne then started to

question Hollie on this issue and the story of abuse slowly came out. Apparently her father used

this tool as a leverage for him to carry out his activities…he had also told Hollie that he would also

kill her mum. Hollie by this time was 20 years old.

The next day Hollie’s Carer came around and so Anne decided to discuss this with her. Anne was

shocked with her response to the story…it later came out that the Carer was part of the ring of


Anne then decided to take Hollie to the Bucksburn Police station in Aberdeen to report the

incident. At this stage it was only concerning the abuse by her father. Hollie spent around three

days with the police who cross-examined her over her sexual abuse. Hollie had told the police

that her father had started doing this when they were on holiday in Brazil, which meant that this

was when she was only 6 years old. The police had not given any feedback to Anne during or

after the three-day’s questioning. Brian Adam MSP also wrote a letter to Elish Angiolini (the

Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen) as an introduction to Hollie’s case. This letter is shown at the end

of this article

Anne had been at the hostel from May – 10th of July 2000 and eventually was given

accommodation by Aberdeen Council and some weeks after this Anne received a call from the

Procurator Fiscal’s Office at 6-30pm on night to say that they were sorry, that it wasn’t because

they did not believe Hollie but the evidence provided was not substantial and the case would not

be going to court.

Grampian_PoliceAnne continues talking to Hollie over the summer break and it was then that the

involvement with others started to come out. Hollie had said that her brother was also involved. It

appeared that the father first sexually abused her brother and that he had then become a

pedophile and part of the ring. Apparently Anne’s son had been involved in some other incident in

Aberdeen but got away with it after a lawyer called Buchanan handled the case. This lawyer

himself was involved in the pedophile ring and later became the Sheriff of Aberdeen (the office he

still holds to this day).

Anne then decided to speak with the police officer involved in Hollie’s case and asked if there was

an expert that Hollie could be referred but the police notified Anne that there was no funding for

this. Anne became very upset about this and told the officer that if he didn’t have the funding then

she would do this herself. This cost Anne between 600-700 pounds to get hold of a doctor (DR.

Jack Boyle) in Glasgow where Hollie was interview. The doctor eventually wrote a full report and

told Anne that her daughter had described to him that Hollie had been subject to sexual activity


On the 25th of August 2000 Anne went back to the police station to tell them about these other

people in the hope that something would come out of this. Anne was now aware that many

people were involved covering the Sheriff of Aberdeen – Buchanan, police officer involved in

forensics, fireman, accountant, lawyer, oil engineer, women etc all amounting to around 14

people approximately. At times it would appear that Hollie was subjected to what can only be

described as “Gang Rape.”

Anne eventually managed to access Hollie’s Medical Reports and found out that back in 1990 a

Dr.Paul Carter who was connected to the Children Hospital in Aberdeen and Hollie’s school had

reported to her GP and Headmaster that Hollie had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Anne was never told about this despite the fact that Hollie was only 9 years old at the time. No

action was taken on this issue, which would indicate some sort of cover up. Two years later in

1992 her teacher reported to Dr. Carter that Hollie was showing signs of sexual abuse because

she was pelvically thrusting. This was also reported to her GP and Headmaster and again Anne

was never told. (The Palestine Telegraph holds Copy of this letter as proof).

The Police also accessed her medical notes and Anne spoke with an Inspector Dowell who was

asked if he had read Hollie’s medical notes…the Inspector stated that he had not read them

personally to which Anne said “I think you should” and went on to describe to him that at the age

of 9 Hollie Alex_122had a Sexually Transmitted Disease and in 1992 was showing signs of

sexual abuse and that nothing had been done about it. The fact that Hollie was in a Specialist

School one would have thought that any wrong doings would have involved notification of the

parents. It became very clear that one big cover up was going on here.

