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All over the country many children are being removed from good families under the most dubious of circumstances by town councils, SS and others, often in via the Secret Family Courts. When told about irregularities in cases the authorities do nothing. It is time it was stopped.

[pic] Chiwar and Gloria Musa outside the RCJ, August 2011 with the very much victimised Maurice Kirk’


On the 8 April 2010 at around 4pm 8 policemen let themselves in by key to the Musa family council home and removed the Musa’s 5 children without any notice or prearrangement. The children were removed on what later were found to be totally untrue allegations made by certain employees at Y council. All allegations have been disproven, the allegations ranging from the children not being the Musas offspring and were being trafficked, to the children being beaten and generally mistreated by their parents.
Regarding the child trafficking allegation that the children were not the Musas offspring and they were part of a child trafficking network, DNA tests instigated by the Musa parents taking an unusually phenominally long time to undertake proved without a shadow of a doubt that the children were indeed the Musas children, proving also the children were in no way being trafficked in any shape or form. After this allegation was disproved other equally ridiculous allegations were made to keep the children from returning to their once happy home. One such allegation was that Gloria Musa was an active sex worker – a prostitute – who plied her trade not only in front of and with her church congregation but also in front of her children. She is, in fact. an ordained bishop in the Evangelical Church of Africa and is not and has never been what this allegation alleges. This ridiculous allegation was made with no evidence of any kind to substantiate it yet the court believed this nonsense, along with other unsubstantiated allegations such as the children being beaten by the parents, even though medical examinations made when the council took the children showed no sign of anything to back their allegations of cruelty by the parents towards their children. Even though the allegations were proven groundless never was it mentioned that the children were to be returned to their parents as they should have been, of course. Quite the opposite in fact took place in that a 6th child was removed from the Musa parents, the hitherto unborn baby at the time of the April 8 2010 child removals. The baby x6 was stolen once at her birth, the violence of the police during the removal operation in the hospital at 3 in the morning directly after Gloria had just given birth nearly killing this defenceless mother {she is still suffering appalling injuries to this day which the prison,for she is in prison {see update below} will not address by denying her proper medical treatment}.

The baby was returned later after a matter of weeks, but was stolen again on even more dubious allegations on June 28th 2011, and the parents have not seen the baby since that date. The baby’s removal, like the entire case, needs an honest investigation away from the entities already involved.

Around 4 months after the children were removed the eldest, now 12 year old x1, complained of being “inappropriatly touched” – sexually molested in other words – by the teenage habitee of the home she was placed in. Ever since this child complained of this appalling sexual harrassment, in August 2010, all contact visits ordered by the court ceased – which was against all the orders the courts themselves made, against the governments “Childrens Charter” {which actually promotes contact between removed children and their parents}, and against the entire familiy’s Human Rights. For the child X1 not to have been seen for over 18 months since she claimed of being a victim of sexual abuse is surely outrageous. Nor has anybody from the Nigerian High Commission seen any of the children either during this entire period – especially after an injunction was put in place to stop anyone from the Commission seeing the children when the parents were imprisoned on remand the 28th November 2011 – some of the diplomats at the Commission are actually Godparents of some of the Musas’ children – and for over 18 months from when the child made the allegation of sexual abuse to her parents they did not know whether the child was alive or dead, or was even in this country as the council refused not only to allow any contact visits but also refused to give any details whatsoever about the child when the parents enquired after her wellbeing. This is surely disgraceful and plainly cruel – the child was made to simply vanish from her parents lives to be never seen again.
The council had also allegedly changed this childs name – this article on “Parent Alienation Syndrome” shows how changing a childs name, location and lifestyle can turn her away from her loving parents and all she knew before her removal – a psychological “confidence trick” to which some vulnerable children can easily be made to succomb to – with or without prescribed medication. Often the entire trauma of the forced breakdown of the childs former loving family life helps the new identity take root – it is a form of Mind Control:

Although commonly used in divorce cases it can of course be used to alienate parents after the child is moved into a foster home.

