hello – can youhelp this guy below? i am going to send him £30 – perhaps to can too and it will pay for at least one visit @ £60. I think its worth it, and one cant take it with one…Paul Manning can be contacted on fb or thru me…tks  jg

A father that wishes to remain anonymous asked me to publish this for him, help him if you can. “Hi everyone, I have just had my final court hearing, it was meant to be 3 days long but after 4 hours I was told I should be having contact and it will start as soon as the contact centre can take us. Because I have not seen him for the last 22 months (since he was 2 weeks old) contact must start off on a fully supervised basis and be reduced to supported contact when the contact centre sees fit. All of this will then be reviewed when I get back to court in November. GREAT news! However, due to CAFCASS wiping thier hands of the case, social services never having involvement and Legal Aid no longer funding contact centres I have been told I need to pay for the centre myself. At the moment I am not working and am going to be struggling to get back into work due to some physical and emotional ill health but I am confident in the future I will. The supervised contact will be £100 every 2 weeks and then, when its reduced to supported contact, will be £60 every 2 weeks. I have NO idea other than selling everything I own how I’m going to raise the money. I have spent the last 3 days emailing and phoning about 25 advice lines, support groups and charitable trusts but had no luck and it so far doesn’t look like there is any coming my way. Does anyone please have any Ideas where I could get help with funding for this? This is the last of many huge hurdles I need to overcome before I can FINALLY start a relationship with my son. Thank you PS. I have been ordered by the judge not to discuss my case on Facebook, this is why I cannot post this direct.

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