Michael Doherty update 17 April 13:

Michael Doherty

Stitch up in Stevenage update; CPS call in ‘special prosecutor’ for appeal….. as many know I was prosecuted and pronounced guilty in Stevenage magistrates court back in January. … the matter was appealed and scheduled for trial mid July. the CPS made an exparte application to move it back one month so they can bring in a ‘special prosecutor’..

. looks like they are shitting themselves and bringing in the big guns…

well I’ve got a huge gun on my side; ‘the truth’

august 20th st Albans crown court

 Michael Doherty For those with no idea what this is about and why they might need a ‘special prosecutor’ to shore the case ….


PART 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZjgSA9cPDQ [nearly 7500 hits]


I am writing this in case anything untoward happens to me as a public record.
Just to keep it public (many know this) that I am running two criminal prosecutions against members of the Metropolitan Police. These are serious charges and the cases are ongoing. … In Nov 2011 a suited man approached a family member in a london park and handed them a sealed letter. The letter identified me and made veiled threats that; “There is no way we are going to allow the continuation of this persecution of innocent people” verbatim (note IPCC claim this is not a threat) At the time there was only the criminal prosecution of the Metropolitan police (this is still the case) so the letter and the case most certainly were connected. Plainly someone or a group had decided that their best method to stop a jury deciding a case was to make threats and attempt to interfere with judicial proceedings. The matter was reported to Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmonds and much feet dragging later they started some sort of lame investigation. An investigation during which they didn’t even speak with me. This became a complaint to the professional standards Dept who claimed that the letter was not about me….. The appeal to the IPCC accepted that the letter was about me, but should never have been passed to me, therefore their perverse rational continued, I was not the intended victim…. Of course the letter, clearly states for that family member to influence me to stop or certain consequences would occur. I have posted this snippet from the IPCC for the public record. [decision taken by Maneer Asfar head of complaints] Be very aware, that the police, it seems throughout it’s organisation is prepared to act in a manner akin to a criminal enterprise. That when a serious offence of witness interference/interference with criminal trials/blackmail occurs, if they did it, they won’t investigate it.
My story started with my standing up to a bully police officer, XH284 BARRY HARGREAVES, now no longer a police officer for the Met. It continued when I became concerned with the police to investigate sexual offences against children, now plainly vindicated as correct following recent IPCC admissions.
It is clear such a route is fraught with real danger. This will not deter me in seeking what is right and I thank you all for your continued support and watching my back.
Michael Doherty


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