Dear ALL,
If you haven’t heard it yet, there have been serious developments and the usual attacks that come with standing up against police corruption are well underway. Michael Doherty on trial 22nd january Stevenage Magistrates court Many of you will have heard by now that I have been pronounced GUILTY of assaulting a court security guard at Cambridge Magistrates on 7.8.2012 …
The case was heard at Stevenage Magistrates over 3 days last week, during the course of which each and every witness was taken apart for giving false testimony. The lies were blatant and demonstrated when i produced a ‘secret’ audio recording that I had made on the day. The claims by the court security guards, when compared against the audio were proved to be flagrantly false. The claims that I was SHOUTING “JUST GO AWAY” to polite inquiries by the head of security Nigel Carder were shown to have never happened. This was the alleged operative reason I was forcibly assaulted and physically removed from the public courts. Many of you will remember that it was audio recordings of calls to the police that proved back in 2008 that the police were also telling lies in a malicious prosecution.
This case is a mirror of that and demonstrates the dangers of these public officials who are prepared to willfully lie in order to attempt justification for their unlawful actions. In the police prosecution in 2009, I was found NOT GUILTY, clearly they couldn’t risk that this time and irrespective of the evidence a GUILTY verdict was returned. Turning to the alleged assault, which at it’s highest is an allegation I ‘attempted to punch’ the head of security. There is NO allegation that anyone, other than me was touched in anyway. The allegation, during the course of events changed from a ‘raised fist’ at the point of arrest to ‘swung an arm’ during interview through to coordinated witnesses at trial claiming they saw a definite ‘straight right punch’. Watch the video below and make up your own minds. As you will see I am dragged to the court door and whilst standing outside the court, waiting for the arrival of police,
I am violently shoved in the chest by court security guard Nigel Carder. You will see me falling backwards, my body twisting to my left and then trying to right myself. It is the course of this they have claimed I through a straight right punch.(this was visually demonstrated in court on a number of occasions) This is plainly an impossibility as my right arm (I was on the phone at the time) was thrown across my body during the shove. The ONLY possible action that could have taken place from this position would be a ‘backhand’ movement……..
The PCSO gave evidence that he was standing to my right and rear and that from this position he had a clear view of a straight right punch being thrown. A clear side profile confirmed visually in the Magistrates. I then brought the PCSO Hurley to the monitor and asked him to identify the person standing to my rear and left on the video. He confirmed it was him and that indeed he wasn’t as stated standing to my right……..
More case anomalies such as court CCTV which was not disclosed or street CCTV which would have been decisive was never collected by police. People claiming to have heard things when they were proven not to have even been there or a police officer that admitted to doing NO investigation and only viewing the CCTV footage once…. It is significant in the case that the alleged victim Nigel Carder was also the individual who controlled the CCTV disclosure from the courts. Explaining why all the CCTV wasn’t disclosed, he stated
“I gave you what I thought you might need”
No MR Carder, it is the defenses decision as to what footage it might need, the prosecutions responsibility is to provide all material which may assist the defense or undermine the prosecutions case. CCTV material has now been destroyed, it should have been secured, on that basis alone the case should have been thrown out on it’s ear for abuse of process. These are the kinds of underhand tactics that are being used to attempt to secure convictions so that they can smear those who refuse to bow to corrupt practice.