Recently on the 28th June 2011 the Musas took their baby x3 to Z hospital, London as they thought she seemed to have a fever – a temperature. This was enough for Z council to arrange for the police to remove the baby, claiming minutes later she had been administered hard drugs, even though tests taken by medical staff at the hospital at the time proved negative for all drugs in not only the baby but also in both parents. Nevertheless an Emergency Protection Order {EPO} was placed on the baby immediately and she has been removed from the Musa family and not seen by them since, even though the reasons for the baby’s removal are totally fictional. At a court hearng on the 7th July the judge, who happened to be the original judge who ordered the removal of the other 5 children, believing the Z councils allegations, confirmed he would be issuing an Interim Care Order {ICO} on the newly taken baby, thus effectively removing her from the parents care, when a 2 week period was up. This he duly did, and the x3 has not now been seen since 28th June 2011, some 16 months ago from the date of her removal. For no contact visits to be allowed during this period is totally illegal, against all orders the court has made regarding the childrens contact visits with their parents, against the “Childrens Act” and against the parents and baby’s Human Rights.

Allegations by the council, in the early stages of this case, were that Gloria Musa was given opium by her stepfather whilst in the UK as a teenager. These are complete lies, yet were part and parcel of the allegations used to remove and keep these children. Gloria Musa has no stepfather, has never taken opium at any time, and was not in the UK as a teenager. This is just one totally false allegation fabricated by the council and used in the removal of the Musa children. It has been said by the president of the secret closed family courts that “professionals dont lie”. This in itself is completely untrue which should be ignored completely always. There is overwhelming evidence of lies being told in this Musa case let alone numerous other cases of child removal in the UK, such as the cases of Vicki Haigh, Maureen Spalek, Cheryl Stannard, Eve Pears, the Baylis family, Paul Manning and many more – which of course is completely unacceptable. The people removing the children are public servants and are not paid to act like this – their wages are paid partly by the very people having their children removed under seemingly very dubious circumstances – it is wrong. The figures are at an all time high [from 14 April 2012]:

and are likely to increase {from the tv news 28 Dec. 2012]:

Many other irregularities and anomalies exist in this outrageous case, from outright witness intimidation {see a witness’s story here:

to much more.
The court orders concerning contact visits with the children have not been adhered to by the agency responsible for them on scores of occasions, and nothing has ever been done about this, causing much unneccassary grief, worry and financial hardship for these parents who seem to have been targetted by Haringey council employees and those connected to it. Supporters have written hundreds of emails and many letters sent by postal recorded delivery to MPs and other so-called “authority figures” {such as police and a Chief Constable} all of which have been totally ignored, and have made each and every person told absolutely aware of so many irregularities an and crimes committed in this appalling case and who exactly has undertaken what is described. Even so nothing is ever done about anything by anybody clearly and concisely told about the unacceptable events, even when trying to inform them of 9 year old girl x1 {at the time} being sexually molested by a teenager she was sadly placed at the home of.
The Musa parents were remanded in prison on the 28th November 2011 and after a trial which began in May 2012 and lasted 6 weeks approx. they were found guilty of “mistreatment of their children” {see update below} and sentenced to 7 years each, and to be deported immediately on release back to Nigeria.

By a “balance of probabilities” at a Family Court last November at a 6 day hearing the verdict was given in favour of the prosecutions case. Injunctions against me forbid me to say any more about this, but the Musa parents are far removed from anything to do with what is alleged and did not even have legal representation for that important hearing as they simply couldnt get any, and they have not had legal representation for most of the legal hearings held, as not only can legal representatives not be got to represent the family for some strange reason as i said, but those that do take the case on strangely “change” after a couple of weeks to act in a way completely opposite to that which they should, viz. they stop acting in the parents interests. The legal profession is a very closely knit one – so many are “pals” with the “you scratch my back and ill scratch yours” attitude and many are previous colleagues even and word soon gets about which cases are a “no-no” and those which have a “tick” by their name – those “no-no”s seem to be protected by secrecy laws and dubious “high-ups” {who we the tax-payer pay the salaries of] who cannot afford any more public scandals such as the very sad “Baby P” case, of which it is well known Haringey council played a major part, {see: } and sadly we all know what happened to poor Peter Connolly, R.I.P. Bless him and may he be at peace always…

There is a list of solicitors I personally have who’s actions leave much to be desired who most definately have not acted in their clients interests in this case – like, for example, not turning up for an important hearing as they were supposed to as Mr. Paul K-W didnt.
The list is long and it is such a shame things have come to be how they are.

