02 Legal Battles

                Day 47 of Kirk v South Wales Police Cardiff Harassment Trial & My Late Mother

Today I hoped to start my evidence and did.

By the end of today the trial judge had ordered me to read my June 2009 sixty four page Claimant statement not read since the police helicopter, overhead, had ordered the twenty five, many armed, police officers to surround our home, snatch our daughter for social Services and have me jailed, for life.

To do the latter a corrupt Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, forensic psychiatrist was blackmailed to falsify my medical records only to be thwarted by our best MP, for many years, Walter Sweeny Esq, now so desperately needed in Westminster as his stand over Maastricht has now proved.

09 06 19   64 pages of Witness Statement of Maurice John Kirkl.pdf

Why did I never look at yet alone read the document…..because it proved to be the ‘last straw’ for my then wife who then instigated immediate divorce proceedings.

So much for the desperation and expense such a thoroughly corrupt police force are prepared to spend your money to protect the ring while frightening away so many of their good ‘foot soldiers’ from a vocation so essential to any civilised community.

Rick outside the court, today, protesting……..


Rick on the Roof

Fighting for all the same reasons, if only he knew it……including the UK’s thoroughly corrupt legal trade, not all of them, I hasten to add but they destroyed my life as well!                                                                                                                                                                 

Claimant’s Position Statement

6th May 2013

1.      Owing to the court allocated time left and Claimant’s difficulties, 50% being entirely his responsibility, he has been reluctant to serve all the witness summonses on his proposed witnesses until clarification can be made by the court and Defendant as to just how much and just how long is ‘needed’ by the Claimant in order to give his evidence, call witnesses and part settle the problems listed below.

2.     Key Claimant witnesses of fact have either been opposed by Defendant or refused by the trial judge with the Claimant even having to seek permission for summonses.

3.      There remains an outstanding appeal on that and other matters to a higher court.

4.      The Claimant’s fifty odd leaver arch files of exhibits, served on the Defendant years ago, to ‘settle’ instead of having to witness lawyers continuing to ‘milk’ the tax payer or himself, has now witnessed the Defendant having had to ‘cherry pick’ documents from them in order to produce any semblance of a court bundle for each of the thirty one police incidents identified in the cause.

5.      Without the availability to the court of the Claimant’s twenty years of records it is a wonder as to just how this Defendant could have mustered an ounce of justification as to its position today and continue to try and explain away the need for such ‘extreme’ and ‘unusual’ unlawful conduct.

6.      In the time remaining the Claimant has extracted some one hundred or so pages from his exhibit files to a new ‘green’ file to be served on the court today. He has only had time to get through around twenty of the files and so is directing his interest primarily on incidents that appear to have been avoided, so far, by the Defendant, that of police ‘covert surveillance’, the incidents and court cases ‘missed out’ by Dolmans, solicitors, drafting of the then Chief Constable’s February 2009 affidavit appearing to leave her as suffering from a bout of ‘selective amnesia’.

Witness list problems for the Claimant

1.     Inspector Rice should be recalled to give evidence in the light of still more new information.

He was the Barry custody sergeant on the night the Claimant was being detained in custody for an alleged Breach of the Peace very soon dropped by the CPS for fear of publicity.

Rice, having had drafted no less than four versions, all incorrect, of a ‘Breach of the Peace’ allegation committed by the Claimant,  later to be witnessed by the clerk of the Barry Magistrates court and CPS officer Jackie Seels only, the latter then refused to give evidence, whilst in the Cardiff Crown Court witness box, “for fear of incriminating myself”.

Their Worships were not even informed of the circumstances in the case nor allowed sight, as with the prisoner, of the erroneous documentation ‘before them’ or why, before a different court outside the area, many months later the matter was mysteriously dropped for fear, it is recorded [see in seven of the claimant’s leaver arch files], this Claimant ‘may go to prison’.

2.      Retired police officer, ‘Yusser’ Nigel Hughes,appears reluctant in giving evidence relating to Inspectors and ex Barry Inspectors Rice, Howard Hughes and Trigg.

3.     Retired CPS prosecutor Stan Stoffa continues to enjoy immunity to prosecution, as does Seels, by HM Partnership and both need to give evidence re Inspector Rice.

4.      1995 Police officer Ridley, of the covert surveillance team, is also needed having gathered evidence on the Claimant’s numerous vehicles, obtained from a foreign jurisdiction, as did both 1993 Cardiff police and 1993 llantwit Major PC Booker, to harassment.

