Maurice Kirk writes..he has been remanded without conviction 17 times since 2009…is this a record of the worst kind? even if it isn’t it shows victimisation and targeting on the worst kind, by those WE PUT IN PLACE TO GOVERN US – WHAT A SICK JOKE THEY ARE!!! Scroll down for many MK articles + updates:

My email to MK in Cardiff prison didn’t get through either – another 30p wasted =

“On 4 September 2013 10:14, Maurice Kirk wrote:

Please copy me any e-mails to any one about my recent two imprisonments, since 10th July latest South Wales Police conspiracy, especially messages to my cell and original photos/scans of any of my letters out to you (and/or typed versions ,already done that you may or may not have received or translated to!….please get original letters back to me in due course. THANKYOU


I have to urgently prepare applications to courts etc, this week, as prison threw me out without releasing my legal papers in my cell; ….I was dragged out by four or five and refused permission to pack up my papers on bed, floor and cupboards etc

The good news is by staying in prison that extra 4 days I have achieved what I have been striving for, for 4 years, another UK psychiatrist examination and brain scan to be done in in England.

This will prove, once and for all, that the wicked welsh police and eleven corrupt Cardiff law courts knew, all the time , whether I had a brain tumour or not but had all clubbed together to protect the CASWELL CLINIC police psychiatrist, a bloody liar, when he and HM Crown Prosecution Service barrister, now a judge, RICHARD THOMOLOW, (known to the jury, in the machine gun trial, as ‘Tom Thumb’, applied, on 2nd Dec 09 , for my incarceration into Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, most likely for life.

These recent imprisonments have been, along with 15 times I have been jailed, since June 2009 (machine gun arrest), purely to frustrate the 99 witness on going civil damages claim in which I have received bills exceeding one million pounds if I lose it.

Those 15 arrests and jail never succeeded with a conviction that has finally stuck and now even exceeds my personal record obtained in Guernsey, when jailed 21 times, on similar Masonic based devil worship, rife in Cardiff’s judiciary and police force.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc “

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