The sentencing at the Musa’s trial was given on the August 14 2012 at Z crown court. [see below for update}.
A whistleblower from the crown court where the trial was held for the criminal case against the Musa parents has said the jury was not picked as it should have been – from the Electoral Roll etc.. Rather, it was handpicked by certain parties.
Also questions must be asked as to the eligibility of the judge who presided over the trial.
The defence team did not do their jobs in so many ways, or they knew about certain things and did not act correctly as they should have. Much is to be said about their legal prowess which varied from sheer utter incompetance to blind ignorance of the basic facts of the case. The Musa family are paying dearly for these characters mistakes, deliberate and not and were, sadly, in a “no win” situation.

One can imagine that this case which began really around Christmas of 2009 has many twists and turns, but not only that but numerous irregularities and even outright crimes exist, undertaken by people who know better. The evidence for all I allege can be produced at any time.

These are just the basic facts of this harrowing case but so many more irregularities exist, and it is such a shame this has to be written at all.

This is a true sworn statement and I contend a factual opinion of what has taken place and any further details can be given on request from me John Graham

Video: The Musa Case – The Irregular Interim Care Order Hearings:


kirk rcj musa1

UPDATE 16 AUG. 2012

The Musa parents received 7 years imprisonment on the 14 Aug. 2012 at Y Court, and are to be deported to Nigeria immediately on finishing their sentence. They have served already 259 days leading up to today in custody in prison.

Although grief stricken on receiving this verdict they bore the outrage with dignity before being dragged away from the glass-lined witness box to be taken back to their respective prisons to begin their completely unjust sentences.

Chiwar called at 7.30 pm and seemed very reasonable in the circumstances.

A great travesty of justice was performed today.

An appeal will be lodged alongside the appeal for the conviction itself.

There needs to be a thorough honest investigation and enquiry into the entire Musa case of their 7 children being removed by the UK government, where so many irregularities exist, along with contraventions of court orders, and blatant breaches of every family members human rights time and time again.
Regarding unanswered irregularities, as of the 9 Sept. 2012 there is still missing electronic data connected to the 2nd youngest baby x3’s medical records on her entry into hospital on the morning of 28 June 2011 that needs to be addressed, and also a handwritten “letter” allegedly written by the eldest Musa daughter x1, now 12, has never been officially confirmed as being written by her by any trained official graphologist but should have been. There is the unaddressed allegation that x1 suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the teenage member of the household she was placed with immediatly on being removed from her family in April 2010. The police have refused to investigate properly in any shape or form anything regarding this matter, even though I have officially notified the Chief Constable of Dorset 3 times about this, along with every MP time and time again along with other government departments.
These last 3 matters mentioned have not been addressed properly at all by the Musa’s legal representatives, who seem to have shirked completely certain responsibilities they clearly have regarding the important subjects just mentioned.

Other subjects exist too that need to be addressed but havent been, such as the childrens contact visits with their parents not taking place {for over 18 months in the case of the eldest child x1}, the worthless travel warrants issued to the Musa parents for the contact visits, which were continuously given even though the council were fully aware the travel warrants the Musas were given were worthless and unusable, and the feasance and malfeasance etc of the childrens “guardian solicitor”, for whom the Solicitors Regulation Authority refused to investigate time after time when official complaints were issued to them regarding her irresponsible, unprofessional and often criminal behaviour along with the Legal Ombudsman who also ignored notifications of serious wrongdoing by this rogue solicitor. Indeed, when I complained to the Legal Ombudsman about the actions of the SRA refusing to deal with the irresponsible behaviour by the children’s “guardian solicitor” and about my other grievances I was informed that the department was “closed” to me on these matters! “Closed” indeed!

