Below is an article from the “Daily Mail” sent by Ian Josephs supposed to explain why the Nigerian government has refused so far to help the Musa family – its all apparently to do with politics and aid etc etc. Note how the Slovak government stood up for the Slovak family who were victims of child stealing too by certain people here. It is a great pity the Nigerian government have come nowhere near equalling the Slovaks’ actions in supporting their countryfolk.

The Nigerian High Commission has never really been of any use to the Musa family. Indeed, on the occasions I visited the Commission with the Musas it was a complete waste of time talking with the diplomats there, who didnt seem interested at all in the Musas heartfelt pleas regarding their tragic plight of having a total of 7 children now stolen by our government. Note some of the diplomats at the Commission are Godparents too to some of the Musa children. The words “lily livered” and “cowards” spring to mind. Such disloyalty is rarely seen in a government

Excerpt from the “Daily Mail” article 20 11 12:

“Aid down the drain

In a blistering report, a parliamentary watchdog finds a £230million aid project for Nigerian schools has produced ‘no major improvement in pupil learning’.

And no wonder. On a visit to a typical rural school, funded by British taxpayers, an inspector from the Independent Commission on Aid Impact found almost no teachers had turned up for work, leaving pupils to play football all day.

Elsewhere, trainee teachers had given up their courses because state officials had failed to release scholarship money.

Indeed, everywhere the researchers looked, they found appalling waste.

Yet despite the ever-mounting reports of corruption and incompetence, the

Department for International Development is to give the country

£1billion over the next four years, from its fast-growing – and ring-fenced – budget.

How much more evidence do ministers need before they stop squandering our money abroad, to no effect, when it has never been more needed at home?”

source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2235520/The-Lords-halt-draconian-plan.html#ixzz2CjgtxUkG


The article from the African publication “The Leadership” – 21 08 2011 – detailing the shocking Musa case:

British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children

Sun, 21/08/2011

Six children, including an infant of a Nigerian couple are in the custody of British authorities, because the British Police insist the children are not biological children of the couple.

The five minors were said to have been whisked away by the men of the Y Police to the X Social Service on June 12, 2010, after they had stormed the Z Hospital, where the woman claimed she had given birth to the last child, who is also in custody of the police.

Chiwar and Gloria Musa, who claim to be parents of the children, were said to have been reported to the London Borough of X by one A, on the ground that the mother is a sex worker, and that the children had different fathers.

But Chiwar told this reporter that a DNA test revealed that the six children namely; B. C. D. E and F are children of the couple, contrary to the report made to the Police by A.

Efforts by LEADERSHIP SUNDAY to confirm the story from the Metropolitan Police, however failed to yield results, as the officer in charge of enquiries refused to comment.

Also, several attempts to reach the Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Dalhatu Sarki Tafida, proved abortive.

However, an official of the Nigerian High Commission, who sought anonymity, confirmed that the matter was being considered by the Commission in London.

The couple’s petition, dated August 13, 2011, and addressed to the British government to intervene, made available to LEADERSHIP SUNDAY, read in part: “With a sorrowful heart, I wish to bring to your notice the bizarre, unthinkable, and worrisome act perpetrated by the men of the Y Police and Y social service who invaded Z Hospital, unleashed mayhem and abducted a new born baby from her unsuspecting mother. This atrocity was meted out against me and my new born baby, F, at Z Hospital, at about 3a.m on June 12, 2010.

“Regretable,painful and inhuman as it were, the action of the police did not only cause pandemonium, discomfort, unnecessary tension, and embarrassment to the patients and staff of the hospital, it revealed a plan that is Devilish in character and lacking in human feeling, insouciant in her approach to assigned duties, amateurish in style, brutish in operation, and dastardly in her acts of executing a hidden agenda that runs counter to westernised forms of civility in police modus operandi. It is unbelievable that a country like the U.K, highly respected as an icon of democracy with commendable human rights records could stoop so low to authorise police to perpetrate acts that are antithetical and inimical to the course she goes all out to protect”.

Mr. Chiwar claimed that, “My family has done practically nothing to deserve this painful and unwarranted suppression. Five of my children were, without cogent reason, abducted by eight policemen from Y, and while the case for their release is still being battled, nine policemen, again, in an unprovoked attack, swooped on me and my new born baby in the hospital, seizing the baby, thereby denying it of its right to natural love, breastfeeding and care by its biological parents. This is injustice of the highest order to me, my family in general and the new born baby in particular.”

Made available to LEADERSHIP SUNDAY, was a letter addressed to a senior official of the Nigerian High Commission in London, Mr. M.M.B. Aliyu, by a British columnist with the Sunday Telegraph, Christopher Booker dated 17th August 2011, which read in part: “Since last June, as a columnist with the Sunday Telegraph, I have been following, very closely, the case of Chiwar and Gloria Musa, Nigerian citizens whose six children were last year taken from them by social workers of Y council.

“Not only have I followed on a regular basis what ensued from their loss of their children, but I have also been made familiar with many papers relating to the case. It has been quite clear to me that Y council was very seriously misled over the evidence on which it originally tore this family apart. On the basis of hearsay, they were under the impression that Mrs. Musa was a ‘sex worker’ and that the six children were all from different fathers”.

The letter added that “Impressions could not have been more mistaken. Mrs. Musa is, in fact, a respected Christian preacher and an author of several books. Mr. Musa is a respectable businessman. DNA tests on the parents and children confirmed that Mr. Musa was the father of all of them”.

But, in a turn of events, the correspondent is said to have subsequently changed her report to suit the line of action of the Haringey police, that the children did not wish to come home. The oldest child, according to the alleged author of the handwritten letter, had not been seen by her parents since August or by her brother and sisters for several months. There are considerable grounds for disquiet as to what may have happened to her.”



{This article has been heavily censored due to injunctions}.


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