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“At 5.15am Monday 10th October 2011 in Mexico City 35 …..people broke into the Family Home of the Baylis Family and Forcibly abducted two boys aged 11 and 15 … more

Updated posted by Anina Bull 18 mins ago

My dear people, we have managed…

My dear people, we have managed to raise enough money for one plain ticket. Now we have one more to go and the legal fees costs. We are getting there!

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“At 5.15am Monday 10th October 2011 in Mexico City 35 …..people broke into the Family Home of the Baylis Family and Forcibly abducted two boys aged 11 and 15 who were then taken to the British Embassy and held until a court hearing and then they were taken out of Mexico to the UK against their will under the auspices of the British Embassy & Foreign and Common Wealth Office where they are now held incommunicado and missing. The 35 people included and were led by British Embassy Staff and agents and the snatch is being treated as an unlawful kidnap and abduction by Mexican Federal Authorities and as a serious diplomatic incident and assault on the Sovereignty of Mexico by Great Britain.

The two boys Kevin & Jenvey, who are the natural children of their parents Maryna & Jeremy Baylis as evidenced by DNA testing, have been subject to international custody proceedings where by a Mr N has claimed them as his children, after the mother fled the UK where she had been trafficked to by Mr N many years previous.  Mr N applied to UK court for the children to be made a ward of court and for them to be placed in his care. But the matter was decided by a Hague Convention International Court ruling in 2009 that the children were not the children of Mr N and were the natural children of Maryna & Jeremy Baylis and that Mr N had no rights to them.

The South African government step forward and provided proof that Mr N never had rights of custody to Kevin and Jenvey Baylis, he is not the Natural nor the legal father of the children, and has no legal claims to the children.

(Taken from Some names have been changed for privacy.)

Maryna and Jeremy have the right people in place now to get their children back for good, but need help in raising the funds to get their boys home.
The money will be spent on the legal fees involved and in transport costs.
I urgently appeal to everyone, especially all parents who know how much we love our children, to support this cause and help this family to be reunited.

The abductor just had the parents facebook accounts shut down. he is planning on moving the children please their photos needs to go public

posted by Carl du Plessis 4 days ago

Sorry Anina it is in USD$ when you donate and when they pay out it is in your money in the country you are in, these things are confusing…. keep up the good work my girl, i know you are going through something similar, you are both a good excample for us all. hugs to you and your family

posted by Richard Demodick 7 days ago

Anina is the payments in USA$ or australian dollars, i just would like to keep a correct record for the public please, before we get accused of being naughty people, thank you for doing this we appreciate it

posted by Richard Demodick 7 days ago

dear friends, The Baylis family has come a long way…it has been a very difficult year but they have not given up the fight to get their children home even though both parent were extremely ill and devastated on numerous occasions! Their love for their two sons and their faith in God kept them going even though many people stood up against them and made them out to be liars….knowing that they had God and the truth on their side they just kept on running the race and they still are…..lets support them emotionally, financially and with our prayers!!! God is so much bigger that systems and evil people. He is able to move mountains and has moved many for the Baylis family!

posted by Lynette Pretorius 10 days ago

Thank you i will share this around

posted by Richard Demodick 23 days ago

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Lorraine O’Farrell

3 days ago

These kids must be returned! This country is a disgrace!!!!


Wessel Du Plessis

3 days ago

This is for books, aprons and biscuits from wessel du plessis


kathryn foster-martin

7 days ago

This is ridiculous.  Our governments should never allow their citizens to be victimized and for others to profit from it.  Disgusting.



11 days ago

Chrissy Brown

21 days ago

Hi i have donated $20 for a copy of the childrens book about dragons. Many Thanks and best of luck Chrissy


christina/andrea brown

21 days ago

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