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                South Wales Police Covert Serveillance Case Dramatically Shortened by High Court Section 42 Proposed Ruling

13 06 12 Police Complaint re Tax Payer’s money.docx

13 06 14 Claimant Position Statement  BS614159.docx


No more ‘HM’ court time has been ‘allocated’ or the trial judge just wishes not to hear any more evidence, apparently,for the completion of this Claimant’s twenty year running damages claims leaving only the ‘closing speeches’ on 23rd July 13 to finish the case, subject to any appeal.

It is arguable that these and other cases, in the long stayed queue, have been delayed by those who really decide as to just what goes on in our UK law courts. The Claimant’s consequential loss, following his countless imprisonments and being sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act so many times, of carefully stored evidence has been phenomenal.

On the promise of a jury, as far back as1993, the Claimant instructed Bristol lawyers to bring a series of damages claims against the South Wales Police in an attempt to simply to stop the harassment and finally ‘get them off his back’ when all he wished to do was to go about his chosen vocation, uninterrupted, as a veterinary surgeon in the Vale of Glamorgan.

From June 1993, in Cardiff and between December 1992 to October 1993, in Barry, following a series of arson, motoring and tenancy dispute incidents, requiring the Claimant to seek assistance from his local constabulary, chance communications with the wrong Guernsey police officers led to, some would say, an act of vengeance and damned what it cost.

Some within the Barry and Cardiff police then set about a ‘course of conduct’ argued by the Claimant as both unusual and extreme acts of bullying heavily reliant on their ‘HM’ Partnership’s cosy relationship from within their own courts hoping their chosen victim would not make the distance.

Twenty years on and the Claimant now finds himself faced with recent court rulings appearing to both shorten proceedings and indicate the need, perhaps, for the maintaining or otherwise of the age old ‘hot potato’, the level of a ‘judge’s discretion’ in this, such an unusual case.

Could the rulings relate to this 5th August 2003 HM Treasury Solicitor letter, I wonder, smuggled, most likely, out of the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre in the dead of night starting the ‘Section 42 ‘Vexatious Litigant registration procedure to ban my right in ever getting access to a UK court under the rule of UK law?

03 08 05 HM Attorney G Vex Litigant Enq_0001.pdf

03 07 23 HM Attorney General Steps In.pdf

Also needing informed debate are the other recent court orders, below, concerning the right for a litigant in person (LiP) to have possession, if only temporary, of supervised taped recordings of evidence to indicate, at least, some semblance of ‘equality in arms’ in our UK adversarial court system.

13 05 30 SWP ASL Ruling.pdf

13 04 24 Tape Order.pdf

13 04 18 barrister cont note re Tape Appl.pdf

13 06 07 RCJ 8 2.23 Morgan J Application for key players.pdf

13 06 07 RCJ Tape Wit Refused Morgan Order.docx

A few of the ‘incidents’ were motoring


13 05 05 REDACTED Statement of Insurance Agent.pdf

95 03 22 Guernsey RoadTax letter.pdf

A few of the others

Cardiff police first, perhaps, contact with Guernsy police re Claimant

09 05 20 PART ONE Grand Ave Arrest Unidentified!.pdf.j4zqwhd.partial

Part TWO later

93 SWP Fairwater Tape.pdf

13 05 04 Receptionis st.pdf

13 05 12 Gafael st.pdf

02 10 22 Justice and Victims Unit .pdf

02 10 22 Part TWO Justice and Victims Unit .pdf

part three later

Delivery of appeal to HM Privy Council re RCVSAnd now something completely different:

the final two pages of Pilot Magazine article after the 2001 London to Sydney Air Race

Pilot Mag April 2002 MJK Profile_0001 (6).pdf

Pilot Mag April 2002 MJK Profile_0001 (7).pdf02 10 22 Justice and Victims Unit .pdf

                    Published                    Jun 12 2013, 06:54 AM                    by                    Maurice Kirk


Maurice Kirk                                    said:

Dear Colin (Peters),

You Guys and Gals have not grasped, possibly, the significance of my RCJ judgment, last week [on latest blog], re being able to tape record and lawfully keep record now in most UK courts.

Please circulate info and get every one in the country applying to every magistrate or judge and if the ones who make profit of this current ‘inequality in arms’, close rank, which they will do, then publish the facts.

Appeal unreasonable refusals to the Crown Court, High Court or what ever, (criminal/civil), etc and then we have progressed a million % by breaking down just one more pernicious cartel, practised in our so called democratic UK law courts.

Please spread the word

                                    June 13, 2013 11:08 AM

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                    Maurice was born 12th March1945, a war baby, in Taunton, Somerset, West of England,  within a final family of four brothers and one sister while mother and father were working 24/7 to run a country veterinary practice. Country pursuits very much dominated his spare time from most sports with his passion still for hunting , shooting and fishing! Maurice is currently trying to fly to South Africa in  his WW2 Piper Cub,registration G-KURK. His other D-Day Cub, G-KERK, is destined, on skis, for a rather taller mountain after his promise to Sir Edmond, six years ago. Meanwhile, the task of obtaining justice in the UK courts, in order to practice veterinary surgery, is proving to be somewhat elusive.Authority has quite another agenda.

SOURCE:  http://kirkflyingvet.com/blogs/legal/archive/2013/06/12/south-wales-police-case-importent-rulings.aspx

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