It later became known to Hollie’s mum that the Policeman and his wife who were all involved in

the Pedophile Ring knew the Headmaster. Hollie later told her mum that the headmaster had

sexually abused her also. One has to understand not only the size of the ring of Pedophiles but

also the level of sexual abuse that took place. Hollie was subject to being raped both back and

front. Hollie complained of pain in her bottom and a medical check was carried out which

revealed damage etc.

To recap on this story we have all of the above being reported to the Grampian Police…. the list

of offenders, list of other victims and the medical records and still the police did nothing. The

Procurator Fiscal Office had said they couldn’t do anything. Later that summer Anne and Hollie

went back to the police station and they were both separated from each other. Anne was

interviewed by Leanne Davidson and a Police Sergeant and she explained what Hollie had told

her and Davidson took her statement. After Anne had finished she joined up with Hollie who was

sitting with Nicola Foot (a Social Worker) and Hollie was crying. Mum told Hollie not to worry and

took her for her favourite meal at Mc Donalds but Hollie was too upset to eat it.

Anne took Hollie home and on the way Hollie told her mum that the Social Worker had stuck a

needle in her leg. Anne immediately went back to the police station and told them what had

happened. Leanne Davidson said she would try and get a police doctor. They both waited for two

and a half hours only to be told that they couldn’t find a police doctor so they would have to go


Anne managed to get an appointment with a new local GP who refused to do a blood test as in

her opinion it was not necessary. The doctor did suggest Hollie does a urine test and to go home

and post the sample in. Some days later it came back negative. Just before the 5th of September

2000 Anne got a phone call from the above GP who asked Anne to come up to the surgery. Anne

said what for and the GP said we are concerned about your finger (which had been previously

broken by her abusive husband when they split up).

Letter_to_Angiolini22Anne became extremely concerned as to why after such a long period of

time the doctor would want her to go up to the surgery…it was obvious that the GP had something

else in mind. The following Tuesday Anne was making up some curtains when Hollie asked her to

make her a sandwich. Anne opened a tin of ham and made a sandwich. She then decided to go

down to the bin room to throw it away as her own bin was full. She went to the bin room and one

the way to the front door she found police and other men and women standing there. Anne

walked past them to the bin room and on the way back was approached by the GP. The lady

doctor addressed her and Anne said, “What’s going on here” and the doctor asked her to come

inside. Anne again asked the doctor why was she here and the doctor replied “We are here to

section you” and replied “There is no way, these are just lies from my husband, something has to

be done about this as I am the innocent party”…at that stage four men came and bodily lifted me

up and taken into the entrance to the building where I was thrown onto the concrete floor, turned

onto my stomach, my trousers and pants were taken down, I was screaming blue murder at the

time and all my neighbours were out shouting leave her alone she has not done anything. I was

injected in my backside and knocked out. Hollie was watching all this and must have wondered

what the heck was going on.

Anne woke up in a mental hospital with two doctors talking blood out of my arm.

This became the start of another battle for Anne, as she was very concerned as to what had

happened to Hollie. Anne later found out that I was taken away in an ambulance and they went

into my home and took Hollie into care. Whilst in care they took her to see her father, despite the

fact that they knew that the father had abused her. It was Social Services who had done this and

one would ask why on earth they would do such a thing. Anne in the meantime got a lawyer and

also at this time she noticed a board with numbers on it so she phoned help line. The adviser said

to her that if she does not agree to what they are saying, they would slap another section on you.

She had already been sectioned for three days and if they had done another section it would

have been for possibly another six weeks and if you still do not agree they will slap another 6

months on you.

After Anne got out after the three days she accessed her medical notes, under the freedom of

information. Whilst she was in the hostel Anne was being watched with an intended plan to

section her…. which is what they did…all of this information was in the medical notes. The two

Doctor’s watching her was a Dr. Henderson and a Dr. Sweeney. Anne drove down to Fife to see

a lawyer and she put her in touch with a top psychiatrist and both Anne and Hollie went down to

Glasgow for that appointment. She spent the whole day with the Doctor and a report was written.

