above: M. Kirk stands ready  while Mr. T. Ewing, legal whizz contemplates  M Kirks legal documents outside Cardiff Civil Justice Centre on Day 1 of the neverending saga of the shocking mistreatment of Maurice Kirk by S Wales authorities.

Maurice Kirk = Position statement 7 Mar 13

Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police                       BS614159

8th March 2013

Claimant’s Position Statement

1. The Claimant has fear of becoming even more bored if senior and ex senior police officers, such as the court experienced yesterday, persist in continuing to ‘lie through their back teeth’ while everyone sits around doing nothing about it.

2. Yesterday’s Action ONE Para 8.26, Break- in to my Cardiff veterinary surgery, at 175 Cowbridge Road West, using a sledge hammer and crow bar) and my subsequent arrest, not theirs, for the ‘eviction of tenants’, ex police inspector ROBERT ROE stated, on oath, that the tenant’s six page 1995 witness statement of complaint was written by him stating both he, of Ely Police station , almost next door and ANTHONY GAFAEL, the other tenant, had entered the flat on that same date.

3. We had already heard from the police QC that it was not written by ROE but written by the investigating police officer in the case, a police officer ROCHE, yet to give evidence, who, in turn, will deny any knowledge of my Barry police station arrest by two plain clothes, my being in breach of the Tenancy Act, no, I was only arrested once and by a uniformed officer, for the one charge of ‘criminal damage’!

4. I am bemused as to how both ex senior police officers, with usual “I know nothing” mentality and with repetitive ‘selective amnesia’ tricks, are not immediately arrested for perjury unless Principality courts are all like this?

5. Chief Inspector Genner said he, following a telephone call from his distraught daughter, drove straight to the surgery and saw Roe while and advised his daughter to have no further involvement in the matter.

6.  Was it a ‘Trojan team’ from police higher command, to break in and re insert Alison into her flat, that Genner saw at the surgery because Roe said he never saw him?

7. Both ROE and Genner bluntly denied ‘any knowledge’ of what happened after their single visit to my surgery, one seeing his daughter with her property, some purported ‘stolen’ and some suffering purported ‘criminal damage’, while the police officer also said he ‘washed his hands of the affair’, saying it was a civil matter for the County Council, possibly and even wrote a report to them!

8. AND yet no police, so far, remember my much detailed statement of complaint, with photographs, of the thousands of pounds of water damage done by these bone fide two tenants causing the ceiling of my operating theatre to collapse onto my operating table fortunately not while I was at work.

9. The Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, denied knowledge of any of this affair, in her 25th Feb 09 sworn affidavit just as she did for the police, to be heard today, mysteriously only now disclosing their existence some near 20 years after the event!

10.  Some to give evidence to day even when Ex Police inspector Sydney Griffiths was, back in 2006, commissioned to establish the truth of my then twenty three incidents of complaint and Force Solicitor, Leighton Hill, advising for the preservation of all original documents, specifically for this three month running trial.

APPLICATION ISSUEs TO BE RAISED IN COURT  11. The Claimant now applies, under the rules of ‘best evidence’, for sight of all original witness statements as the Police legal team have stopped examining their own witnesses, whilst on oath, while the ‘burden of proof’ remains on them.

12. An interim payment by the Defendant for damages claimed to indicate, if nothing else, some semblance of ‘Equality in Arms’

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


further articles by Maurice from this hearing can be found @ http://www.kirkflyingvet.com


what its all about – M Kirks priceless legal files which have taken forever to get together…

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