  1. 5.      The then Special Constable Frank O’Briananother part of the covert surveillance team referred to by an earlier defence witness, Special Constable Deryn Matin,‘spying’ on her own veterinary surgeon was known about by Dolmans from the start.

6.      Jonathan Clayton of ATC, Cardiff Airport, refuses to produce needed evidence of the dangerous and quite unnecessary helicopter chase across the Vale of Glamorgan.

  1. 7.      Inspector Steve Parry has suddenly gone on an ‘extended leave’, the police tell me after a ‘Steve Parry’, located by my private detective, denied all knowledge of any issue I raised over the telephone, this week end.
  2. 8.      Anthony Gafael was been traced, in the eleventh hour and given clear evidence, that can be proved contradicts both retired Chief Inspector Brian Jennerand retired Inspector Robert Nelson Roe. This requires an outside police force investigation.

From Maurice Kirk received  6/5/13

– statements relavent to the police actions upon his proposed vets surgery – just one of an infinite number of harassments M Kirk has suffered at the hands of BARRY POLICE.  His hearing continues at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre.

1]  13 05  03 Witness Statement MK employee.pdf (179.65KB)

2]  Gaphael Statement.pdf (256.03KB)


02 Legal Battles

                One Million Pounds Costs & English Press cover Story while Senior Police Officers Refused as Claimant’s Witnesses

Is there still nothing new under the Sun?

20 years of Welsh Police dirty tactics just like my 10 years in Guernsey

13 05 05 REDACTED Statement of Insurance Agent.pdf

13 05  03 Witness Statement MK employee.pdf

13 05 04 Gaphael Statement.pdf

02 01 29 Barrister Witness Statement.pdf

09 06 17 Pilot of G-KIRK Statement.pdf

00 03 07 CAA McKENNA letter.pdf

93 03 24 Vet Nurse Statement.pdf

Barbara Wilding was just a little too late to stop me signing my brief statement

as the armed police helicopter hovered overhead, looking for fictitious WW1 machine guns, while waiting for armed police to surround our home in the Vale. We were peacefully drinking afternoon tea in the garden….

Once ‘Operation Chalice ‘ had me well and truly incarcerated for nearly eight months in HM Cardiff Prison the b*stds, under ‘Operation Orchid’ tried to snatch our then 10 year old daughter and put her into ‘care’ using Vale of Glamorgan Social Services……evil b*stds.

09 06 19   64 pages of Witness Statement of Maurice John Kirkl.pdf

Inspector Steve Parry of Barry Police Station

(He spread the rumour I always took a swig of high alcohol mouth-wash each time a police car was spotted on my tail!)

I contacted Steven Parry on the telephone at his home address, recently but he denied being a police officer.

I therefore informed the court of just some of my obvious intentions over him, a Barbara Wilding, past Chief Constable and Defendant in this case and a certain forensic psychiatrist who also can be found, for service of a witness summons, in the same area on the outskirts of Bridgend.

For a bit of fun, yesterday, I rang the police direct, as several serving police on cross examination had told the Cardiff court they had ‘no idea’ or ever ‘heard of’ a detective called Steve Parry.

The lady on the other end of the 101 call was so apologetic as, apparently, Detective Inspector Steve Parry had just started his ‘extended leave’ and was therefore unavailable.

Statement of Truth

I, XXXX XXXXXXXX, confirm that the content of this, my statement, is true to the best of my belief and will say:

1.      I was employed by Mr Kirk in the early 90s as a veterinary receptionist and worked in both his Llantwit Major, Burial Lane and Caerau, Cardiff veterinary surgeries.

2.      I was a witness, in mid 1993, to the police, in force, come to his adjacent flat to the surgery when he had complained of being assaulted by ‘squatters’, had forced entry into the dwelling and were now refusing to leave.

3.      I was also aware the Mr Kirk purchased one Kg of sulphur in order to deter their re entry for the next few days.

4.      But later, during 1993/94, I witnessed the burglary damage of his Llantwit surgery and heard him complaining that the police refused, on each occasion, to even visit the ‘scene of crimes’ and investigate.

5.      I waited a long time on both occasions but no police ever arrived.

6.      On one occasion Mr Kirk had to eventually have a builder, a Mr Fairman, travel from Barry to make the smashed door secure as many dangerous drugs were in the surgery.

