UPDATE August 2012 – an official brain scan done by the government recently proves M Kirk has no brain tumour, and never had. As I write 15 Sept. 2012 Maurice is imprisoned in Cardiff prison since 30 Aug 12, yet again on the most dubious of charges, due for a Plea and Case Management Hearing on Nov. 8 2012.

1}          Maurice has the Long Over Due 2nd NHS (Wales) Brain Scan but is Anything There?

With certain relief I have an all clear and just jotted down the following to nail a rogue judicial system and corrupt South Wales Police doctor once and for all but I am not holding my breath, knowing the widespread corruption in their legal trade financed by the unsuspecting tax payer…..

12 08 20 MJK  to Admin London CO 6357 2012.pdf

Administrative Court

Royal Courts of Justice



19th Aug 2012

Dear Sir,

Kirk v Cardiff Crown Court

‘Harassment’ Conviction of South Wales Police Psychiatrist

 My enclosed 3rd August 12 letter to both Admin and Criminal Appeal Courts 12 08 03 Criminal Court of Appeal                                                                                           ref (1).pdf , for this JR application, appears not to have reached you despite my being told all my JR  and Court of Appeal (Civil Division) applications, to the RCJ, are always re directed back to this Principality in line for future autonomy. Your 14th Aug 12 letter confirms.

  1. Why then, please, has this application, alone, remained in London for adjudication when the others, recently, were not despite my numerous pleadings for impartiality?

My enclosed letter indicates there are serious failed disclosure issues yet to be addressed by both the Cardiff Crown Court and Cardiff Magistrates before progress.

I only now discover there were clandestine orders from a Cardiff High Court judge, influencing the 2011 Magistrates hearing still refused me. I enclose the proof.

Both The CPS and Cardiff Magistrates have now, this month, reversed their previous, by statements in both courts, of having various draft ‘restraining Orders’, only shown to me, leading up to the typed and signed 1st Dec11 official document NEVER  served.


Meirion was my Mackensie Friend in the dock and and saw it all!

  1. HM Crown Prosecution Service, Cardiff Magistrates and employed prosecution barrister, David Gareth Evans, all now deny having any record of any draft Orders!!!!
  1. No‘Restraining Order’ was ever handed to me in the Cardiff magistrates’ cells, on 1st Dec 2011 or posted to my address because the planned prison sentence was altered, at short notice by District Judge Charles, as the case was‘falling apart’, CPS switching exhibits etc, before numerous human rights workers gathered from all over Europe.
  1. I should not have been released; it was not the original MAPPA agenda. I was supposed to have returned to prison where the ‘Restraining Order’ would then have been served, after the maximum sentence and my only released on licence, signed for.
  1. My serious Bristol injuries to my head and neck, time in hospital and need for a brain scan, is further reason why I request this JR matter be relisted for my solicitor and Swansea barrister, previously instructed for that purpose, due to my incapacity.

10. The result of this scandalously overdue brain scan with expert reports indicate, yet again, the 2009 rogue South Wales Police psychiatrist, ‘victim’ of my ‘harassment’when not, my actions were to prevent further acts of crime (see 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act), was neither qualified to diagnose ‘significant brain damage’and a brain cancer and was a liar on oath before numerous MAPPA and Crown Courts, eg:

11. I will ring concerning your 3rdJuly 12 letter stated as sent to me but not yet traced.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Enc. Your 14th August 12 letter, my medical report, my brain scan, my hidden High Court Orders, my 3rd Aug 12 RCJ letter, one version of  two drafted ‘Restraining Orders’ seen by public gallery in both courts etc, etc

Aug 19 2012, 12:12 PM                    by                    Maurice Kirk


Bigwhistleblower                                    said:

Amongst the many victims out there; there are many ‘so called victims and so called friends thereof’ who are so delusional that they are the real turkeys who would vote for Christmas if so ‘directed to’.

“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

The Truth Will Out. And those with clean hands will prevail.

                                    August 19, 2012 10:56 PM

Guido                                    said:

Good news that there is nothing wrong with your brain then, unless of course you happen to be a corrupt judge, cps barrister or psychiatrist!

                                    August 21, 2012 2:04 AM

Meirion                                    said:

Where does this leave the “Cardiff HM Partnership Cabal,”  who did believe, and acted upon false pretence that there was something wrong with your brain?

How many other victims have fallen foul of a corrupt judge, cps barrister or psychiatrist!

                                    August 21, 2012 11:33 AM

Your Chance to Complain to the Commission on Banking Standards! « Victims Unite!                                    said:

Pingback from  Your Chance to Complain to the Commission on Banking Standards! « Victims Unite!

                                    August 21, 2012 9:43 PM

Bigwhistleblower                                    said:

Rathe ‘off subject’ there Victims unite – how many ‘talking shops’ must there be – how many have there been …? Hasn’t the grass has grown very long over the years with hot air being the only actual result?

                                    August 21, 2012 11:18 PM


2} REACTION TO 2nd BRAIN SCAN ?                           

“As some wondered what would be the reaction to the news of Maurices’ second brainscan, he received a call from the South Wales Police who wanted to talk to him.

He duly went to Barry police station on Tuesday afternoon and was promptly arrested on suspicion of breaking a restraining order.

We can only wait and see what evidence they have of this latest alleged transgression.”

See other posts on this blog, inc. “Complaint against South Wales police”: – and others.

above: Maurice Kirk in Cardiff prison earlier in 2012, there for supposedly “breach of restraining order”.



From: To: CC:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  {bcc’d x 150} Subject: THE CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST TARGETTED INDIVIDUAL MAURICE J. KIRK Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 20:18:47 +0000

Dear Sir, The case of MAURICE JOHN KIRK is taking place at Cardiff Crown Court, Wales.  His human rights have been breached in that he is not allowed to question key witnesses – barred by the judge HUGHES. The witness he is not allowed to question is a high ranking doctor who has committed the criminal offence of FRAUD against Maurice Kirk, and if he is questioned by Kirk this could well be exposed even more. This trial is a farce and i urge you to see the crimes as committed by these courts who are acting criminally outside the law at Cardiff Crown Court.
Todays calls from MAURICE KIRK calling from Cardiff prison today 1 March. The 2nd call was cut off by the prison after 64 secs.:
and his 2 calls from Thursday 29 Feb. from Cardiff prison explain even more irregularities
If you remember Article 6 of the ECHR states, regarding the questioning of witnesses: “>>> Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights {E.C.H.R.}, specifically states: Section B: The right to a fair trial – part 1. Guarantees inherent in the notion of fair trial – item 1. The adversarial nature of the procedure and the equality of arms. Feldbrugge v. the Netherlands (29 May 1986, para.44) – violation of Article 6 (1); the applicant had not been given the opportunity to comment upon the report of a medical expert. Bönisch v. Austria (6 May 1985, paras 33-35) – the parties must have the same possibility to call experts; when an ‘expert’ is dependant by the prosecution, he had to be considered as a witness for the prosecution rather than as an expert and the accused has to have the same opportunity to use such an expert otherwise the principle of equality of arms will be violated.” >>>                       ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’
Please see this article:  for the full article which has a transcript from an earlier hearing where it describes Kirk clearly being denied his basic human rights, here:                                   ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ 

M Kirks sites describe more of the atrocities against this law abiding man:  +  + my site which has some articles, calls + updates Thank you,

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