From Maurice Kirk  18 01 13 =

Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal                                                                          

ref.:  1203241 D Royal Courts of Justice Court                            

ref: CO/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012                                                                                                                                                  1CF 03546

18th January 2013 Dear Case Worker,                                   

Regina v Kirk   

            Breach of Restraining Order Appeal

Supervised Personal Recording of Cardiff Courts’ Evidence

Further to my 9th Jan 2013 Application to hear Cardiff Crown Court’s digitally recorded records of both 1st /2nd  March 12 and 2nd/4th May12 Crown Court hearings , before Their Honours Judge Hughes and  Judge Curren QC, respectively, it is refused by HMCTS Director Luigi Stranati, so I apply for the following as local authorities also refuse, before ,during and after trials, despite my written and verbal requests for material evidence contained in :

  1. Copy of Cardiff Crown Court logs
  1. GEOamey Custodial Services logs (asked for by the jury and refused) and copy of CCTV (asked for by the jury) identifying five officers who threw me onto the floor, whilst ejecting me from my cell followed with my crutches thrown onto my head with my huge bag of legal papers.
  1. Cardiff Magistrates court logs (asked for by the jury and refused) and CCTV (asked for by the jury and refused) of each of the hearings relating to the Harassment conviction
  1. HM Prison custody records, during my times imprisoned and to include my full medical records as referred to in trial and appeal transcripts
  1. I request the unusual permission to serve on the Appeal Court a series of court sound recordings of the 10th Nov11 to 1st Dec 11 Cardiff summary proceedings before District Judge John Charles which clearly indicate, for example, that the prosecution exhibits were switched between prosecution witnesses, mid trial, by the Crown Prosecutor, David Gareth Evans, caught on tape trying to remedy the situation with the judge after I spotted it. His application was to alter the status of two differently worded WANTED posters one being an exhibit, my refused examination of it, marked as to prove it was sent internally by Caswell Clinic via the Post Office!
  1. The taped record also, for example, catches the judge refusing me any of my legal papers either from my cell or from my Mackenzie Friend, carrying them in his arms, having just collected them from a lawyer whose covering letter was confiscated by the who had failed, via the court, to give me his covering letter of legal advice because Judge John Charles refused to hand it over y not knowing decisions by The Recorder of Cardiff had already pre empted the hearings’ outcome.


Maurice outside Tottenham police station Sept. 2011. He had been held there on at least 1 occasion around that time on very questionable reasoning – and unsuccessful attempts were made to section him and the Musa parents Chiwar and Gloria who were incarcerated for no reason in the cells there, hence the megaphone and Maurice’s attempts to console them during there enforced removals. The solicitor who attended the Musas there after told me was subject to an attempt to throw him out of the police station – something he’d never experienced the like of before in his entire career as a legal practitioner in this once fine country of ours – he  told me laughing afterwards.

Gloria was treated particularly badly there then – stripped of almost every item of clothing – denied a blanket and put in a freezing cell for a weekend. They were released without charge after a few days of course.

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