N + E Feldmeiers’s message to MP’s:
Please would you HELP us?…
The council contractors are WITHOLDING OUR PASSPORTS,birth certificates and all other private documents including medical records/x rays,my mothers eight and half year childhood rape court case file etc etc………..(EVERYTHING WE OWN)
The council continue to fight us and have retained at tax payers expense etc:
Please would you help in some way?
Local Authorities Contractors Masons Moving group Ltd are holding all our life-time-possessions/ belongings/irreplaceable sentimental belongings to ransom (unlawfully and illegally…

My mother and I became homeless in [31/07/08]. The Vale of Glamorgan local authority placed all our belongings with their contractors, Masons Moving Group Ltd (“Masons Ltd”) for safe keeping, whilst we were placed under a re-homing scheme.

When we were no longer homeless, Masons Ltd denied access/return, and continues to deny, access to / the return of our possessions. This has been for [11/05/09]. Masons are withholding all our possessions, which include passports, original birth certificates, as well as furnishings- beds/sofa/white goods, and irreplaceable personal effects.)Heritage/Original family photographs of us and all our loved ones/living and deceased…

Masons Ltd have put undue pressure [Duress/threatened blackmailed my mother to sign a contract [and pay £330 monthly fees or they would ‘sell’ or ‘Dispose’ all property] (which would give them authority to deal with our possessions). We declined to sign the contract. My mother is on Disability Living Allowance and I am main and only full time carer.[Ms E Feldmeier has numerous medical conditions (life threatening)

Mason’s Ltd provided me [2/03/11] with evidence of selling SOME our original family photographs including original framed photographs of ancestors and 1479 family tree…..


Further background.

I gave up my job to become a full time carer for my grandmother who required round the clock nursing care (was in a vegetative state due to medical negligence in 2001).

We were in accomodation that my grandmother kept falling in such confined places…The local Authority (HOMES4U) did not grant us any of our bids for a disabled friendly property,for which there were many so… Social Services (SS) (senior social worker Jayne Morgan) told us to move asap,and find a property in the private sector….and go for the first property that we could take reciept of a HOSPITAL BED,HOIST and all manner of nursing equipment…….(we remained in this property despite exceptional hardship and going without basic essentials to ensure we meet the shortfall (were there for 7 and half years)

However, we reached the point in [2008] when we could no longer afford the costs for rent and looking after my grandmother, because of the ongoing lack of support from the local authority….and the local authority said they would help provided we get the Estate Agent to execute a warrent of possession and effectually make us legally homeless to which the local authority said they would then have a duty of care towards my disabled seriously ill mother and myself.


The Local Authority has paid Masons in full (tax payer) out of public purse…


Masons are the councils contractors,there is no contract between us and the council or Masons….


Masons will NOT comunicate with us………………….we do not know where our LIFE TIME OF BELONGINGS are………

This case encompasses my mothers life and my grandmothers life……….
My mother is over 60 years old without an sofa,bed,washing machine….etc etc
(I am on aprox £1.53 per hour (Carers Allowence benefit) I/we can not afford to replace anything that is being held to ransom from us…
Nigh on eight years of child rape court files/case notes (highly sensitive and confidental) that may have been read by anyone…..
We have no beds,no sofa,no washing machine for three years todate…we cannot afford to replace anything….
They (councils contractors) have over £250,000 (and thats just the replaceable belongings/white goods etc) home/house contents….and all personal belongings……..(irreplaceable family heritage etc)
Before we tried court an two advocates were blocked by the council and Masons Moving group Ltd….
We have tried all over UK (by email/letter) for help with this matter.
Thank you

Nadia & Ellinor Feldmeier





The story of how corrupt police officers and social workers are abusing a little, old lady on a wheelchair

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