Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Queen of England Buckingham Palace London England … 29th April 2013
Reference (a) King Albert II royal assent judgment 14th March 2012 (Attached)
Reference (b) UK’s Mr. Moylan’s blatant refusal to obey the law. (Attached)
My name is Mr. Nigel Cooper, a Belgian habitual resident of many years.  I am in possession of the judgment at reference (a).  The judgment is a Belgian judgment, an E.U. judgment and an International judgment. It is also the continued binding to the ratification of the Hague convention, the treaty of Rome and the Lisbon treaty that was recently ratified and signed by your current Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron on 11th October 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal transferring pillar one of law to Europe. I once served for you in the Royal Navy. I severed for twenty-two and a half years, (D175549N). I went to war three times in your name. I was abused in the Royal Navy when persons under your name injected me with the bio-hazard “Anthrax” against the Geneva convention! I was awarded thirteen medals in your name. I took my skills to NATO where I continued to work for peace, freedom, democracy and the law. I want to know why Mr. Andrew Moylan has the right to disobey the law? As all officers of your courts draw their ultimate power from you, I want to know why you have authorized the officers of your courts to break the law? I am in possession of a lawful judgment served against the UK. Your family courts have tried everything possible to stop me enforcing my judgment. I have been lied to and I have had my civil rights abused against my right as laid down in the Magna Charta. I have been witness to the perversion of justice, perjury and fraud.
I have had my life threatened to a point where my address is no longer disclosed. What I have been witness to is the greatest abuse of power in the history of mankind. Ma’am, I want my judgment enforcing in full, where the ultimate responsibility lay’s with you. As it is clearly sated in the judgment: “everybody is supposed to obey the law”, Ma’am that is you and I include. This letter exposes me to a potential act of treason before you. That is, if I was a resident of your country; that is, if I hold your passport; for which I longer wish to hold. I once believed in my queen and country, I fought for the freedom of your country. Now your families courts abuse the very man who was prepared to lay down his life for that queen and country; when asked where I am from, at this time, alas I am utterly ashamed to have to call myself British! Though I write this letter to your personally, I write this letter in public, my judgment is public for all to read, therefore every document generated in the execution of this judgment is also public.  This document has been published publically in accordance with the law. Please enforce my judgment and return my daughter in accordance with the law.
Mr. Nigel Cooper

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