1]  13 02 13 HM Crown Prosecution Service                                                            ref.docx

HM Crown Prosecution Service

Ref: 1203241 D Cardiff/London

Ref: C0O/3970/2012 &CO/6357/2012 13th Feb 13

‘Breach of Restraining Order’ Appeal never served on me in the first place

1.I must have telephoned both CPS in London and Cardiff offices in excess of twenty times, visited the RCJ four times on the matter, written some thirty or so letters, just to get you both to release the evidence needed for the appeal due in the RCJ any day now. I do not even have your judges summary for immediate website publication and still further tape recordings.

2.Especially the lies the police doctor gave in a signed police statement, last summer that I had been ‘moved on’ by police from his home, just to get me jailed for nearly three months, in another  attempt to stop my one million pound NHS damages from claim progressing. You lot ‘eventually’ realised, as in the ‘machine’ gun scandal and original ‘harassment’ conviction, the South Wales Police had gone out of their way, anything to prejudice my civil actions on extreme police bullying and have me ‘stitched up’ on false doctor’s evidence, himself promised immunity to prosecution, first, by eleven Cardiff Crown Court judges, then the GMC and now, your very own selves.

3.Cardiff Crown refuse me access to the building at all or listen to the evidence in the 4th May 12 trial because it caught the prison guards confirming I had been removed from the court building, dripping blood from my arse and against my clear wishes, contrary with my request for specifically named defence witnesses, Dr Williams and Dr Gaynor Jones included, to carry on and give the relevant defence evidence the judge knew, very well, was needed and even asked for by a the jury!

4.Curran QC had been briefed by the Cardiff Cabal to do otherwise.

5.I have asked for your agreement, for the RCJ, re my tape recordings of the scandalously run original Cardiff Magistrates ‘harassment’ hearings to be played, including several Crown Court related hearings, 1st March 12 for example, catching my 15th Nov 11, denied at the time, lawyer’s legal papers, handed towards me by my ‘Mackenzie Friend’, from the well of the court, my own legal papers from my prison cell, eye witnesses, the right to cross examine anyone or call the known seven police men who had originally indicated the enclosed (original illegally switched CPS exhibit mid trial, also caught on tape) ‘Wanted’ poster of a South Wales Police blackmailed psychiatrist, was not any public order offence.

6.All this week not one of you will even discuss the possibilities of further variation of the 1st Dec 11 ‘Restraining Order,’ in the light of new evidence, some under your control only and still further evidence of the doctor’s continuing blatant deceit hatched long before the 8th June MAPPA level 3 meeting with Barbara Wilding falsifying her 25/26th Dolmans drafted Feb 09 sworn affidavit originally ordered by Nicholas Chambers Q.C. on the old argument for all court cases, failed disclosure of the truth.

7.Yesterday, despite days of Cardiff CPS promises, for named lawyers to ring me back to expedite the further changes to the order, never served on me, your phone was fixed to block any of my further incoming calls.

8.Your state pension is guaranteed so what is it that bugs you? You knew from the start the police had repainted that machine gun to try and fool the jury, your 2nd Dec 09 CPS barrister lied to HHJ Neil Bidder QC, that I was so dangerous with a ‘brain tumour’ and ‘significant brain damage’ I needed IPP incarceration to Ashworth High Security Prison for life or are you only troubled in the way , from the same 9 Park Place barrister’s chambers, each time, David Gareth Evans told the judge Curran., on 2/3rd May 12, he may have to be my defence witness over the draught restraining order as he had directed to me, in my court cell , on 1st Dec 11 and NOT the final version because the same custody officer, Lee Barker , had gone home, two hours earlier, despite telling the jury he had ‘unlocked’ my cell and handed it to me.

9.Are you concerned I was beaten up, again, this time for refusing to leave my cell, that day, demanding court papers, when the ‘Order’ may well have been brought down as I was being released, not to the prison for my later release, as is customary, because I had no less than 10 human rights workers from all over Europe to witness, for themselves, causing the abrupt shortening of my already served prison sentence and witness just how totally evil the Cardiff judiciary is if you so foolishly declare yourself as born an Englishman? 10.Are you going to accede to my previous reasonable and relevant requests for previous court documents, by email, or not?

Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc Copy to:  Criminal Court of Appeal


2]     13 02 14 Seys Ll QC.pdf


His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre



14th Feb 13

Your Honour,

Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police 18


Feb 13 Trial

Urgent Medical Issues include;

A. As to whether I have ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’, a fixed

belief un amenable to reason in that I am being persecuted by the

South Wales Police?