7.      I was also aware of his Citroen car that had been vandalised, (smashed windscreen or burnt out?)  parked at the back of his Barry surgery with the police, again, refusing to investigate at all.

8.      I attended Barry magistrates, on Mr Kirk’s instructions, as no one was likely to recognise me as a new member of his staff. I witnessed lots of police kept waiting as Mr Kirk had suffered a motor cycle accident and was in Bridgend hospital.

9.      The case continued without him despite his secretary having contacted the court with the relevant information.

10.  I heard in the court the police speaking to the prosecutor and saying, ‘we are eventually going to get the b std’.

11.  I signed a sworn affidavit, for Mr Kirk’s Appeal in London and attended the subsequent Crown Court hearing tin Cardiff.


13 05 01 REDACTED EXTRACT Witnesses Ruling  draft ASL.doc

So far in this trial at least four police and ex police under cross examination , working in the Vale at around the relevant times, do not know or heard of a Detective Inspector Stephen Parry, currently at Barry police station. I have had over two months, so far, of this sort of deceit and I am going to do something about it.

It takes the English press to cross the bridge to cover this scandalous trial as All Welsh newspapers have an apparent ‘D’ notice slapped on them.


Retired Sgt Booker’s evidence was considered, for most of the day, over his 1993 ‘liaisons’ with Guernsey police, a predictable line of questioning after some twenty odd police or ex police had flatly denied they had ever heard of me or my wicked Guernsey saga until each time I was arrested (see schedule)


I appear to now start my evidence on Tuesday (for a little while) at 10.30am

93 11 08 Rtd Sgt Booker re arrest.pdf

20 05 16 16th May 2000 Booker St.pdf

Nazi Acquittal.docx

Guernsey Legal Aid association docs are all destroyed

December 1992 I am accused of arson while being grilled at Barry police station as the remains of my Guernsey litigation papers destined for RCJ and ECHR smouldered in the ashes…..ITV news footage….

PHOTO by ‘Rick on the Roof’!

MORE documents later

May Day Command Centre earlier that morning

Published                    May 01 2013, 09:20 AM                    by                    Maurice Kirk


WhistleBlower2                                    said:

Well well – “It’s not about the money, money, money …” as the song goes – is it?

So splash out & charge a million pounds in costs to defend “the indefensible” to save face / the probity / and the busted pitiful ‘credibility’ of all the leading actors who have ‘always’ managed to evade giving testimony themselves on oath [neat trick that] who have been caught out with their trousers down around their ankles. Talk about the Cognitive Dissonance ‘kicking in’ of The CPS and their friends when they have been irrefutibly proven to have got it clearly wrong in the first instance … ohh no never admit that they got it wrong …

One has to wonder if there had ever been some legal advice given in the past, that the case ought to have been settled out of court but for some or other reason that advice was overlooked?

                                    May 5, 2013 10:48 PM

Maurice Kirk                                    said:

I am refused as Claimant witnesses, during  this next month of evidence being given, the main ring leaders, mainly senior to the rank of police inspector, such as…..the list is almost endless!

                                    May 6, 2013 2:19 AM


To stop this on going trial , currently in Cardiff County Court, for police now proven police criminal conduct and harassment damages,  from ever reaching cross examination stage, first it was ‘my possession of a machine gun ‘fiasco and then the State playing this fabricated medical ‘findings’, their ‘Gulag Card’, as seventeen years of police harassment, so far and HM assisted ‘treacle treatment; though Cardiff’s iniquitous law courts had failed to block the true state of both our law courts , prisons and police forces, right across The Principality.

09 09 03 MG Trans Redacted.pdf

Their Lordships, together with the documentary evidence that Dr X knowingly falsified, in the presence of South Wales Police officers, his Sect 9 countersigned witness statements, to obtain my false imprisonment, are to consider the ‘ramifications’ of the enclosed transcript from part of 4th May 12 ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ conviction hearing, now the  subject of their deliberations.

The transcript clearly indicates, just as in the 2010 ‘machine gun’ scandalous jury trial, l was refused even my legal papers and personal court exhibits even in the court room!

On 4th May 2012 His Honour Judge Curran QC, whilst I was forced to be absent due to requiring urgent medical attention, had refused me Dr X or any others, named, to be either my ‘character witness’ or as a ‘witness of fact’.

On 1st December 2011 District Judge John Charles had done exactly the same, in my absence, when he convict me for ‘harassment’ of Dr Williams following the publishing of further falsifed documents by Dr X, namely,  my series of NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic psychiatric reports culminating, on 2nd December 2009, at Cardiff Crown Court, that I be further sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act, due to ‘significant brain damage’ and ‘possible cancer’, in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Prison.