The psychiatrist told Anne she was a normal person and issues a report accordingly. Her lawyer

then complained to the authorities that Anne was perfectly ok. The Mental Health Commission

wrote back to the lawyer and said that Anne would have to make this complaint herself. Anne

then wrote a letter of complaint and she got her letter back stating they had received my letter of

complaint. Anne lawyer did get a letter back eventually which stated that they had no record of

Anne sectioning and no reference to Anne being seen by a Dr Palin or the legal people in

Aberdeen etc. One can sense here a total cover up by the Police, the Scottish Legal System and

the Mental Health.

It is at this stage that I will stop this story right there and return with Part 3, which will reveal the

next horrific chapter in Anne’s life concerning the death of her brother Robert under very

suspicious circumstances. I again repeat that each of these articles is copied to the Prime

Minister’s Office, To David Cameron and Nick Clegg with no response whatsoever. It should be

noted that on TV last night (The Politics Show) Gordon Brown again said we have to protect our

children…So Mr. Brown go and do it. It is left to we the public to continue applying the pressure in

order to bring justice for poor Hollie Greig and her mum.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/3/2010

Scottish government cover-up of Hollie Greig, part 3 – The death of Robert Greig

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Alex_Salmond_copyUK, March 16, 2010 (Pal Telegraph)-In my previous article I discussed the

initial notification to the Grampian Police and their response in regard to Hollies allegations.

Before moving on into the final part of this terrible story we must look at another family tragedy

when Anne lost her Brother Robert under very suspicious circumstances.

Anne was preparing for Hollies 18th Birthday and Robert came around for a visit. Anne eventually

had to nip out and told Robert. That was the last time that Anne saw her brother. On the 17th of

November 1997 long before any of this had erupted Robert was found dead in his burnt out car

on the outskirts of Aberdeen,

Anne received a knock at the door at around 2130 and found two policemen at her door. They

asked Anne if she was the sister to Robert to whom she replied yes and the policeman then

requested if they could step inside. They then reported to Anne that her Brother Robert had been

found in a burnt our car etc.

Anne eventually went to see the coroner regarding the death of her brother to be told that they

had found a length of pipe besides the car (which was not attached) and indications show that he

was two and a half times over the limit and that they suspected suicide. Anne obviously was

extremely upset and couldn’t imagine that Robert would do this. She later checked her brothers

bank transactions and noticed that he had only put 5 pounds worth of petrol in the car, which to

Anne was normal for the small amount of running around he did. She did however think that if he

had wanted to carry out this act he would have fuelled his car much more. She was not shown

the autopsy report and only received a death certificate; with the cause of death being smoke

inhalation and not carbon monoxide poisoning that one would associate with the pipe etc.

Kenny222One year on she received a call from the undertakers to say that Roberts’s funeral had

still not been paid for and that she would be put on their Black List. She was shocked to learn this

and immediately contacted Ian MacDougall as to why…. he said he would look into it.

What should be pointed out here was that the instructions in the will would reveal that the main

bulk of any monies would be paid to Anne and her Husband and any residue would go the

children. It transpired that the funeral was eventually paid out of the children’s money and there

were clear signs that some sort of fraud had taken place. Anne decided to investigate this and

started to take photocopies of all the dealings. It was at this stage that her husband beat her up

very badly and this caused Anne to leave home with Hollie and go to stay at a hostel

Z9Hollie had revealed to Anne after her brother’s death that Uncle Robert had walked in on them

one day and caught her father interfering with her. He had warned her father that he must never

lay a finger on Hollie ever again. Anne tried to ask Hollie when had this taken place and it would

appear it was after their return from Canada in September of 1997. Anne worked out that her

brother actually found out only weeks before his death, which caused Anne to investigate further.

