Dear all

Us the Baylis parents still don’t know what is happening in the Royal courts of justice in the United Kingdon. Due to the fact that any legal representative for us is gagged from giving us any orders or from talking to us about the case.

We are not allowed to file evidence against Nissen the Olivier’s, social services or the court, we are not allowed to know what they are doing with two children that they have abducted from Mexico.

So no contact for 10 months now, no medical care, no education no nothing for our children, the only contact is that with their abuser, what has came to light is that the RCJ has ordered Nissen was to have supervised contact only with the children.

Yet the Olivier’s has stated to 3rd parities and to the court and social services, that they had Mr Nissen sleep over  at their house, when they felt like a break. They had him take the children to his boat where 70% of the childrens abuse happened in the past.  They have stated that the children rejects this contact, but it is being forced onto them. The Olivier’s feel that it is better for the children to continue to believe that their parents had abondent them, and does not want contact. The Olivier’s and Nissen admitted in communications with the court and to other 3rd parties that they have not once passed on the letters we have written to our children as they don’t think it is nessesary to give the children hope, that they might be reunited with their parents.

The Uk is breaking all international laws regarding the boys, but they don’t care. These children were in protection but still got taken by the UK.

On the international criminal side, every one has been working with the case as an abduction – stranger abduction. After investigating all the evidence involve in the case,  that was submitted by the United Kingdom foreign and common wealth office, the Royal courts of justice and Mr Nissen, and the evidence that was requested from us the parents. It has now been declared a CHILD TRAFFFICKING CASE. It is a criminal case now investigating, the UK foreign affairs, the RCJ and MR NIssen for the illegal trafficking of two foreign minors.

This case has now gone from stranger abduction to major child trafficking. We would like to ask all involve, if they can please share the childrens missing poster. Please send it to all the press in the UK and the EU. Please send it to all schools, and please send it to the RCJ.

If any one wants the UK case number where Nissen and the UK courts has changed the children identity to Nissen it is as follow: FD09P01609 and FD09C00265 both started more than a month after the baylis family left the UK legally.

Please spread our story so that our boys can know we are looking for them. Last known location was Herefordshire, but nissen and his boat is in the Surrey area.

We spoke to a UK radio station that less than 12 hours after broadcasting the radio show, got attack by the RCJ.

Thanks for all your support

Maryna and Jeremy Baylis


22 Aug. 12 – Message to hundreds of media / public figures:

•Please find the attatched update from the BAYLIS family – officially victims of international child trafficking now. It seems the British courts and police have turned their backs on this family,  which of course is not what they are paid to do by the British taxpayer. The police and its departments S.O.C.A. {Serious Organised Crime Agency} and C.E.O.P. {Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre {U.K.}   have been officially notified about the Baylis familys predicament, as well as every MP,  yet all have done absolutely nothing about the appalling crimes committed by the paedophile DENNIS NISSEN against this family and every authority has hidden behind red tape, shirking all responsibilities, refusing to do anything to stop the serious crimes against the Baylis children. The abductor and sexual abuser of the children – Dennis Nissen – walks free in the UK, continuing to commit unspeakable crimes upon the Baylis children, as it is unlikely he has stopped. How can this be when we are supposed to have a commendable police force and legal system in place to protect vulnerable children? It appears that we have nothing of the sort when these children continue to be regularly sexually and physically abused by Dennis Nissen, a paedophile who has been committing serious crimes against this family for years. It is a disgrace.
• Why do the police and authorities  – every MP included – do nothing when theyve been fully notified about the Baylis family’s situation – and the appalling physical abuse already suffered by one of the Baylis children whereby he needed 96 stitches in a wound inflicted by Dennis Nissen, paedophile, apart from the sexual abuse he must be committing regularly.

J. Graham ”


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