B. Do I have ‘significant brain damage’ and ‘a possible brain

tumour’ as diagnosed by NHS (Wales) and Defendant’s MAPPA


C. Both MAPPA and NHS (Wales) have refused medical care, a

follow up brain scan or even search for an alternative opinion,

while all the Welsh courts, to whom I have applied, Cardiff

prison, Cardiff police and NHS (Wales), continue to deny me

access to appropriate medical attention or be seen by my doctor at

Caswell Clinic, Bridgend. What will this court do about it?

D. I am repeatedly refused my right, under the Prevention of

Harassment Act 1997, to therefore continue a course of conduct to

detect or prevent further crime. All related to this same Caswell

Clinic forensic psychiatrist having been blackmailed to fabricate

my 2008 forensic history to order to make me eligible for MAPPA

Level 3 registration, be remanded in custody and denied my

eligibility for the return of my professional pilots licences.

Further to an apparent alarming conversation, only this morning, with NHS (Wales)

solicitors, indicating my attempts to obtain the police medical evidence, that was before the


Dec 2009 Cardiff Crown Court, that I have irreversible and ‘significant brain damage’,


Page 2


compounded by a possibly brain cancer, is stayed on your 30th January 13 enclosed Court


South Wales Police whilst denying me bail, in their attempts to have me further MAPPA

sectioned to Ashworth High Security Prison, possibly for life, were dependant, again, on

their own blackmailed Caswell Clinic psychiatrist, neither appropriately qualified to interpret

my brain scans for a criminal court nor having even examined me to obtain my original 2009

section 35 long incarceration, following next Monday’s Defendant falsifying evidence before

nine Cardiff judges that I was in breach of Section 6 of 1968 fire arms Act in having a WW1

Lewis Machine gun bolted to my Farnborough air show display biplane, sold on at least a

year before!

In the absence of immediate Crown Court disclosure, to allow me to hear medical evidence

on court CDs but not on the official transcripts, for the ridiculously delayed Court of Appeal

hearing, for my GP to so advise and for the NHS/Caswell Clinic, Bridgend authorities to

disclose that medical information, I cannot be diagnosed as fit to stand trial.

That being said, this police psychiatrist is available to you to give precisely what he gave to

the 1st June 2009 IAG police HQ meeting and subsequent six or so MAPPA meetings, held

in Caswell Clinic, he as Clinical Director, in total absence of other required ‘agents’,

contrary to UK statute otherwise the court may remain in some difficulties.

The very same difficulties that caused the delay of this trial proceeding in each of the last

four attempts, in 20 years, all due to the nefarious conduct of the Defendant and its

lawyers, based on avarice with far too much help from Cardiff judges and Luigi Stranati,

HMCTS Area Controller in their joint failed attempts to have me registered a ‘vexatious

litigant’ . It means my current fitness to attend court continues to remain in doubt and the

evidence, that has repeatedly been used against me, to have me struck off, ‘fined’ well over

£500,000 and repeatedly jailed, continues to be unlawfully withheld by the Cardiff courts

and its agents, South Wales Police and Welsh NHS, which is why, in interests of justice

(Article 6 etc), these proceedings should not be heard by anyone in a Welsh court room

and should be consolidated with the deliberately buried ‘ machine gun’ and ‘NHS

psychiatrist fraud’ million pound damages claims in a High Court well out of Wales.

The 2011 Cardiff magistrates tapes, now disclosed to the Criminal Court of Appeal, reveal

rampant criminal conduct by District Judge John Charles, the South Wales Police and CPS

barrister, anything to honour their agreement to give the NHS doctor immunity to prosecution

if I was going to defend myself from the mandatory 10 year prison sentence in lieu of

attempted IPP during the ‘machine gun ‘scandal.

I also renew my application that the Defendant should make its first attempt to settle ‘out of

court’, something its lawyers have always refused to consider due to the Cardiff cabal’s most

un regulated but lucrative ‘gravy train’.

My 1994 Bristol solicitors were instructed to fight but of their own volition, having perused

the evidence of apparent extreme police bullying and following South Wales Police

clandestine communications with Guernsey, in attempts, agtain, to ban my driving and

therefore veterinary income, proposed settlement with Dolmans, the Chief Constable’s

solicitors but were, of course, ignored.



Page 3


Your Honour will re call, in your refusal to adjourn one of the 1990s police motoring

incidents, part of this 20 year running damages action next week, my consultant surgeon’s

evidence was not accepted despite the fact I was on morphine sulphate prescription following

a particularly painful abdominal operation.