It became obvious to Anne that Robert knew too much and may have died because of this. She

tried to obtain the Autopsy report but without success and it was only on New Years Eve 2009

that she managed to obtain the report. She didn’t want to read it as it was New Years Eve

celebrations but she decided to take a look. She was shocked to read that Robert had a fractured

skull, broken ribs and a broken Sternum, which is extremely strong and difficult to break. It

became apparent to Letter_to_Alex222Anne that her brother had been brutally attacked and then

dumped in the car before it was set alight. The autopsy revealed that he was still alive at that

stage and that burning plastic had dropped onto his legs etc. The report also found brown liquid in

his stomach, which apparently was Whiskey, which Robert hated.

We can see a major cover up on all fronts and no one can do anything about it because Scotland

is controlled by Alex Salmond and by two powerful legal supporters, namely, The Cabinet

Secretary for Justice – Kenny MacAskill and The Lord Advocate for Scotland – Elish Angiolini.

These three partners in crime are totally aware of the Hollie Case including the mystery behind

the death of Robert Greig and do absolutely nothing. It is clear that should Hollie’s case move

forward this could cause the current Scottish Government to collapse.

The manipulation by MacAskill, Angiolini and one of the offenders, Aberdeen Sheriff Buchanen is

obscene to say the least and all should be removed from office without delay pending a full

inquiry (don’t hold your breath). One should also add that Peter Watson, Levy & McCrae,

solicitors has also played a major role in gagging those that may want to talk about this case and

is a disgrace to his profession.This is a “Name and Shame” list of all those informed to date by

various people and still they all sit on their hands and do nothing. All of my articles are copied to

all the political leaders – Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The full list is:

Alex Salmond – Scottish First Minister

All SNP Scottish Cabinet members

All 43 Aberdeen City Councillors

Colin McKerracher, Chief Constable, Grampian Police

Peter Watson, Levy & McCrae, and solicitors

Dr Alastair Palin, Royal Cornhill Hospital

Fiona Palin, Social Work Manager

Ann Begg, MP

George Galloway, MP

Angus Robertson, MP

Ann McKetchin, MP

Jim Murphy, MP

Nick Clegg, MP

David Cameron, MP

Gordon Brown, PM

Mrs_CurrieThe letter to Mrs. Currie as described in the letter to Alex Salmond is shown to the


We will take a closer look at the response to these letters and other topics relating to Hollie’s fight

for justice.

In Part 4 we will look into this response and some other interesting aspects of the Dunblane

Massacre that took place some years ago.

One can draw one’s own conclusions as to who is or was abusing their power of authority and

who is still clearly in office manipulating the law for their own hidden agenda.

It is ironic that Scotland will host the ICC Conference on the 7-10 October 2010, which is

advertised as follows:

Scotland to host ICC Biennial

Scotland is to host a major international conference for National Human Rights Institutions. The

10th International Conference of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) will take place at the

Scottish Parliament from 7 – 10 October 2010.

Delegates from over 80 countries including national human rights institutions (NHRIs),

international and regional experts, United Nations officials, government representatives, civil

society and business organisations will discuss human rights issues on the theme of Business

and Human Rights, and the role national institutions can play in improving human rights in a

globalised world. It will be the first time an official United Nations-supported event has taken

place in Scotland.

I am sure you would all agree that if the Hollie Case does not come before the courts by the time

this event takes place…. we would all know where to hold a protest.

It would be impossible, given normal circumstances, for this case not to be before the courts

based on current available evidence. The big question now is can we all continue to maintain the

pressure in order to gain a result. The pressure must remain relentless and timely protests should

be maintained. There is extremely good international support now and I believe we are close to

having some sort of action in the pipeline that will force this out into the open.

Remain strong and with your determination we can turn this around…we owe this to Hollie and

her mum and not forgetting dear Uncle Robert who paid for his life as a result of knowing too


Bless you all and keep up the good fight.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/3/2010

Scottish government cover-up of Hollie Greig, part 3 – The death of Robert Greig

Tuesday, 16 March 2010



Autumn 2009 was the 1st time the HOLLIE GREIG case was ever mentioned online =




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