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Before moving on to this subject, may I first thank everyone for the truly amazing response to my last blog, calling for support for Rusty (Timothy Rustige), who faces a Hearing in Aberdeen on Wednesday morning. Prisoners of Conscience International do a wonderful job and Rusty is a fearless campaigner against injustice. He is thus exactly the type of person the current vile Scottish SNP regime would want to crush.
Kenny MacAskill is Scotland`s Justice Secretary. Therefore, he holds a position of great responsibility and trust in administering justice in Scotland.
In 2009, Mr MacAskill lied about the reason for the release of the convicted and so-called Lockerbie bomber, Mr Al-Megrahi. At the time, the Justice Secretary already knew that evidence had been uncovered that indicated that Mr Al-Megrahi should never have been convicted in the first place. Even prosecuting judge Lord Fraser of Carmyllie had conceded that the conviction was unsound.
None of this has prevented Mr MacAskill from being prepared to lie and to lie before the whole world.
He has also stated that a thorough police investigation into the Hollie Greig case has taken place. At my trial a year ago, it was established beyond reasonable doubt that no such investigation had ever occurred.
Under cross-examination by Defence Counsel Andy Lamb QC, Grampian Police`s DC Lisa Jane Evans answered that none of the people identified by Hollie Greig in her formal complaint had ever been questioned by the police. Moreover, fourteen of the individuals named by Hollie called by the prosecution were also each asked by Mr Lamb if they had ever been questioned by the police in respect of the allegations made against them by Hollie Greig. They all swore that they had not.
I have ascertained that Mr MacAskill has been informed of this and has been presented with copies of all the expert witness statements supporting Hollie`s claims, along with the Police Complaints Commission Scotland document confirming that Grampian Police had withheld such expert witness statements from the Prosecutor.
Officers from Operation Yewtree have recently contacted the Scottish authorities over concerns about the Hollie Greig case. They have also been provided with the blatant untruth that “a thorough police investigation has taken place”, based on the aforesaid false and misleading statement made by Kenny MacAskill.
Meanwhile, justice is denied and Scottish children and the disabled in the Aberdeen area remain at risk.
Returning to the Lockerbie case, at least it can be safely assumed that in 2009, the Justice Secretary, along with Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini and First Minister Alex Salmond,would have been placed under extreme external pressure to lie about Mr Al-Megrahi, as to tell the truth would have meant exposing the cynicism and duplicity of American foreign policy during the eighties.
What pressure, then, may have been placed upon Mr MacAskill to lie so transparently over the Hollie Greig case?
The Prime Minister has authorised action in order to protect civilians in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Mali.
What action does he now propose to take in order to protect defenceless British citizens in Scotland?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

On Wednesday, 20th March, Timothy Rustige (Rusty), of Prisoners of Conscience International, is due to appear at an interim hearing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court at 10.00 hrs, facing a criminal charge. I would appreciate it if anyone in the area who believes in decency, justice and the protection of Scottish children and the disabled against sexual abuse, may be able to attend in support of Rusty.
Rusty was snatched from his home near Manchester in March last year by Grampian Police, had his home violated and was taken to Aberdeen and thrown into a police cell on the orders of Dame Elish Angiolini.
In comparison, we now know that Sir Jimmy Savile spent 50 years raping, molesting and terrorising defenceless children, the sick and disabled. He was never even arrested and it is known that the police actually threatened some of his victims with arrest , should they persist with their allegations against this great man, friend of Prime Ministers and the Royal Family.
An outside observer, unfamiliar with the current ways of Britain, would logically conclude that Rusty`s alleged crime, by definition, must be far worse than any of those attributed to Savile.
What unspeakable crime then, could Rusty possibly be accused of?
Well, it is said that he actually had the temerity of suggesting that the much-loved Dame Elish Angiolini may not be entirely suitable for a senior, publicly-funded post at St Hugh`s College, Oxford.
I know, it is shocking.
In defence of Dame Elish, she really does have many powerful and influential admirers. One group may include members of Scotland`s paedophile elite, who will doubtless be immensely grateful for her contribution in connection with Operation Planet in 1991, in trying to have certain sexual acts involving minors decriminalised.
Another section of devotees is certain to exist within the quaintly named “Scottish justice system”. Dame Elish bravely stood up against the Supreme Court, who ruled that those charged with crimes by the police in Scotland should be allowed to have a lawyer present at the time, under human rights legislation. To give her credit, Angiolini was having none of this “human rights” nonsense and maintained her stance, even when severely admonished by Lord Hope, of the Supreme Court (see the Peter Cadder ruling).
Finally, perhaps the most powerful of all her admirers may be found within the CIA, who must have greatly appreciated her keeping her mouth shut over as to who was really responsible for the Lockerbie bombing and by gallantly resisting all efforts to get to the truth, in her previous role of Lord Advocate.
There is much more to be said about Dame Elish`s public record, but this information should be enough to convince anyone to treat her henceforward with the degree of respect that she truly deserves.
On another point, it has been reported that Mr Cameron, on being questioned about the jailing of Chris Huhne, stated that it demonstrated that however high you may be, you are within reach of the law. The Prime Minister might try telling that to the victims of Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith. To bring us up-to-date, he may also try telling that to the relatives of the 1,200 people who needlessly died at the hands of the NHS in Mid-Staffs. He may try telling that to Hollie Greig.
Can anyone be in doubt that we now live in a perverted, inverted country where right is wrong and wrong is right?

