Above: Maurice Kirk outside Cardiff Civic Justice Center, Febuary 2013

I am showing these documents from M Kirk to highlight the utter abuse he has always suffered in the courts, particularly in Wales, but also in London. These documents show the abject abuse of power by those put in positions of responsiblity, that are paid astronomical salaries with the British peoples money but simply refuse to do the job they are there to do  – drunk with power this oligarchy rides roughshod over citizens rights seemingly at whim – in this case Maurice Kirks’ rights are written away – as his career as a vetinary surgeon was – in worthless text by persons not fit to hold the positions they do. No wonder this country is in such a mess and shocking cases like the Musa’s and so many others are hidden away in the dark corridors of oh so dubious “power”, making a joke out of “justice” and all that stands for.

kirk 1 12 april 13kirk 2 12 april

and from 2007 – click for M Kirks PDF 07 07 25 Court of Appeal Blocked Application

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