Your Honour will also recall your July/August 2010 MAPPA disclosure refusal, to order the

South Wales Police t disclose they had evidence that I was in possession of a ‘machine gun’,

significant brain damage authenticated by MAPPA Level 3, the record attached to relevant

witnesses I need for next week’s trial, that the Defendant, then Barbara Wilding, was acting

on her own fabricated fraudulently portrayed February 2009 sworn affidavit, ordered to be

signed by her and no one else, by your honour’s predecessor, Nicholas Chambers QC who, in

the extreme circumstances, also granted me a jury trial.


Criminal Court of Appeal’s ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ Appeal.

1. FAO County Court listings/District Judge Bodfan Jenkins

re recent variation of 1st Dec 11 Restraining Order originally issued by District Judge John

Charles in my absence and never served on me. Judge Charles denying me my right to cross

examine any prosecution witness nor have any of the evidence challenged by the unlawfully

imposed court defence Swansea solicitor, Mr Williams, believed a relative to the police

psychiatrist (all accurately recorded evidence on my court tapes).

2. FAO South Wales Police psychiatrist

re his 2009 medical reports Defendant, following last week’s County Court ruling with your

refusing to ‘strike out’ my one million pound damages claim against NWS (Wales) and the

‘on the sick’ police psychiatrist.

3. FAO Tottenham Police re Sept 11 psychiatric reports causing my being again

sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act from evidence ,alonme, from South

Wales Police 2009 Caswell Clinic psychiatric reports

4. FAO Le Procureur, Palais de Justice, St Brieu, Brittany, France

Cotes D’amor gendarmes Feb 2012 psychiatric reports causing my being sectioned under the

French equivalent law and detained to Pontivy hospital following communication with south

Wales Police via Interpol relating to my application for asylum, in Paris, following South

Wales Police MAPPA meetings being made aware I had been set up, by the Defendant and

its psychiatrist to having me shot.

5. FAO District Judge John Charles

re his obscene orders preventing my cross examining the police in the subsequent 28th Nov

10 ‘common assault’ conviction hearings, (later unopposed at appeal in Bristol Crown Court),

the judge Charles using the excuse of my daily intake of morphine sulphate, obtained in my

absence due to the ill health, his having been supplied by a copious number of independent



Page 4


medical reports that my urgently needed total hip replacement operation was only being

refused by NHS (Wales) as I was recorded as having ‘significant brain damage.

Judge Charles gave no reason for denying my cross examining in 2011 magistrates and its 1st

March 12 appeal in Cardiff Crown Court but court records were eventually slipped out, years

later ,that Crown Orders of 14


Nov 12, just before the magistrates case’s evidence was heard

, subject to RCJ JR CO/2012/6357, also held up on London ,due to petty tribal politics, that

the then soon retiring HHJ Llewellyn Jones QC had ordered Charles to have me convicted,

what the sentence was to be but more importantly, I was not allowed to cross examine the

police under any circumstances

6. FAO Cardiff CPS

re the same old police psychiatrist MG 11 August 12 police witness statement, this time,

further fabricating evidence to obtain, now, nearly three years in custody, so far, on this

doctor’s evidence alone —-stating, this time, I had been ‘moved on’ from his home by the

police and that I was the only cause for he and his wife, Dr Janis Hillier, to be on long term


Dr Hillier is needed by witness summons, to prove fraud throughout these civil proceedings

now as a new witness on 18th Feb 13, at the commencement of the three month damages trial

to expedite issues over my capacity, competence and culpability or not of where this British

law court currently stands.

7. FAO CPS (London) and case worker at RCJ

Whereas district judge Charles used my comprehensive medical evidence and psychiatric

reports from the police, in his August 10 order, to block a stitched up criminal allegation

being blown apart5 in open court, in that I was not allowed to cross examine anyone, he

appeared to be in problems by the 2011the ‘harassment’ hearing, leading to the 1


Dec 11

conviction, as I had to go to France to obtain the operation and was, therefore, no longer

incapacitated to cross examine anyone as I was no longer dependant on ‘mind bewildering’

drugs only imposed by this inherent hatred of the English.

