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Maurice Kirk with the Musas, last July @ the RCJ at a Musa hearing
Maurice Kirk via
to Bristol, Cardiff.crn.cm2,
I again wish make application to claim respective costs from each Crown Court for both me and my frustrated witnesses
thank you
Blog extract
Today’s other Bar Council Blog will go back up after Wednesday’s Legal Proceedings               

Sorry meantime a missive to Bar Council  re David Gareth Evans of 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff

I wish to make a formal complaint against this  barrister in his appalling and unlawful conduct during the summary hearing ending1st  December 2011 at Cardiff Magistrates and during the Jury trial ending 4nd May  2012.
I have tape recordings of his conduct at  magistrates clearly acting with the knowledge I was absent, in the cells and knowing what he  was telling the district judge were bloody great lies. The conviction had already been arranged to be quashed when it was to be heard well out of of wicked Wales, in Bristol Crown Court.
See leaked High Court judge’s clandestine interference, little bas***d
The other little b*****ds had already milked the conviction for nearly two years to bar my realease on bail.
Remember, the police opposed bail even before the 2nd Nov 11 conviction for ‘common assault’ with an already pre arranged ‘no penalty’ sentance!!!
I have countless witnesses who attended and made  their own record of the conduct of this lawyer and district judge John Charles knowing both were immune to  prosecution under the Memorandum of Understanding and HM Prerogative
“a relatively minor offence the tape catches the evoil judge saying when he had been the b**tard over a year earlier in August 2010 had ordered I was not to be even allowed to cross examine any of the prosecution witnesses….the evil bas***d.
No wonder the HM Cardiff Crown Court official, the original complainant said, as he was quote by Bristol CPS, applying to not oppose my appeal.” Your Honour, the complainant is now reluctent to give evidence” (in the light of being cross examined for the first time)…..little sh**
X-ray of my ankle after the ex copper, Derrick Hasan had pushed me down the Crown Court steps off my crutches needed for nine unecesary months onhly because npo one in the Welsh judiciary has the balls to have my psychiatric reports corrected to allow me a total hip replacement operation.
filthy little bas***ds the lot of them.
All in a day’s work here in Cardiff’s stinking cabal.
Please e mail me forms to fill in for you to, no doubt, shred later.
to :
thank you
N.B. John Graham aka butlincat wishes to state categorically and emphatically that he is in no way aligned to one Sabine Mcneil or any of her alleged “organisations” or “sites”. Many people say she is working for the other side and he agrees with them!!


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