Friday, 8 March 2013

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of those people who were good enough to fill the Court on Wednesday in support of my challenge to Elish Angiolini`s legal action, which was intended to silence me. I was very moved that these kind people came along at very short notice, even from England, on a cold March morning in Edinburgh. May I also thank all those of you who were thoughtful enough to send me messages of support prior to the Hearing. It meant a lot to me and I know that this loyal backing means a great deal to Hollie.
I was treated very fairly by the sheriff, Lord Glennie, who adjourned the hearing until 1st May in order for me to obtain the level of professional legal representation he believed was necessary in order to defend myself against Angiolini. I am also grateful for the efficient manner in which I was represented by my Counsel, Laura-Anne Van Der Westhuizen. The next hearing is scheduled to be on Wednesday 1st May. There are no reporting restrictions.
Elish Angiolini appears to be under the impression that in spite of being an individual who is highly paid from public funds, she has been treated harshly by my criticism of her conduct whilst in public office. Any possible misunderstandings that she may perceive to exist could well have been resolved by now, had she not chosen to refuse to be cross-examined under Oath at my trial when cited to do so.
She did not appear at the hearing and neither did one of her chief lawyers, the highly controversial Professor Peter Watson of Levy & McRae. It is Watson who was behind the cruel and disgracefully unbalanced article that appeared in the Sunday Herald on 17th June 2012. What is there to be said about a powerful and influential man who is prepared to authorise a public attack on a defenceless and disabled woman rape victim?
Operation Yewtree approached me a few weeks ago following widespread public concern about the handling of  Hollie`s case. I was invited to be interviewed at the HQ in London and to provide copies of all expert witness supporting documents as well as those indicating the existence of Grampian Police corruption and the possible obstruction by leading figures in the Scottish establishment. The interviewing officers made it clear that due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the case and those connected to it, which included the mysterious death of Robert David Greig, it would need to be examined at a high level. I warned the officers that the Scottish authorities would place every possible obstacle in their path when Operation Yewtree tried to establish the truth about these horrific crimes.
The officers agreed that they could find no reason whatsover for the failure of Grampian Police to even question one of the 29 people, alleged perpetrators and fellow victims, named in my presence by Hollie before DC Lisa Evans on 8th September 2009. This utter and unjustifiable failure by the police was established at my trial.
All this has not prevented Mr John McSporran, of the Police Complaints Commission Scotland, from regurgitating Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill`s ludicrous mantra that “a thorough police investigation had already taken place”. I have asked the current Commissioner, John McNeill, if he agrees with Mr McSporran. I have also asked him to confirm that he is aware of the contents of page 31 of the previous PCCS report that states that Grampian Police deliberately withheld two crucial expert witness statements from the Prosecutor. These documents were those of Dr Jack Boyle and Dr Eva Harding, which unequivocally supported Hollie`s claims and within the statements, four of the alleged perpetrators were actually named, as well as a reference to a previously recorded sexual offence by one of them. The PCCS at the time of the initial investigation were also aware that the police had intervened before Hollie`s first allegations, when Anne Greig had been injured to the extent that she had to spend one night in hospital after being hit over the head with a vacuum cleaner by one of those named in the aforesaid documents.
At least, I do understand now that the Scottish authorities have finally accepted that Hollie has been the victim of serious sexual crimes. As a competent and truthful witness, she has clearly named her attackers. What is the so-called Scottish justice system going to do about it?
Those who may also wish to discover why the PCCS appear to be preventing Operation Yewtree from instigating a proper inquiry into extremely serious sexual crimes should call 01698 542900.
The intervention of Operation Yewtree has come as a result of all the wonderful and persistent efforts from many of the readers of this blog. Your gallant perseverance in informing politicians and the media have also been highly influential and I thank you all for your decency, compassion and courage in trying to have a proper investigation into this terrible scandal, which like the Savile debacle, has resulted in defenceless children and the disabled suffering unspeakable ordeals as a result of the craven or acquiescent conduct of those we trust to protect our most vulnerable citizens.
Thank you all again for everything you have done over the past few years. Hollie Greig is an amazingly courageous woman. She deserves every support and so do all the other victims of such vile crimes perpetrated by Savile and those like him.

Friday, 1 March 2013

I am challenging the Citation issued on behalf of Elish Angiolini, which was designed to effectively prevent me from criticising her conduct in public office.
A hearing will be held at 10.00 hrs, at the Court of Session, Parliament House, Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RQ, case number A237/12. I shall be present, as emergency Legal Aid has just been granted to me, following months of effort, so that I can finally have an appropriate level of legal representation. The Court is open to both press and public and if anyone in the Edinburgh area would be so kind as to attend, it would be greatly appreciated.
Since being served the Citation on 15th May 2012, whilst I was still in prison and thus had no opportunity to challenge it at the outset, I have been persistently denied the Legal Aid I require in order to challenge what I believe to be an imposition on my right to freedom of speech. I also regard it as against the wider public interest, as it is linked to having the effect of partially suppressing issues related to the horrifying crimes committed against Hollie Greig.
Furthermore, it has been discovered that an objection had been lodged in order to block the application for the provision of the Legal Aid on which I was dependent. Clearly, this could only have been motivated by a desire to place me at a most unfair disadvantage in Court. In legal terms, as a foreigner in a country in which I do not reside and with no knowledge nor requirement to have knowledge of Scottish Law, it would have been utterly unacceptable and thus flies in the face of any civilised concept of justice. This situation would have been amplified further by the fact that my adversary is a wealthy woman with extensive knowledge of and influence within the Scottish legal system.
The identity of the individual responsible for presenting the objection remains a mystery. The senior partners of Angiolini`s two representing law firms, Alfred Tyler of Balfour Manson and Peter Watson of Levy & McRae refuse to comment. Who knows?
I must stress that the hearing is a procedural one, so that it is unlikely that any firm outcome will be reached, but if anyone can come along, I should be most grateful.

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