Please find enclosed, also, my yesterday’s letter to the Criminal Court of Appeal and CPS that

appears to have e-mail ‘bounced’ and your 13th Aug 10 appearing to accept my medical

reports that were also put before District Judge John Charles and causing an adjournment in

one but refused, out right by Judge Charles.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copies to:

Criminal Court of Appeal




3]  13 01 30 Applic to Strike Out One Million Pound Claim against NHS Refused.pdf

General Form of Judgment or Order


rt Claimant



1’1 Defendant

Ref TWFI.448470.48


2″ Defendant

Ref TWH.448470.48


3rd Defendant



4th Defendant

Ref Z I 1056677/SJS/A I

Before His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn Q.c. sitting at Cardiff County Court, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, 2

Park Street, Cardiff, CFI() 1ET.

Upon hearing the Claimant in person and Counsel for the Defendants



1. The Application of the Claimant is refused.

2. The Application of the Defendants is adjourned generally with permission to restore on 14 days notice to the


3. Costs of the Defendants application reserved.

Dated 30 January 2013

The court office at Cardiff County Court, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, 2 Park Street, Cardiff, CHO JET is open between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday to Friday. When

corresponding with the court, please address forms or letters to the Court Manager and quote the claim number. Tel: 02920 376400 Fax: 029 20376475

Produced by:Mrs R Pahl

N24 General Form of Judgment or Order



4]  10 08 13.docx

10 08 13

Dear Mr Kirk and Ms Standley,

Please see the attached letter from His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn Q.C.

Please also see the letter below from His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn Q.C.

In response to the email forwarded from Mr Kirk via Dolmans Insofar as he relies on medical grounds of inability to deal with proceedings, in support of the application to adjourn the civil trial listed for September, and in answer to the e-mail enquiry from Mr Kirk dated 11th August sent to the solicitors for the Defendant and relayed by them to the court, it is essential for the court to receive independent medical report of his inability or difficulty to deal with proceedings.

The court is not in a position to know who the relevant doctor or doctors are from whom medical report should be sought. He should seek written report from those medically qualified who are treating him and /or are able to furnish medical report authoritatively in respect of his condition, ability or lack of ability to conduct matters.

If the complaint is of physical disability the court will consider what arrangements if any are necessary and/or feasible to make allowance for his condition during any trial and self-evidently any medical report will need to deal with whether any disability can be accommodated by such arrangements. If the complaint is of other disability the same considerations apply. Regards

Rosie Williams

Rosie Williams Personal Assistant to His Honour Judge A Seys Llewellyn Q.C./Cynorthwywr Personol Ei Anrhydedd Barnwr A Seys Llewellyn Q.C.

Tel: 02920 376400

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre/Canolfan Y Llysoedd Sifil Caerdydd

Help us be green & save paper- do you need to print this email?

Oes angen ichi brintio’r ebost hwn? Arbedwch bapur – a hel

BELOW – Maurice at Cardiff hospital in 2012 after being beaten by numerous prison personnel during an enforced stay [for no reason whatsoever other than to cause him hassle and grief and waylay his cases aganst these dubious authorities in S Wales]

...aa 01-12-11_1811


 Legal Battles

                             “WE WILL GET THE B**ST**D” TRIAL NEXT WEEK

  “We Will GetThe B**st**d”

BARRY POLICE over heard at the start of all this bullying, circa 1993, by my shocked veterinary nurse

               Also see overhead video BELOW
Come to three months of tribal deceitful jibberish in an environment we all should be thoroughly ashamed of.The result was decided, over 19 years ago, in some dark satanic mill, when my Bristol solicitors indicated it would be sensible to settle. But Dolmans, solicitors, of Cardiff, were already on the ‘gravy train’.

Crown Prosecution Service


9th Feb 2013

Variation of Restraining Order to obtain Medical Attention

Dear Sir,

A recent circuit judge, over my one million pound NHS (Wales)/ Caswell Clinic damages claim, had to remind the NHS barrister that the Caswell Clinic psychiatrist had asked the 2009 Cardiff Crown Court that I be sectioned and jailed under the 1983 Mental Health Act with neither the relevant forensic history nor even examining his potential patient!

As you know the South Wales Police then had him re-apply to the very same court, in December 2009, frantic to stop the publicity of my ‘WW1 machine gun’ trial happening, that I be further incarcerated but IPP this time, in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison, probably for life.

The fact that the Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, doctor was under pressure on a delicate domestic matter, called black mail by Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable and my Defendant in next week’s three month damages trial, is by no way a coincidence.

The doctor will feature heavily on 18th February and is to be called as a key prosecution witness.