Closer scutiny of my Caswel Clinic, Bridgend, medical records, discloses, as in his October 2009 psychiatric report, his other and most pressing reason as to why I had to be moved to Broadmoor or Ashworth was because of ‘veiled’ threats , he told me, of ‘reprisals’ by an old gentleman by the name of Norman Scarth!

T20120090 – Kirk – proc from 10.40 – 12.26 – 04.05.12.pdf

Experts in the field confirm there was no sign of relevant brain damage BEFORE Dr. X even writes the report without appropriate qualifications.

On 7th August 09, when he wrote his first released psychiatric report, [previous others only for MAPPA South Wales Police meetings], as His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC stated, when refusing, recently, to ‘strike out’ my one million pound damages claim against NHS (Wales), without evening examining his patient!

09 09 01radiologist scans report.pd


09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED.pdf

09 12 17  Court Hearing to Extend IPP.pdf

Published                    Mar 10 2013, 08:56 AM                    by                    Maurice Kirk



from earlier:

Legal Battles

                I am Arrested at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre requiring 2 Paddy Waggons and Police Car!     Can you Find me RICK ON THE ROOF?

Police oppose bail and lock me up for the night charged with ‘common assault’ on CPS Barrister David Gareth Evans whilst carrying out a ‘Private Person’s Arrest for Perverting the Course of Justice in Magistrates on 1st Dec 2011 and before the Jury trial on 4th May 2012.

Reasons on previous blogs.

THE REAL REASON was because ex Chief Inspector Jenner, ex Robert Nelson Rice and serving Inspector Andrew Rice all committed perjury before the court , a few weeks ago and are being summoned back to court to be further cross examined.

Roe is before the Cardiff County Court, 4th floor, on Monday 29th April at 10.30am ( he orchestrated the breaking into my Cardiff veterinary surgery, with a sledge hammer and crow bar, to put back Jenner’s daughter, with a known drug dealer, in surgery flat.

Police officer Brown ,who , in 1993, had me sent to Cardiff Magistrates and so to jail, as being ‘unidentified ‘ in to be crossexamined on Monday afternoon.

As usual, lunch is on me!

09 02 17 WPC Brown nee Biddle s9 statement.pdf

This is a typical example, in court tomorrow, of some thirty odd Chief Constable of South Wales incidents all designed to finance the lawyer trade’ ‘gravy train’, always financed by YOU or ME

Police, whilst I was being interrogated late last night, refused to accept or read the defence statement , below, served on the Chief Constable before I was arrested.

Three proper Cardiff Magistrates, this morning heard how I was under imprisonment in the court by a Lee Barker, sitting in his office in the court cells and was needed to give evidence in the 25th June hearing.

I URGENTLY NEED TO KNOW ‘RICK on the ROOF’s contact details…thankyou

Their worships were also informed that I attempted, for the fifth time of visiting Cardiff Central Police Station, on the issues most relevant, I was refused any police officer to take my written complaints.

Evans was allowed to file his s9 MG11 witness statement, at the station, without any delay.

Kirk v South Wales Police      BS614159

FAO Defendant,

Evidence of Similar Fact

  1. A four year campaign, instigated by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, in order to getting  me lawfully shot as a MAPPA level 3 target, was assisted throughout by Dolmans, solicitors of Cardiff purely to delay these current court proceedings.
  1. Evidence has been heard, throughout the past eight weeks of your police having made use of a sledge hammer and crow bar in order to gain entry to my veterinary surgery and overhead flat just to re install a daughter of a Chief Inspector Jenner ‘shacked up’ with a believed to be drug dealer.
  1. Ex Inspector Robert Nelson Roe is currently giving evidence on how he received a complaint from the ‘tenant’ but has denied even knowing me yet alone taking any of my numerous complaints of the thousands of pounds of criminal damage that had been caused by this couple.

