We, the 3 of us who have been visiting the Musas  for some time and many more times than any others, have  not been allowed to see either Gloria or Chiwar for weeks now. Recorded delivery letters have been sent to both prison governors regarding the 12 August Holloway prison visit where Gloria was not allowed to be brought to us 3 visitors and to other visit grievances involving Chiwar to which there has been no replies as yet from either prison.

I have called Pentonville visits booking line some 12 times since Chiwar told me he was booking a visit for us when he got off the phone at Pentonville on Sunday  16 Sept 12 – I have recordings of most of these calls to the prison during that time up till a couple of days ago where I am told repeatedly by the prison that no application has been received from Chiwar Musa even though he has told different supporters he has made visit applications for us. It can only be assumed the visut apps. are being ignored by the prison and other authorities.  Convicted prisoners are allowed a visit every 14 days from friends / family members etc but these have been denied to the Musas for weeks now, and below is a letter I wrote in December last year about irregularities to Chiwar Musa’s VERY FIRST PRISON VISIT!  Nothing has changed except it is now worse than ever with ALL visits being denied at present, it seems. Ive lost track of the number of times I or others have been denied prearranged visits with either Musa – our official written enquiries about the irregularities are always ignored by either prison governor.  Our complaint from last December regarding our 1ST PENTONVILLE VISIT:

“J. Graham

To:  Nick Leader


HMP Pentonville

Caledonian Rd

London N7 8TT

10 December 2011

Dear Sir

Re: Chiwar Musa (Nigeria), B Wing, No. A2793cj

Yesterday Friday 9th December I and Belinda McKenzie visited Mr Musa at Pentonville Prison for the first time since his incarceration on remand, following his and wife Gloria Musa’s hearings at Haringey Magistrates Court on 30th November and 7th December respectively. We are friends and McKenzie friends in court hearings of Mr & Mrs Musa.

We are most concerned at the treatment Mr Musa is receiving whilst resident at Pentonville. I had booked the visit yesterday, however when we arrived the staff had no recollection of my adding Belinda, therefore she was not allowed to see Chiwar, to our and his great disappointment. In fact, we had already booked a visit on Tuesday 6 December, 4 days previously, only to then be told there is no visiting on the first Tuesday of the month.

Our concerns are:

  • Chiwar still has no clothes except what was issued to him on Day 1 of his incarceration. Yet yesterday, after a 1-hour wait while I tried to hand in clothes for him in the appropriate department of the prison, I was told I couldn’t as he had already received clothes from a visitor the day before. When I then met Chiwar face-to-face he said he had received no clothes whatsoever during his 12 days at the prison, either from inside or from outside. On entry all his clothes had been taken from him and he had been issued with prison clothes, even though he is on remand and is allowed to wear his own clothes;

Chiwar has not been receiving any emails from us. I have sent him 2, and others have sent him emails too, that he has not received. At 30p per email sent we demand to know why our money has been taken when nothing in return has been given?

Chiwar told me all postal mail in and out has been disallowed for him. Why is this?

Chiwar told me he is allowed no phone calls out – again, why is this? He is very much allowed them according to the book;

There have been other instances of victimisation and targeting by the prison staff towards Chiwar Musa, very similar to the treatment his wife Gloria Musa has been enduring whilst simultaneously a remand prisoner in Holloway Women’s prison, in that prison warders have told other prisoners that he has mental problems therefore he is to be avoided. This is of course against his human rights and totally inhumane as he has no history of mental illness whatsoever. We fear the stage is being set to have both Chiwar and Gloria sectioned, in order to reinforce this scenario of mental insanity and make it easier to control them absolutely, so that the people who have stolen their 6 children from them and are attempting to brand them as child-abusers can keep the children indefinitely.

We request your immediate intervention in this situation which is against the rules for prisoners on remand, as well as against ethics and human rights. Chiwar Musa has not yet been sentenced and is in any case innocent of the charges against him, as will be proven. Therefore we demand that he receives the same rights and treatment as other prisoners on remand in UK prisons.

Yours faithfully

John Graham

Cc: Nick Hardwick, Chief Inspector of Prisons; Crispin Blunt MP, Minister for Prisons & Probation; Don Marcus (Solicitor); Christopher Booker (Sunday Telegraph)

Sent by recorded delivery  ENDS

Also below are other communications I received from the Ministry of Justice from April and the Inspector of Prisons when I tried to complain about the atrocious victimisation of the Musas whilst in prison, which continues to this day.  Never is anything ever done, and to this day mail is being denied them, as are other things, such as emails sent to them via the “emailaprisoner” online service.

Another reply from the Inspector of Prisons stating he can do nothing about what is happening to the Musas – deliberate victimisation and worse, dated Sept. 2012:

Regarding the “booking line” fiasco i complained about they mention in the reply letter above they fail to mention the subject of my complaint: that often when one phones up on a Sunday, even though they state the booking line is closed then in their reply to me, they fail to mention their phone lines are still misleadingly open and say when one calls that one is being held in a queue waiting to talk to a prison employee to make a visit – often for literally hours – this is carefully avoided in their reply to me..

Mentioned in a reply above is what i call “atrocious behaviour” towards Gloria Musa, especially by a certain Senior Officer mentioned in my other posts: from:,68.msg125.html#msg125  = “7} Gloria told us  the reason she was not permitted to join the 3 supporters who tried to visit her on the 12 Aug. 2012 but were denied the visit because Gloria was not brought was because a particularly hostile female senior officer was on duty and was behind her deliberately not being given assistance to attend the visit. Gloria told us of apparently other hostile acts towards her have occurred by this person which I will not go into here. Finally it is good that 4 visitors did not go to the prison for the visit as was tentatively arranged. Luckily 2 persons changed their minds at the last minute. 4 people arent allowed on a visit – only 3 are – but here is just 2 excerpts of the recording with the prison visits officer lieing and deliberately arranging for a 4th person to attend the visit – which he knows ISNT ALLOWED =

I asked repeatedy could 4 people go on a visit = = he replied in the affirmative each time and duly took the 4th name. When at the prison I asked a visits officer about the number allowed he said THREE ONLY. Another blatant lie told us regarding 4 visitors being allowed on a visit. We have been lied to many times and I have travelled before for a prearranged visit only to find out no such visit exists and is listed. It was then I bought a recording device which has proved extremely valuable when ive been able to prove a visit had been arranged when ive arrived at the prison for a visit only to be told one hadnt been arranged. Others have experienced the same irregularity and have been denied their visit when it had been absolutelly properly arranged. The prison simply does not reply to 99% of communications sent to them, of course, as havent scores of other departments and authority figures written to by numerous Musa supporters…”

…this   “atrocious behaviour” does not seem to have stopped, according to the latest letters received from Gloria.

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