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                I am Arrested at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre requiring 2 Paddy Waggons and Police Car!     Can you Find me RICK ON THE ROOF?

Police oppose bail and lock me up for the night charged with ‘common assault’ on CPS Barrister David Gareth Evans whilst carrying out a ‘Private Person’s Arrest for Perverting the Course of Justice in Magistrates on 1st Dec 2011 and before the Jury trial on 4th May 2012.

Reasons on previous blogs.

THE REAL REASON was because ex Chief Inspector Jenner, ex Robert Nelson Rice and serving Inspector Andrew Rice all committed perjury before the court , a few weeks ago and are being summoned back to court to be further cross examined.

Roe is before the Cardiff County Court, 4th floor, on Monday 29th April at 10.30am ( he orchestrated the breaking into my Cardiff veterinary surgery, with a sledge hammer and crow bar, to put back Jenner’s daughter, with a known drug dealer, in surgery flat.

Police officer Brown ,who , in 1993, had me sent to Cardiff Magistrates and so to jail, as being ‘unidentified ‘ in to be crossexamined on Monday afternoon.

As usual, lunch is on me!

09 02 17 WPC Brown nee Biddle s9 statement.pdf

This is a typical example, in court tomorrow, of some thirty odd Chief Constable of South Wales incidents all designed to finance the lawyer trade’ ‘gravy train’, always financed by YOU or ME

Police, whilst I was being interrogated late last night, refused to accept or read the defence statement , below, served on the Chief Constable before I was arrested.

Three proper Cardiff Magistrates, this morning heard how I was under imprisonment in the court by a Lee Barker, sitting in his office in the court cells and was needed to give evidence in the 25th June hearing.

I URGENTLY NEED TO KNOW ‘RICK on the ROOF’s contact details…thankyou

Their worships were also informed that I attempted, for the fifth time of visiting Cardiff Central Police Station, on the issues most relevant, I was refused any police officer to take my written complaints.

Evans was allowed to file his s9 MG11 witness statement, at the station, without any delay.

Kirk v South Wales Police      BS614159

FAO Defendant,

Evidence of Similar Fact

  1. A four year campaign, instigated by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, in order to getting  me lawfully shot as a MAPPA level 3 target, was assisted throughout by Dolmans, solicitors of Cardiff purely to delay these current court proceedings.
  1. Evidence has been heard, throughout the past eight weeks of your police having made use of a sledge hammer and crow bar in order to gain entry to my veterinary surgery and overhead flat just to re install a daughter of a Chief Inspector Jenner ‘shacked up’ with a believed to be drug dealer.
  1. Ex Inspector Robert Nelson Roe is currently giving evidence on how he received a complaint from the ‘tenant’ but has denied even knowing me yet alone taking any of my numerous complaints of the thousands of pounds of criminal damage that had been caused by this couple.

13 04 22 SWP Defendants Position Statement.pdf

  1. I have been allowed to tape record the evidence of certain police and ex police officers but it appears, before I receive the final ruling on it, that I cannot keep the tapes for more than ten days, when they must be destroyed nor may I duplicate and take the information to an outside police force or use it in my planned private criminal prosecutions. The case continues for a further month, at least.
  1. An Inspector Andrew Rice, I am told, crossed the Severn Bridge with others to persuade a prosecution witness, in a trial in Bristol , to alter his evidence against me.
  1. During this trial he has, so far, denied being aware of an incident in Barry magistrates when I was forced to make a private person’s arrest on Crown Prosecutor Stan Stoffa, acting for Barbara Wilding, when the police were trying to prosecute me for a speeding offence. All along they had a clear photograph of the driver caught on a roadside camera, a member of my employ.
  1. Barbara Wilding’s February 2009 signing of her affidavit was delayed for six weeks, contrary to the 2008 court order, in order for Dolmans to assist in using falsified medical evidence, in order for me to be incarcerated to stop the above sort of evidence ever seeing the light of day. She denied knowledge of court cases or the break-ins to my various veterinary surgeries having ever occurred.
  1. Barbara Wilding has been protected from giving evidence in this twelve week trial just as those were in my criminal trials who conspired with her, in February 2009, to have me first jailed, on the 22nd June 2009 for trading in machine guns.
  1. Then, when that was due to fail, considered me mentally ‘unfit’ to stand trial. There is, of course, complete press censorship over all this, a case, yet again of‘evidence of similar fact’.
  1. Today, an ex police inspector, by the name of Howard Davies confirmed that his‘witness statement’, for these ongoing civil proceedings, was sent in the post by Dolmans simply for him to sign. He had earlier given false evidence, in Cardiff Crown Court, on an incident at the Vale of Glamorgan Show contributing to my name being removed from the veterinary register for life.
  1. Without your police first successfully having blackmailed an NHS(Wales) doctor to say I was so dangerous, Operations ‘Chalice’ and ‘Orchid’ could not of hatched the 2009 ‘WW1machine gun’/’Edwardian shooting walking stick’ imprisonments with Dolmans as your legal advisers.
  1. The lack of integrity within the Welsh Crown Prosecution Service, over all these issues, is also seriously being exposed in these civil proceedings. Your armed officers, using Social Services, even attempted to snatch our then ten year old daughter which instigated immediate unwanted divorce proceedings.
  1. I made a private person’s arrest, before witnesses and covered by CCTV, on a culprit, now traced, being a key player in my complaint of cover up within Cardiff’s judicial system and frightening control over its regional media.
  1. Arrested barrister, David Gareth Evans, admitted before His Honour Judge John Curran QC and me, that he believed he needed to be my defence witness in the 4th May 2012 jury trial over the ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’, an order never served on me in the first place. Why? He retained the draft order.
  1. He admitted being the author and being in control of the draft version of a proposed ‘restraining order’ that had, in fact, been shown to me in the cells in 2011, caught on cell CCTV and recorded, obviously, in both court and custody records.
  1. But the trial jury saw none of it despite their jury note specific request withheld, incidentally, from me throughout the remainder of the trial, my having to be taken back to the prison following my forced ejection from the dock whilst trying to produce vital defense documents.
  1. I am concerned that my repeated requests, to attending Cardiff Civil Justice Centre staff, for the police to be called was complied with and despite waiting for well over an hour obtained no police assistance what so ever.
  1. Both my Bristol solicitors and Cardiff barrister have been attempting, for many months now, to obtain CPS documentation, such as court depositions and record of at least eight previous court hearings from David Garreth Evans and others for ECHR, the Criminal Case Review Commission, General Medical Council and Bar Council.
  1. My latest fabricated imprisonment, in August 12, flowed from Evans’ prosecution as barrister in both the original 2011 magistrates and jury trial hearings for alleged harassment and breach of a restraining order.
  1. The police know last summer’s allegation of harassment was false but refuse to act on my complaint of perverting the course of justice. My lawyers do even get replies to their correspondence. This further false evidence, previously much controlled by Evans, unchallenged in ALL criminal courts of Cardiff, so far, are again laid by NHS (Wales) personnel, immune themselves to prosecution, had me jailed for many months, just as with the ‘machine gun’, simply to prejudice these twenty year running civil proceedings.

1] After a few months of my imprisonment, last summer, the CPS dropped all charges and I am denied those papers needed in this trial.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                       25thApril 2013

The Supreme Court of England and Wales and GMC is where this South Wales Scandal is destined

                    Published                    Apr 25 2013, 09:55 PM                    by                    Maurice Kirk


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