New Update from Ben… 9 Aug. 2013


After my arrest yesterday by operation Fairbank for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice, I was released without charge and on unconditional bail to return in November. The solicitor who attended Belgravia Police Station thought it was a “fishing exercise” aimed at the Police attempting to persuade me to change my statement which I refused to do.

However, they have now raided our location taking all our equipment including computers, phones and USB sticks. My bank account was hacked as the Police have access to all my passwords for various sites including this one and we’ve been trying all day to get back into this site which has gone down for the second time. If anyone can help us we’d really appreciate it, our situation is desperate now as the Police are trying to make life as difficult for us as possible.

This is what happens when victims complain about abuse they turn it round and make you the criminal to get the perpetrator out of the investigation. We have no access to money now. I know times are difficult for everyone but please try and help as this is our only way of getting funds just for food, water and travel. Hannah has now lost her place to live as her landlord hasn’t been paid and we can’t get back to Somerset.

Stan has run out of money and the electricity, gas and internet connection is due to go off. So even though we are using a borrowed laptop for now, we are unable to put up any footage of my arrest or what happened in the Police Station with Stan and Hannah. This is really desperate please help if you can. BenXxx



Today we are joined by Hannah Remington – Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance) radio correspondent and Ben Fellows update us on current events unfolding with his walk against corruption actions. We will talk about Ben’s recent arrest and more…

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