The court case itself was dramatic and if you didn’t get down you really missed out on some action packed high drama court proceedings. Lines of questioning in the trial were quite a revelation and material collected will be very useful in the future prosecution of certain individuals involved. Amazingly, the MITIE security staff confirmed that they are woefully under trained, this is the kind of people we are going to face with future privatisation of police…. Amusingly, the head of security claimed that he was exercising Sec.53 of the Courts Act 2003 to forcibly remove me from the building. When I asked him what Sec.53 stated he was clueless and simply said it ‘allows me to throw you out’…
Clearly an individual he purports to exercise a power provided by Parliament, ought properly to know what that power is! How can he exercise it if he hasn’t the foggiest what it is or how it is supposed to operate. It appears we are simply dealing with ‘nightclub bouncers’ in our Public Courts. I have been contacted by an very interesting Human rights lawyer who wishes to take the case forward in relation to breach of my Constitutional rights of access to the British Courts. It is important to understand that I was in the court exercising another Constitutional right, seeking to lay an information to commence criminal prosecution. Case law is clear on this that this Constitutional right MUST not be hindered or impeded…….
Additionally, this will be going to appeal. In addition to the flagrant lies from prosecution witnesses, there are considerable procedural impropriety in the hearing. Once such failure was the refusal of the magistrates to permit me to enter an abuse of process argument, the reason for his is that the case would have had to be thrown out. They needed to reach the verdict stage so that they could trot out their perverse decision which was clearly against the evidence adduced in the case. Make up what you will of the matter from the linked video from one of the many people that came out in support. Remember that this is your money and your public resource being wasted in pursuit of vindictive protection of a corrupt few.
“STITCH UP” the film –
PART 1         http://t.co/BgyXt6cB
PART 2         http://t.co/LBKvHNKu
Is this British Justice in the 21st Century…. Private prosecution of two Metropolitan Police officers This case is back before SOUTHWARK Crown court on the 1st of February 2013 at 10am. Again please attend if you are in the area, this is a case management hearing and the officers will not be in attendance. I do know that other like minded people will be in attendance, so it’s always a good opportunity to hook up and share ideas. Dailymail article on this case for those needing a refresher;
First Private Prosecution –
Met member of staff Tracey Murphy Still awaiting a decision from the high court as to when this matter will be listed, to challenge the CPS’ attempt to take it over and shut it down… New files have been prepared in pursuit of this prosecution and I anticipate some big announcement soon….
UPHELD IPCC DECISION Yesterday I received another upheld IPCC decision on appeal. The matter relates to the conduct of Detective Chief Inspector Dave Corbett of the Metropolitan Police’s professional standards dept. He was caught out abusing his position following a member of the Metropolitan Police leaking me an offensive email which he was the author. DCI Corbett was cleared initially by the Met Police but this has now been reversed on appeal to the IPCC. The IPCC has demanded ‘management action’ in relation to his unprofessional conduct which was a clear breach of Police code of conduct. Importantly this officer has been responsible for conducting investigations into police corruption in my case over the last 3yrs….
In his email he referred to me as ‘THE BEAST ……’.
No wonder that he did everything in his power to rubbish the clearly evidenced allegations I have made… As they say, it all eventually comes out in the wash. FUNDING Any one wishing to make a donation, financial or offers of assistance to the JusticeNOW campaign, please make contact. Many thanks to those of you that have contributed to assist this work, you know who you are and your help has been very helpful and vital to this work. Dates for your diary 1st of February 2013 – Southwark Crown Court – case management hearing in relation to prosecution of officers MacDonald & Blackburn
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VIDEOS of campaign

