Oxford and Cherwell Valley Colleges’ SHOCKING VICTIMISATION!


Subject: Fwd: FW: [UK Column newsletter] Behind The Paedophilia – Action Needed

Behind The Paedophilia – Action Needed

The front page of the new issue of the UK Column carries the picture of a good man – an ex-teacher, a Muslim, who, Oxford and Cherwell Valley College (OCVC) students tell us, lost his job for trying to expose the most horrendous abuse against white teenagers by white male teachers over a period of years.

Contrast that with another teacher; a white male teacher from the same school, sacked for showing child pornography to students on school premises, and for allegedly exposing himself. What was his punishment, do you think?

Well, we’re told his punishment was a compromise agreement – a golden handshake in return for keeping his mouth shut about the circumstances surrounding his dismissal.

The Muslim teacher was also dismissed – for doing his job. Students tell us he is currently going through an employment tribunal, which by all accounts is stacked against him.

The white male abuser is currently working again as a teacher in another school.

In the meantime, other alleged abusers remain in the school, despite allegations of the most horrendous abuse, including the showing of child pornography and verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

Someone at a high level has made a decision, it appears. That decision is that only paedophile rings involving Asian men will be investigated by the police. White gangs are actively protected by the establishment, and not only in the Thames Valley area. Whistleblowers from other police districts have told us of their efforts to get senior management to act on their investigations, only to be told to drop the cases.

As usual the mainstream media falls into the trap of whipping up feelings of rage in the public over the Asian paedophile gangs, whilst steadfastly refusing to investigate or accept evidence of white gangs. The Jimmy Savile case is the exception, of course, but that was not for want of trying, particularly on the part of the BBC.

As we wrote in the latest UK Column newspaper, the agenda here is to whip up bad feeling between communities in this country. The agenda is violence on the streets – a clash of civilisations.

The Oxford and Cherwell Valley scandal demonstrates this fact – despite the strength of the evidence, no-one in authority – including David Cameron who lives but a few miles away – is willing to take action, or even investigate. Why?

At lunchtime today, we broadcast a live special report on the OCVC case. We presented evidence. At the end, we provided contact details for two key organisations. Please contact them, and ask why?

You can watch the archive of today’s broadcast at:




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