13 04 22 SWP Defendants Position Statement.pdf

  1. I have been allowed to tape record the evidence of certain police and ex police officers but it appears, before I receive the final ruling on it, that I cannot keep the tapes for more than ten days, when they must be destroyed nor may I duplicate and take the information to an outside police force or use it in my planned private criminal prosecutions. The case continues for a further month, at least.
  1. An Inspector Andrew Rice, I am told, crossed the Severn Bridge with others to persuade a prosecution witness, in a trial in Bristol , to alter his evidence against me.
  1. During this trial he has, so far, denied being aware of an incident in Barry magistrates when I was forced to make a private person’s arrest on Crown Prosecutor Stan Stoffa, acting for Barbara Wilding, when the police were trying to prosecute me for a speeding offence. All along they had a clear photograph of the driver caught on a roadside camera, a member of my employ.
  1. Barbara Wilding’s February 2009 signing of her affidavit was delayed for six weeks, contrary to the 2008 court order, in order for Dolmans to assist in using falsified medical evidence, in order for me to be incarcerated to stop the above sort of evidence ever seeing the light of day. She denied knowledge of court cases or the break-ins to my various veterinary surgeries having ever occurred.
  1. Barbara Wilding has been protected from giving evidence in this twelve week trial just as those were in my criminal trials who conspired with her, in February 2009, to have me first jailed, on the 22nd June 2009 for trading in machine guns.
  1. Then, when that was due to fail, considered me mentally ‘unfit’ to stand trial. There is, of course, complete press censorship over all this, a case, yet again of‘evidence of similar fact’.
  1. Today, an ex police inspector, by the name of Howard Davies confirmed that his‘witness statement’, for these ongoing civil proceedings, was sent in the post by Dolmans simply for him to sign. He had earlier given false evidence, in Cardiff Crown Court, on an incident at the Vale of Glamorgan Show contributing to my name being removed from the veterinary register for life.
  1. Without your police first successfully having blackmailed an NHS(Wales) doctor to say I was so dangerous, Operations ‘Chalice’ and ‘Orchid’ could not of hatched the 2009 ‘WW1machine gun’/’Edwardian shooting walking stick’ imprisonments with Dolmans as your legal advisers.
  1. The lack of integrity within the Welsh Crown Prosecution Service, over all these issues, is also seriously being exposed in these civil proceedings. Your armed officers, using Social Services, even attempted to snatch our then ten year old daughter which instigated immediate unwanted divorce proceedings.
  1. I made a private person’s arrest, before witnesses and covered by CCTV, on a culprit, now traced, being a key player in my complaint of cover up within Cardiff’s judicial system and frightening control over its regional media.
  1. Arrested barrister, David Gareth Evans, admitted before His Honour Judge John Curran QC and me, that he believed he needed to be my defence witness in the 4th May 2012 jury trial over the ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’, an order never served on me in the first place. Why? He retained the draft order.
  1. He admitted being the author and being in control of the draft version of a proposed ‘restraining order’ that had, in fact, been shown to me in the cells in 2011, caught on cell CCTV and recorded, obviously, in both court and custody records.
  1. But the trial jury saw none of it despite their jury note specific request withheld, incidentally, from me throughout the remainder of the trial, my having to be taken back to the prison following my forced ejection from the dock whilst trying to produce vital defense documents.
  1. I am concerned that my repeated requests, to attending Cardiff Civil Justice Centre staff, for the police to be called was complied with and despite waiting for well over an hour obtained no police assistance what so ever.
  1. Both my Bristol solicitors and Cardiff barrister have been attempting, for many months now, to obtain CPS documentation, such as court depositions and record of at least eight previous court hearings from David Garreth Evans and others for ECHR, the Criminal Case Review Commission, General Medical Council and Bar Council.
  1. My latest fabricated imprisonment, in August 12, flowed from Evans’ prosecution as barrister in both the original 2011 magistrates and jury trial hearings for alleged harassment and breach of a restraining order.
  1. The police know last summer’s allegation of harassment was false but refuse to act on my complaint of perverting the course of justice. My lawyers do even get replies to their correspondence. This further false evidence, previously much controlled by Evans, unchallenged in ALL criminal courts of Cardiff, so far, are again laid by NHS (Wales) personnel, immune themselves to prosecution, had me jailed for many months, just as with the ‘machine gun’, simply to prejudice these twenty year running civil proceedings.

1] After a few months of my imprisonment, last summer, the CPS dropped all charges and I am denied those papers needed in this trial.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                       25thApril 2013

The Supreme Court of England and Wales and GMC is where this South Wales Scandal is destined

                    Published                    Apr 25 2013, 09:55 PM                    by                    Maurice Kirk


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below: Maurice at Cardiff Central hospital in September 2011 after being taken there after a beating by prison personnel during just one of many incarcerations for no reason connected to the Musa case – see

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