• Just to keep you all up to date with what I am doing and why I am doing this.
    1. September 2011 My daughter is kidnapped from Belgium 2. November 2011 The Hague request’s for return. (UK refused on Article 13)
    3. December 2011 Belgium issues a seizure notice of the Hague article (11)
    4. February 2012 Belgium hears and re-tries the seizure case and awards the immediate return of my daughter to Belgium under Article 11, under international law, under Belgian law, Under UK law, under E.U. law, under universal law. Belgium writes the perfect judgement and has the judgment sworn as omnipotent before King Albert II, King of Belgium; who then declares the judgement as a royal decree!
    5. March 16th 2012 Belgian Bailiff flies to the UK to serve notice of the judgement on the EJC in the Strand London, Bailiffs receipt note held on record in the Royal courts of Mons Belgium.
    6. March 16th 2012 Belgian advocate instructs Sunderland Social services that a return order has been issued by the King of Belgium.
    7. March 16th Sunderland Social services “refuse” the “non-refusable”?
    8. March 16th Belgian advocate informs Sunderland Social servers in the name of “Ms. Joanna Bonar” that she acting as the legal representative of the UK, have just breached The Hague convention, the Lisbon treaty and many more.
    9. April 2012 Justice Moylan formally refuses international law, refuses my right of appeal, refuses my civil rights, my human rights and condones the kidnapping of my daughter, harbors a known felon who has a bench warrant out against her.
    10. I’ve now been refused every form of legal assistance in the UK to recover my daughter.
    11 16Th April 2013… to this day the UK refuses to return my daughter and has broken just above every law there is!
    12. I’ve had 5 death treats made against me from the UK, via telecom calls, or published articles.
    13. The UK went as far as to interfere with NATO’s employment schemes and had me dismissed for no reason what so ever.
    14. I’ve had to move out of Belgium and go into hiding due to the threats on my life, all for asking the law to be obeyed! 15. The list of wrongs just keep going and the power of the judgment keep growing, to a point I was granted rights of Bailiff, I was grants right of arrest, I was grants unlimited resource to enforce the judgement; and as I started by telling you, the judgment is perfect, there is an “UNLIMITED” indemnity clause, the UK will have to pay for the total cost of this case as to date this case has not been enforced as it is deemed under article 21 of the law that all costs will be born by Ms. Cooper, who in turn; the Sunderland Social Services have sworn on oath to cover all costs of Ms. Cooper. When this case is enforced it will bankrupt Sunderland city, It will bankrupt Sunderland local authorities, it will bankrupt the central authority and higher. The judgement is perfect and it will kill the forced adoption in the UK once and for all. The Judgement was is perfect, the judgement is a master of English. The UK have been caught stealing children for profit. I will not stop and I will not bow down to the UK.
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