Concerning this reply finally received yesterday after sending many letters by recorded delivery to Ms. KILLICK, the governor of Holloway prison, about the appalling treatment of Ms. Gloria Musa in Holloway prison. Ms. Killick appears to find nothing wrong in the prisons treatment of Gloria Musa, and everything is above board and normal. If that is the case, how does she explain the appalling irregularities in, say, the visits to Gloria being disallowed on, for example, August 12th this year which many government figures were notified of yet to this date still have not answered satisfactorily? This, below, is Ms. Killicks reply received on the 15 Oct. which doesnt seem to be worth the paper it is written on – and below that – our message sent {one of many about both Musas unacceptable treatment whilst in prison} by recorded delivery to her as well as the Prisons Minister N. Hardwick also about the August 12 Holloway visit with the much victimised and unjustly imprisoned Gloria Musa:

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Subject: DENIAL OF VISIT WITH GLORIA MUSA AT HOLLOWAY PRISON SUN. 12 AUG. 2012 Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 07:43:18 +0100

Yesterday we attempted to see Gloria Musa at Holloway prison. We, the three of us – 2 having come from a distance of 100 miles each for this visit – sat in the Visiting Hall waiting to see her but she did not arrive. After a while we asked why and we were told she refused to attend the visit. I told the officer telling us this – no. HY 610 – that Gloria would definately not miss a visit as she knew we had travelled from all parts of the country to see her. As Gloria had great difficulty walking due to being attacked by police immediately after the birth of her 6th child in the summer of 2010, she needs help to get to the Visiting Hall. We suspected the prison declined to give her any assistance to get to the visit, and they and officer HY 610 were telling us she refused to attend the visit as a way of explanation for her absence. I remarked if Gloria has difficulty walking and that is the reason she isnt attending the visit why isnt a wheelchair being used to bring her to the Visiting Hall? Officer HY 631 explained there were no wheelchairs in the prison to bring Gloria to the visit, but a short while later a suited prison empoyee by the name of Mr. Attard said there were indeed wheelchairs in the prison. If this was the case why wasnt one used and why did officer HY 610 feel the need to fob us off with a lie? The story fed us was beginning to fall apart. Apparently on the 11 Aug this Mr. Attard we spoke to claimed that Gloria had been seen by the prison healthcare operatives and been verified as to being able to walk. If this was true then why did she not come to the visit by walking there? The truth is more likely the prison declined to offer any assistance to Gloria to get to the visit as she couldnt walk because of the injuries Ive stated and they tried to cover it up with lies as really she needs assistance to get to places and the prison simply refused to give her that assistance yesterday for reasons known only to them. Thus 3 peoples journeys to see Gloria were a complete waste of time but whats worse is Gloria was unable to have the visit – she has been unjustly imprisoned on the most questionable of charges since Nov. 28th 2011 and visits are a necassary break from the tedium of her unjust imprisonment and important aspects of her case needed to be discussed also – and stopping that happening I would wager was one of the reasons for the conspiracy yesterday not to bring Gloria for her visit. Her sentencing regarding her most dubious conviction is to be given supposedly on Tuesday Aug. 14th and therefore of course this would have been an important visit given the circumstances as this is a nerve-wracking time for Gloria and she needs support – support the prison is maliciously denying her. Gloria had not spoken to any supporter via a telephone call since the previous Tuesday 7th August and we suspect that was because she was unable to physically get to a telephone because of her untreated leg problems the prison refuse to administer to, and she hadnt made any calls since then because she deliberatly wasnt helped to get to a telephone by prison employees as has been the case before for her when making calls. Not only is Gloria Musa telling us that she is being denied medical treatment whilst in prison, but she is telling us also via phone calls to a supporter last week the fact that she is bleeding blood clots still from giving birth to a baby on March 9/10 2012 – and that this serious medical ailment is being deliberatly ignored by the prison also, and to be denied proper medical treatment is a complete contravention of Gloria Musas Human Rights as well as being against British law regarding a prisoner in one of “Her Majesty’s prisons”. We are fearful for both Musas safety whilst in prison. I have  noticed from my own dealings with both Holloway and Pentonville prisons that gross irregularities exist regarding the visits I have arranged formally with them – meaning I have made visiting arrangements and on arrival at the prison the visit has been denied me due to some “clerical” or other dubious error – albeit deliberate I am contending, and official complaints have been made on many occasions to the staff there {mostly to be ignored by them and other authorities but some written replies from official complaints sent i do have}  and these conspiracies and coverups to pervert normality are unacceptable and something needs to be done about these disgraceful situations, and yesterdays events at Holloway prison are typical of what takes place. This same thing has happened to other supporters too who have made visiting arrangements only for the visits to be denied on the day – eg. Helens visit was denied on Sat. 28 July – with some flimsy excuse being used for her not being allowed to see Gloria. Recently postal mail has not reached either Musa they have confirmed yet I have “proof of posting” certificates from the Post Office to prove these items were sent. All the letters cannot get “lost in the post”. Sometimes mail takes a phenomenal month to arrive with Chiwar – yet I have a response to my communications to the prison stating the mail delivery to him is “normal”, received on the 27th July. This is most definately not the case and I can prove it. This is a true sworn statement given by myself J. Graham.
Another individuals report of yesterdays attempted visit to see Gloria Musa:
“We got through the screening  process without any problems and sat down in the Visitors Hall. Gloria was nowhere to be seen. I asked a female warder at the desk whether Gloria would be coming soon and she said she was ringing to see what was the problem. This fair-haired prison officer ( number HY 610) said she was able to walk but would not.  I asked whether they had any wheelchairs and was told no. We sat down and had a cup of tea and Helen advised that we should stay to end of the session so that the authorities couldn’t say she turned up after we went. We noticed two extra people were positioned near to us. John and Helen went and asked to speak to someone higher and were pointed in the direction  of one of these people , a Mr Attard. I thought three people might  have been a bit much so when John came to sit down I went up to him. He told me they DID have wheelchairs and apparently according to him Gloria had been seen by medical services the previous day and told she was fine. I explained that I had worked as a biomedical scientist and if that was the case she must have had a haemoglobin and an x-ray to be able to say this. By this time  these people were really irritating me. Then  I got the privacy of information bit. We just left at the end of the session.” {name supplied on request}.


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