above: “The City People News” – African publication reporting the Musa case from a while ago.

“The Musa parents received 7 years imprisonment on the 14 Aug. 2012 at Wood Green Court, and are to be deported to Nigeria immediately on finishing their sentence. They have served already 259 days leading up to today in custody in  prison.   Although grief stricken on receiving this verdict they bore the outrage with dignity before being dragged away from the glass-lined witness box to be taken back to their respective prisons to begin their completely unjust sentences.

Chiwar called at 7.30 pm and seemed very reasonable in the circumstances.

A great travesty of justice was performed today.   An appeal will be lodged alongside the appeal for the conviction itself.   There needs to be a thorough honest investigation and enquiry into the entire Musa case of their 7 children being removed by the UK government, where so many irregularities exist, along with contraventions of court orders, and blatant breaches of every family members human rights time and time again.

Regarding unanswered irregularities, there is still unaccountable missing electronic data connected to the 2nd youngest baby Queen Elizabeth’s medical records on her entry into hospital on the morning of 28 June 2011 that needs to be addressed,

a handwritten “letter” allegedly written by the eldest Musa daughter Favour, now 12, has never been officially confirmed as being written by her by any trained official graphologist but should have been.

There is the unanswered allegation that Favouir Musa suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the teeenage member of the household she was placed with immediately on being removed from her family in April 2010. The police have refused to investigate  properly in any shape or form anything regarding this matter, even though I have officially notified the Chief Constable of Dorset 3 times about this matter, along with every MP time and time again along with other government departments.

These last 3 matters mentioned have not been addressed properly at all by the Musa’s legal representatives, who seem to have shirked completely any responsibilities they clearly have regarding the important subjects just mentioned.

Other subjects exist too that need to be addressed but havent been, such as the childrens contact visits with their parents not taking place {for over 18 months in the case of Favour}, the worthless travel warrants given to the Musa parents for the contact visits, which were continuously given even though the council were fully aware they were worthless and unusable, and the feasance and malfeasance etc of the childrens “guardian solicitor”, for whom the Solicitors Regulation Authority refused to investigate time after time when official complaints were issued to it regarding her irresponsible, unprofessional and often criminal behaviour along with the Legal Ombudsman who also ignored notifications of serious wrongdoing by this rogue solicitor, and also by the SRA who failed to do their jobs properly.

The prisons the Musas are resident at have consistently failed to provide the proper care and responsibility they were supposed to, particularly regarding the medical care Gloria is and was supposed to receive whilst resident with them – that medical care being almost nonexistent most of the time even though numerous government agencies have been notified time and time again about the situation.

Chiwar has never ever set eyes on his newborn son born on March 10, let alone ever hold him in his arms, and Gloria has only ever had a fleeting glimpse of her new son during birth and at no time since. They may never see any of their children ever again, as everything will be done to discourage any knowledge of anything to do with their children ever reaching these victimised and tortured parents once their lengthy prison sentences are completed and they are deported back to Africa.

It is truly an outrage what is and has happened and something needs to be done about it immediately lest anything like this ever happens to any innocent victims ever again.

A devoted supporter, Jackie H., writes =

“This –

is a heartrending account of a friend of the Musas. Read it and hear your heart friends. The truth will come out, we know this.

The Musas are strong and they are not counterfeit ministers parading around in sheep’s clothing. They are true born again believers who are spirit-filled and yes they believe in power evangelism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts. We know there are fraudsters and there is the counterfeit church. Throughout the bible Jesus warns us to beware of those who call Him Lord but He will say depart from Me I never knew you. The Musas will look to the Lord through this as they have Christians around the world fasting and praying for them three days every single month and praying daily for the truth to come to the fore. I have faith in the people of this nation, the general public, but sadly my faith in the government and the state church has diminished. Did you know the man presiding over the Musa criminal trial is an ordained Anglo Catholic minister and a deacon in the Ordinate? Gloria Musas is an Ordained Bishop in the African Evangelical Church and her husband is an Apostle.

What a conflict of interest? Also Judge Glen Brasse said: ‘She styles herself as a Bishop!’ Gloria Musa does not ‘style’ herself as a Bishop, she IS a Bishop. She is a Nigerian bishop. When she writes to me from Holloway prison, she signs the letter Bishop Gloria. So many good men and women have been imprisoned for righteousness sake. Dig deep into your hearts readers and ask the question: what is the truth in all of this? Jesus said: If you seek the truth with all your heart, soul and strength you will find it. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life! There is no other way. The Musas came here to evangelise the UK; they came as missionaries. Goggle Musas, Haringey and you will get mountains of information, their facebook pages, You Tube Channel, Judge’s Judgement’s, witness statements, videos of facts…’s all available on the world wide web. We don’t need to rely on the main stream media who don’t investigate and get to the heart of the matter. Check out UL Column Live folks for an alternative news coverage.

Our comments have been deleted which were added  as replies to most questionable and dubious articles put on certain high-flying media sites about the shocking case and its blatant victimisation and torture of a Nigerian God-fearing family. These articles supposedly summing up the case and its beleagured subjects the Musa parents are surprisingly ridiculous fantasy, and products of a lively imagination – definately not what one would expect from  well-known outlets such as these. Kow-towing to the outrageous government party line  regarding child seizures seems to be the order of the day, and these irresponsible articles should not be given any creedance whatsoever, and if we wanted fairy stories, Hans Christian Anderson does a far better job and we should surely go there !

Where is justice when we cannot have a voice?

Jackie H.


Investigative reporter Christopher Booker’s articles for the “Sunday Telegraph” on the shocking Musa case beginning in April 2010 =   ………………………………………………………………………………………………..

“Baby P council falsely accused me of abusing a child, reveals whistleblower who feared she’d lose her daughter”

By Eileen Fairweather – the appalling antics of a London borough council {16 Nov. 2008} =

The “Salem News” article 15 Aug. 2012 =

Video from Brian Gerrish + the UK Column – The MUSA CASE @ 22 mins in =

N.B.  JOHN GRAHAM {butlincat} states here and now categorically and emphatically that he is in no way aligned to one SABINE MCNEIL who he is firmly convinced is a government agent, and has been told as such my numerous contacts that her intentions are definately far from honourable, and is more into self-publicity and all that goes with that that anything else.

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