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From M Kirk, 30 July 2013:

“29th July 2013 Statement of Truth by Maurice Kirk

I, Maurice John Kirk of no fixed abode confirm that this, my statement, is true to the best of my belief and say as follows:

1. I entered South Wales only to expedite outstanding litigation against the police and agents thereof and with the hope of seeing his ex wife and daughter.

2. Whilst there it has became all too apparent that neither the police nor HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) intend to cease in their course of conduct of harassing me deliberately, this time, to prejudice my closing submissions in court hearing, Kirk v South Wales Police BS6124159 and conspiracy to protect one of their agents, the occupant of the shop below my flat.

3. Mark Davenport has, so far, been allowed to switched off my electricity, change the lock of my front door and garage gate, has reported lies about me to the police for committing fraud and common assault while he continues to allow lorry loads of builder’s waste and other hazardous materials to be dangerously fly tipped onto my land where other members of the public have regular access.

4. The prompt arrival, each time, of police at my flat and the sheer numbers employed is yet further evidence of ‘misfeasance in public office’ especially when an Englishman is involved.

5. The police’s resistance to allow its own 2000 custody video record of the Llantwit Major’s brutal arrest of me, in the town square, is fanciful. I clearly left it with the court as an exhibit and just because it was not ‘played’ to Sgt Khilberg is wholly irrelevant as it still remained my exhibit of the police’s own making. Davenport has record of the exhibit of Khilberg lying.

6. The fact that legal papers are now missing from my flat and from my motor vehicles, due to the numerous break –ins, compounds the need of immediate intervention from an outside police force as even my own MP can do nothing while the ring leaders, in positions of privilege, remain immune to prosecution.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

29th July 2013

Tel 07907937953


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