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From Maurice Kirk’s site, 11 Aug.2013:

“04 Latest News

Letter to Cardiff Crown Court, 4th August from Maurice, currently languishing in the County Gaol……..Again

1, I am being refused my right to apply for bail.

2, I am refused access to my website information already prepared on my laptop including Emergency application to Cardiff Civil Court ( to get access to my legal papers in my flat ) and disclosure application to HM Crown prosecution service to now release the real evidence.

3, CPS continue to refuse to disclose other depositions of past cases directly related to ongoing Civil and Criminal cases.

4, CPS continue to refuse to disclose CCTV evidence of related incidents, all required for the Jury.

5, CPS continue to refuse to correct my forensic history, fabricated for 2009 “machinegun” conspiracy in order to prevent my release on bail.

6, CPS continue to refuse to say whether I am MAPPA registered and if so why?

7, Cps continue to refuse to explain why, on 17th December 2009 my name was removed from the MAPPA register at level 3 and why.

8, CPS continue to refuse to explain why, following the 2nd December 2009 hearing when the CPS told the Court that I had significant brain damage and possible cancer, am I now fit to conduct my own case?

9, Further to my arrest of CPS barrister, Gareth Evans, for lying to the Court that a restraining order had been served on me on 1st December 2009, Cardiff Crown Court continue to delay my appeal re; assault conviction.

10, Why am I still registered as a “High Risk” prisoner and psychiatric patient at Caswell Clinic?

Maurice J Kirk, BVSC ”


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