On the 16 Sept. Sunday 15.30 gmt  we – H and I – visited Gloria at Holloway prison.

1}  Gloria was in good spirits mostly but swayed into being near tears at times and the main points I wish to forward are these below. I hope H will confirm anything if anything is doubtful.

2}  Gloria said she is experiencing panic attacks still from when the police at the trial described their what many people say is appalling mistreatment of her. She said after at least 7 police officers had entered her single cubilcle at the hospital at one point there were 2 officers sitting each on seperate legs whilst a third was strangling her. She said she was seriously choking and had stopped breathing and believes this was a deliberate attempt on her life. Photographs exist of wounds Gloria sustained during this episode.

The baby having been removed from Gloria did not thrive over the 4 months gone and became quite unwell – so much so that she was returned to Gloria. The baby didnt take long to get back to her happy normal self. Then 7 or so months later on the 28th June 2011 the baby was removed again via an Emergency Protection Order after the Musa parents had taken the baby to St. Thonas’s hospital, London because she seemed to the parents to be unwell and running a temperature. Once at the hospital xxxxx arrived up after the council were called. xxxx was the top man – and Gloria felt it strange he should turn up at all.

After a 6 day factfinding hearing beginning Oct 31 at the Royal Courts of Justice  it was deemed by a “balance of probabilities” that the Musas had mistreated their baby which resulted in her being taken to the hospital on June 28 2011. The Musas had no legal representation throughout the  6 day hearing. For such an important hearing to be allowed to happen at all when the  “defendants” had no legal representation whatsoever was surely highly irregular. Later the Musa parents were to receive 7 years imprisonment each for supposedly “mistreating their children” after a “6 week trial”.

3} Gloria yesterday also spoke of acute pain in her knee, hip, back and arm – her arm from falling down at least 8 times. A new ailment has begun being she has now something wrong with her left eye. She described it as being “painful” and her sight is affected and says it could be a result of one or more or a combination of 5 different drugs she is now being given as it wasnt happening before the drugs were introduced. She has fallen down over 8 times recently, and cannot get up once she has fallen and needs assistance to get up. She tells us she was left for 2 hours on the cell floor recently after falling down in the middle of the night – not getting any help to get up from the prison warders. Being in acute pain as she describes, and bleeding still from giving birth one wonders why she isnt getting proper treatment in a hospital, and having proper x-rays and blood and other tests done? This we have been trying for for over 10 months since Gloria first complained about her knee – damaged as a result of police action even they described during the trial when it was such that jury members and public gallery members were reduced to tears. Being given drugs and not being told the names, as Gloria relates, is illegal. Surely on certain drugs one could go insane if not regulated properly. Surely we must be careful Gloria is not pronounced mentally incapable or ill etc etc and sectioned off to a mental prison or similar, never to be seen again!  {Maurice Kirk has been sectioned for 8 months similarly before somehow getting out of the closed mental hospital he was put in, supposedly because of a {non-existent} brain tumour making him “dangerous” to society. The reports of that and latest updates are below regarding M Kirk who was remanded yet again at the end of August awaiting a court appearance for a Case and Plea Hearing on the 8 November at Cardiff court.}

Gloria understands she is being given a painkiller, but the name of this drug and the names of the other 4 being given are not forthcoming and Gloria says the prison refuse to tell her the names of the medications. This is surely highly questionable as surely one is allowed to know the names of the drugs one is being told to take, even if one is imprisoned. Still there have been no x-rays on her knee or anywhere to determine if her knee is actually broken. Also she has been bleeding internally constantly since giving birth to her baby on March 10 this year – for which there have been no proper medical examinations carried out,  or blood tests done – which must surely be far from the norm in a situation whereby someone is bleeding constantly.

4} Gloria told us that she had received a letter from a certain person on Thursday 11 September 2012 stating that the Musas legal aid “had run out” regarding representation by her defence team. Whether this is true or not or a fabrication  remains to be seen. Where the Musas stand now with supposedly 2 appeals underway – against conviction and sentencing – can only be imagined. Since when do legal representatives tell a member of the public things like that to tell the clients of the legal reps? Why have they not told the Musas themselves and why hasnt any lof the 3 legal representatives visited them since the conviction date of 14th August 2012 when the Musas received 7 years imprisonment on a charge of mistreating their children – something they did not do. The present legal team rarely visit either Musa. {update 22 Sept. – it is claimed one of the defence legal team did visit Gloria recently but this has yet to be confirmed}.

The amount of irregularities and anomalies in this case are such that an honest investigation needs to take place as soon as possible.

5} Gloria told us that she had not seen the numerous emails sent  via the “emailaprisoner” service in recent weeks.

7} Gloria told us  the reason she was not permitted to join the 3 supporters who tried to visit her on the 12 Aug. 2012 but were denied the visit because Gloria was not brought was because a particularly hostile female senior officer was on duty and was behind her deliberately not being given assistance to attend the visit. Gloria told us of apparently other hostile acts towards her have occurred by this person which I will not go into here.

Finally it is good that 4 visitors did not go to the prison for the visit as was tentatively arranged. Luckily 2 persons changed their minds at the last minute. 4 people arent allowed on a visit – only 3 are – but here is just 2 excerpts of the recording with the prison visits officer lieing and deliberately arranging for a 4th person to attend the visit – which he knows ISNT ALLOWED =


I asked repeatedy could 4 people go on a visit = = he replied in the affirmative each time and duly took the 4th name. When at the prison I asked a visits officer about the number allowed he said THREE ONLY. Another blatant lie told us. We have been lied to many times and I have travelled before for a prearranged visit only to find out no such visit exists. It was then I bought a recording device which has proved extremely valuable when ive been able to prove a visit had been arranged when ive arrived at the prison for a visit only to be told one hadnt been arranged. Others have exoperienced the same irregularity and have been denied their visit.

That is the gist of yesterdays visit with Gloria.

Thanks for your time.


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