Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 10:16 AM

Subject: greeting from ian;

Hello ! Ian Josephs calling !
Birds of a feather flock together ! Social Workers, Experts,Guardians, Solicitors,Barristers,and Judges ALL in different ways make a very comfortable living arranging the theft of children from parents most of whom have never harmed them.These disgusting criminals work together arranging the snatching of babies at birth for” risk of emotional abuse” .They should be locked up for a very long time ! I called my website FORCED ADOPTION because adoption by force is a wicked crime that merits punishment for the outwardly respectable criminals who make a living out of it it ! How can they get away with it ? They do it by suppressing free speech and jailing those who expose them by name ! Shame on us for letting them continue destroying families! If everyone at this meeting tells at least a dozen people who in turn tell another dozen people what goes on then soon enough everybody will know .Please spread the word and call for free speech and the end of forced adoption….. YOU CAN DO IT !

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