Whereas your CPS colleague witnessed ‘variation’ in the 1st December 2011 ’Restraining Order’,suitably recorded, in my last magistrates’ applications, allowing me now to publish the doctor’s name, I was disappointed to be then accosted by two plain clothed police officers suggesting I had breached that order when visiting an Ely, Cardiff, psychiatric unit, ‘Ty Catrin’, simply to attend a prior engagement by invitation from a female Caswell Clinic doctor.

Dr Gaynor Jones is but one from Caswell Clinic and to include past HM prosecutors I have applied for to be my witnesses for my pending appeals currently before Criminal Court of Appeal in London.

I had hoped to speak to you, to avoid writing to the European Court today but no one ever seems to be ‘available’.I therefore wrote and copied it to you, by earlier e-mail, on the serious matter of my still being refused medical attention in South Wales, my having to travel always to France each time.

Kicking my application into the ‘long grass’, to some date in April, means I may be deemed medically unfit as is the view of the South Wales Police when instigating my recent imprisonment in France.

The fact remains that the police doctor was knowingly dishonest and police will not investigate because they are the police officers, next week, defending their own immunity to prosecution for 20 years of bullying. That fiasco, as fiasco it will be, will be followed by finally unblocked seven Actions, including falsified MAPPA registration, fabricated medical records ‘accepted’as correct by no less than Cardiff judges! Do I now accept I have ‘significant brain damage’ and a possible brain tumour, just what your HM CPS barrister, Richard Thomlow, told His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC and HM barrister David Gareth Evans ‘acted on’ in order to prosecute me for ‘harassment’?

My unlawfully blocked one million pound damages claim, surrounding your client’s malicious prosecution and long imprisonment, re police painting my Farnborough display aircraft’s ‘machine gun’a different colour, anything to try and fool the jury, has been deliberately buried by Cardiff courts for two years. There are too many other pending Actions to list here.

Successive clearly spineless Cardiff judges have refused any of my cases, civil, family or criminal, being transferred to an English court following your disastrous move, last year, in transferring my ‘common assault’ case to Bristol, when ex South Wales Police officer, Derrick Hasan had violently pushed me off my crutches and down the Cardiff Crown Court steps to break my leg.

I was always immune to prosecution, from the start, in the suggestion I circulated ‘Wanted’ posters, by section 3 a) & c) of the 1997 Act and is now supported by my library of tape recordings from original magistrates and Crown Court hearings, exposing what is routine ‘abuse of process’, needing cyberspace coverage worldwide, ‘in the interest of the public’, as I believe you call it.

I, like Norman Scarth Esq., am also too old to turn a blind eye at the routine manner your Cardiff courts’continue to pervert the course of justice meaning that both Norman and myself have little chance in considering your future proceedings with the respect all law courts should command.

It is a matter for you, of course, what you should do, bearing in mind no less than eleven Cardiff judges wished to ‘believe’the Caswell Clinic, when it said I had ‘significant brain damage’ and too dangerous to be released, thus allowing the Chief Constable to having me registered MAPPA level 3, one of the 5% most dangerous within our UK’s population.

With regards to my 8 Feb 2013 letter of applications to the European Court of Human Rights please could the Crown Prosecution Service review:

1. what is a ‘proportionate response’ to the above facts

2. whether you agree that I will continue to avoid contact with Dr Tegwyn Williams while the CPS consider whether to set up a process to receive still more evidence on this doctor’s most recent criminal wrongdoing and

3.dating from 2009 to the present day. I was sectioned, last month, under the French Mental Health Act as in Tottenham police station over the Nigerian Musa family scandal, each time only on this doctors fabricated evidence

4. his false 2011/12 MG11police witness signed statements, copies of which you refuse to re release, that led to the South Wales Police having my locked up in Cardiff prison for months on end, only for you, yet again, to drop all charges

5. your agreement that, while you know Dr T Williams already has his criminal wrongdoing it negates the 1st December 11 ‘restraining order’, under sub section 3 a)& c) of 1997 Act (to detect or prevent further crime), suggesting no other conditions against me should now remain.

6.To list your hearing and other civil actions, smack in the middle of next week’s trial, at my huge expense, is as I would expect from a UK judiciary that stinks and is rotten to the core.

I assume you do not mind that I publish in full all legal papers in this case that are intended for the European Court of Human Rights.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

View the Cardiff police angrily beating me up at a traffic jam and then in the police cells:
DAMAGES THREE MONTH TRIAL STARTS 18th Feb13 @ Cardiff Civil Justice Centre having been deliberately delayed for nearly 20 years

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