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9OgJPEFoRs [1st May 2012] Abolish the IPCC demonstration, London [part 2]

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytUiijF1B9E [1st May 2012] Abolish the IPCC demonstration, London [part 1]

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10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=m0qlmziHjhY [Call to Stevenage Magistrates court trial]

11. “STITCH UP” the film – PART 1 http://t.co/BgyXt6cB         PART 2 http://t.co/LBKvHNKu

Many of you have seen the CCTV from upstairs in the court now but not the full footage from downstairs. Well here you now can, as you will see I come into the court building, to speak to the PCSO following calling the Police.
You will see me go over to a quiet part of the court entrance while I await the arrival of the police, which the PCSO had confirmed he’d call. You well then see the sudden arrival of chubby boy who, clearly aggressive wants to remove me for….
well standing quietly talking on my phone. I was infact speaking to the court trying to organise the laying of the information. Well what happens next is the subject of the controversy as I am dragged from the court once again, the security guard claims i attempted to throw a straight right punch….
he fails to mention that the oaf is shoving me violently in the chest at the time…
Downstatirs raw CCTV
Upstairs raw CCTV


23 JAN 13
Here is a funny angle to my case, I AUDIO recorded this whole situation. During the course of the case I produced the RECORDING, coupled to the CCTV and SMASHED their witnesses as liars utter perversion of the course of justice and the magistrates still convicted……
I can firmly say these courts are utterly corrupt. Not to worry, I will publish up all the material in due course to let you watch, listen and JUDGE for yourself… …
Peace to you all and I am overwhelmed with the support across the country and those that attended the court. The public gallery rose as one and demonstrated their contempt for the Magistrates and their baseless decision… They have picked the wrong case as this utterly evidentially demonstrates their corrupt practice…
“Ok back from court in Hertford Magistrates, a 2 hr case management hearing. – as usual CPS still failed to follow court orders, as usual given time extensions despite objections that 4 mths is long enough…
– case is setdown for 3 days starting 22nd January 2013 …
– My Abuse of process argument to run on 17/1/2013 – Prosecution have added more witnesses, now 10 in total. Nothing like padding out a worthless and hopeless case – ALL prosecutions witnesses need to be produced at trial.. – One of the court security looks like he’s got a conviction for a serious assault….
– I withdrew my plea and entered NO CASE TO ANSWER. The District Judge, who has no power of attorney over me entered a plea on my behalf. I advised her she was responsible for the case outcome and insisted the court record was updated with this info – I also made it known that my belief, from experience, is that the Magistrates is not a fair or lawful court….
A second ‘apprentice’ judge was sitting in, she smiled sweetly at me through proceedings.. ;)”
please scroll down this pae for more articles on this shocking case…
The case, from the “Telegraph” August 12:
Police officers in court as man brings private prosecution
Two police officers have appeared in court accused of burglary, kidnap and false imprisonment after a judge granted the alleged victim the right to bring a rare private prosecution.
Michael Doherty arriving at Westminster Magistrates Court

Michael Doherty arriving at Westminster Magistrates Court Photo: NNP
By , Crime Correspondent

6:01PM BST 15 Aug 2012

Sergeant Gareth Blackburn, 38, and Detective Constable Stephen MacDonald, 42, were summonsed to appear before Westminster Magistrates Court to face a string of allegations related to an arrest they made on a man suspected of harassing a colleague in September 2008.

Former aircraft engineer Michael Doherty, 40, claimed the officers turned up at his house at 6.30am, smashed down his door with a battering ram in front of his terrified family, before handcuffing him and dragging him to the police station.
Mr Doherty was granted permission to bring the case by a district judge who also ordered that both Metropolitan Police officers attend yesterday’s preliminary hearing.
The origins of the case date back to 2008 when Mr Doherty made a serious allegation to the police in Hillingdon, West London.
Frustrated at what he considered was a lack of progress in the investigation, Mr Doherty made a number of phone calls to his local police station.
He was subsequently accused of harassing a civilian police worker at the station, and the two officers arrived at his home to investigate the complaint. When Mr Doherty refused to let the officers into his home, he alleges they broke down his door and forcibly took him into custody. Mr Doherty was later cleared of all charges but applied for permission to bring a private prosecution against the arresting officers. The summons issued by District Judge Deborah Wright at Uxbridge Magistrates last month, stated that the two officers were accused of trespass and an attempt to inflict grievous bodily harm on the home owner. The summons aid: “You were on the property as a trespasser and you threatened to smash down a glass-panelled door which the homeowner was holding closed.
“You threatened and used a battering ram to support your threat of violence. The occupants were caused fear for their personal safety. “You wilfully failed to perform your duty to such a degree that it amounted to an abuse of the public trust which had been placed in you.” The summons also stated that the officers were alleged to have carried Mr Doherty away without any lawful authority. “There was no consent from the victim and you used unlawful violence to carry out this kidnap,” the document stated. It went on: “You were tasked to carry out enquiries into allegations of harassment, however when lawfully refused entry to the home of Mr Doherty you did without lawful authority force entry into their private home.” It is extremely rare for a summons to be issued against police officers as part of a private prosecution.
Criminal cases are usually brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, but people can pursue their own actions under the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985. Both police officers, who remain on full duties, are due to appear before Southwark Crown Court on October 19 for a Plea and Case Management Hearing.
soe  more:

Two police officers accused of kidnap in private prosecution

District judge issues summons in case brought by man who claims police unlawfully entered home and forcibly removed him


  • guardian.co.uk,             Sunday 15 July 2012 17.04 BST

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