The prisons the Musas are resident at have consistently failed to provide the proper care and responsibility they are supposed to – mail to the Musas is often undelivered to them or takes weeks to get to them, prearranged visits are denied whereby visits are officially made yet when the visitors go they are denied seeing either Musa, and more – but the most serious inaction by Holloway womens prison is regarding the medical care Gloria is and was supposed to receive whilst resident with them – that medical care being almost nonexistent most of the time even though numerous government agencies have been notified time and time again about the situation.

Chiwar has never ever set eyes on his newborn son born on March 10 2012, let alone ever hold him in his arms, and Gloria has only ever had a fleeting glimpse of her new son during birth and at no time since. They may never see any of their children ever again, as everything will be done to discourage any knowledge of anything to do with their children ever reaching these victimised and tortured parents once their lengthy prison sentences are completed and they are deported back to Africa. It is a public scandal and what has and is happening and something needs to be done about it immediately lest anything like this ever happens to any innocent victims ever again.


1] My videos of interviews with Chiwar and Gloria Musa in their former home, under the control of of the X council who evicted them on ridiculously short notice in Aug. 20111. A very onesided appeal took place at Edmonton court, at which I was present, where the Musas stood no chance, especially with no legal representation, as the Musaslegal rep. was ejected from rthe room at the very start of the proceedings. Another very wrong farce of a hearing. The Musas were duly evicted with nowhere to go and they became homeless, sleeping in church halls and at friends fior very short periods. My accomodation did nort allow for stayers or they could gladly have come stay with me, but anyweay, that wouldve been impractical in many ways.
These vids from 2011 – before their imprisonment: [total 26 mins]



2} Video: The Musa Case – The Irregular Interim Care Order Hearings:

3} Reporter Christopher Bookers articles for the “Sunday Telegraph” on this case {these links stop Aug. 2011 – more articles exist} =

4} April 2008 Daily Mail = “Baby P council falsely accused me of abusing a child, reveals whistleblower who feared she’d lose her daughter.”
{By Eileen Fairweather} =

4a] WHISTLEBLOWER UKRAINIAN PRIEST TELLS OF UNITED NATION’S [U.N.] AGENDA OF CHILDSTEALING WORLDWIDE….please persevere thru to the end with this video – the translating from Ukrainian to English takes its toll on some viewers,sadly…

5a} Figures at an all time high for children being removed from families, most often good, loving ones – Daily Mail April 12 2012 =

b] DAILY MAIL, 17 April 13 – “Thousands of children abused in their own homes are not being protected by local authorities, damning NSPCC report warns”

This article from the MailOnline by Sue Reid on July 26 13 states “as many as 12,000 children and babies are forcibly taken into care in England each year, the equivalent of 230 or so every single week.” . Of course children need removing from “bad” homes, but the figures belie the true nature of these child removals.

5c] The Guardian “Adoption and children in state care across England: get the data” –

6} The African publication “The Leadership”‘s articles are just 2 of many African exposes on the case:

7] Children waiting for adoption figures at all time high:

8] Affadavits:

Description: MOJI WORD AFFADAVIT 20/4/11
File Size: 182.1 KB
Download Link:

File 2:
File Name: MUSA FULL PDF 4 3 12.pdf
Description: RESUME / GLORIA STATEMENT 4/3/12
File Size: 130.6 KB
Download Link:

8] Letter 20 March 2013 sent by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery to 5 Ministry ofJustice representatives – as usual no replies have been received as of 25 days later – and one letter to Lord Mcnally didnt even get delivered, according to an operative at the post room at parliament:

9] MailOnline article 26 July 2013 by Sue Reid: “For years I fought against secret courts breaking up families. At last there’s hope”

10] Christopher Booker article 20 July 13: “Our child protection system is an international scandal”


see more:


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